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How did you overcome your addiction to porn?
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Hi all.. I've been addicted to porn for a long time.
Would like to get it under control and stop it being a habit that feels like a necessity.
I usually respond and make changes to my life more effectively by hearing stories from other people who have been in a similar situation and gotten through it. It inspires me and gives me hope that I can use to move forward.

Tell me about what you've been through, how it was affecting you, what did you see as milestones, were there any pitfalls, etc etc.

Thanks in advance and feel free to ask any questions that may be relevant.
Define "addicted."
If you're able to go to work/school/pay bills/associate with friends & family( ie: whatever human obligations you have) then is it really a problem? People watch porn. Some people do it every day. Multiple times a day. If other aspects of your life are suffering because it's ALL you do, I suggest therapy. Honestly.
I fell for a girl and porn/fapping just wasn't that satisfying for me, so I stopped.

Having sex with real live women makes porn seem less exciting.
Thanks for your reply..

I spend 'minimum' 1-2 hours a night beating off.
I find it difficult to sleep unless I've come.
It's becoming more and more difficult to find something that will send me over the edge so I keep looking for ages.
Before I had broadband (15+ years ago) I was fired from 2 jobs for downloading porn. Doesn't really affect my job or finances anymore.
I have created this unwholesome association with watching porn and fantasising about my ex wife doing those things.


Maybe not such a bad thing... But over the last two years casual sexual encounters or going to a brothel has resulted in:

A. Not being able to get it up (rare)
B. Not being able to keep it up (common)
C. Not being able to come (always)

Although I've found that if I'm being intimate with someone I've gotten to know and appreciate, I stay rock hard and I jizz buckets. I just can't perform if there's some sort of time pressure or I know I won't get to see them again. All that is okay with me in the sense that I've realised I don't really want casual sex, I want a solid relationship. But I'm a little concerned that the excessive porn/wanking might negatively me while in a relationship by some way that I haven't discovered yet.
Ive watched porn most of my life. Im 24 and now i just kinda collect it. Its weird. Ill watch a vid every now and then as a masturbatory aid, but i actively seek adding to my porn collection. In fact, over 60% that I have i dont even watch etc. I have like 340 gb of videos mind you. Lately, i just enjoy collecting high quality rule 34. Its weird man. I go to school, study, work, exercise and do well and stuff but i set aside time to mine porn off /h/ /e/ /aco/ and stuff. Shits hot. I dont currently have a gf by the way

I dont know if,anything is wrong,with me. I dont think about it
Porn collector anom here. I feel the same way and act just as you described regarding relationships. Although ive never gone to brothel...should I? Its been a while since my pp was touched by someone else hands
I wouldn't really call myself a porn addict. I masturbate a few times a week but truthfully, if you're suffering this much you need self discipline. I would first suggest deleting all your porn. That includes on phones, tablets, computer, etc. Get rid of the internet connection in your house, but preferably get rid of the computer too. Go outside more, find hobbies. I'd say once you don't fap for a week or 2 you really have it under control.
Yeah I get you on the need to make a change around me.
My large hard drive where I download porn is acting up so I'm in the process of backing up all the non porn stuff and reinstalling windows without the porn. So I'm kind of seeing the opportunity as a facilitator for self improvement.
I've also got a bunch of paint and renovations to do around the house so I know that will keep me busy. There's also a friend I've gotten back in touch with who I can go on walks with.
Although.. To be honest it's gonna be hard to convince myself to get rid of ALL the porn. There's a tiny bit on my cellphone and iPad.
I suppose it couldn't hurt for you to try a brothel at least once. If you feel you must.
For me, I never orgasm and I leave wondering why I just paid good money to give a woman pleasure. I'm pretty good with my hands so they're usually left breathless. At he end of the day it's just a half empty deceptive experience because there's only fake affection involved. Assuming one places value on affection.
Stop fucking watching it
No matter how difficult it is for you to get off remove all material, phones, laptops etc when you masturbate

You can only overcome this by orgasming without using porn, orgasming releases dopamine and helps reinforce habits that releases dopamine again.

Use your imagination only.
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