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I was wondering if any of you picked a major for the money or because you enjoyed it.

My one true love is art, and my dream is to be a portrait artist.

I'm currently finishing my math sequence in order to major in math, physics, or computer science.

I can transfer out of my community college in a year or so, but I have a feeling I'm doing something I'll regret.
>but I have a feeling I'm doing something I'll regret.
Welcome to real life
Why go for extremes? Do something that stands in between: not making you completely misserable, but still making a decent ammount of money. The world is not black and white.

You can still do art on your free time, or do some freelance art jobs whenever the opportunity arises. Choosing a major does not equal stopping to do all other things.
What do you think would be a good major that stands in between? I'm mostly choosing a major because I know I'll have to take care of my parents when they're older, and they didn't save anything for retirement. That's pretty much the only reason. The other reason is because I want to challenge someone who said I couldn't do math one day, and prove to myself that I'm capable.

Anyway, as for art, I think I should continue to do it either way. I don't want to die (I know; melodramatic) not doing what I enjoyed in the first place.

As for age reference, I'm 23, and will be graduating when I'm 25 or 26. I'm okay with this, since I'll be the first person to go to finish college in my family.

There is some guilt I have as well, since when I used to be in a group home and homeless shelters, they (staff/psychologists) told me that when I'm older, I would give back. I really hate the way the mental health system is, but I will leave that topic out of discussion.

My main concern is also my mental health. I'm pretty much a little too miserable choosing a major, for it was difficult for me to begin college in the first place. I'm getting a version of "cold feet" when choosing a major.

Thanks for reading. I know I'm sounding pretty jumbled right now. :/ This is such a petty thing to think about. There are worse things in the world but choosing is really bothering me.

Have you any experience with this situation and how did you come out of it?
I've done a lot of things I regret, so this is frightening me a little more than it should. I understand your sentiment.
I'm majoring in mechanical engineering for two reasons. First, I'm legitimately interested in the subject material. Secondly, I'm hoping it would let me afford having a family since I want to avoid relying on a dual income situation.

Honestly I don't think it's a binary thing. Go for something that appeals to you, but also try to keep in mind how viable it is as a career.
I don't know how privileged you are, but some people just have to work for the money and not follow their dreams. My parents had to do that for their family, and now I'm having to do it for them. They were dirt poor growing up in large families, and became engineers for stable income. They wanted to have more kids but just ended up with one (me), and I choose to go into comp sci for the money but I don't totally hate what I do. I wanted to be a piano teacher but being self-employed means paying out the ass for shit like health insurance and not having any retirement or pension, so that dream had to die.
I'm just giving you a realistic perspective here. It's good to have hope and dreams when you're young, but reality is what you're gonna have to live with in the future. Don't fuck up due to the pursuit of happiness.
It helps to be legitimately interested that's for sure. Art, since I haven't had any experience in the field, would make me as broke as I am now (I don't mind being broke now because, well, damn I hope not to be in the future). Physics isn't too viable, but math certainly is. Mechanical engineering along with computer science will help get a job after college soon, if not right away.

I understand the dual income scare. If you're stuck with someone, you can't get away since they're your financial means and you're theirs. It's just a lose-lose situation if you majored in something like psychology or english. A master's in it is much helpful than just a BA or BS so I'm not demeaning either subjects.

Anyway, yeah. Eh. Do you think I could major in math and perhaps try to get a masters in art? I don't even know if that's possible. Gosh. Weird. I could just draw on my own now without relying fully on an institution to teach me.
I am 90% sure that I shouldn't follow my dreams anymore. Being young, even 2 years ago, left me starry-eyed to pursue dreams. Everyday, as I'm getting older, proves that I should not major in art. It's just not viable.

Listen, I will be the first to tell you that if you don't want to live a life full of regrets you need to go after what you want.

Tear into it. Rip it a new asshole every time it even gives you an inch. Go after every single opportunity you have like your life depends on it, and fight every setback like you are gonna drag it down to hell with you.

Always be thinking, planning, and executing your moves with your goal in mind. People won't understand, because a majority of people don't know what it's like to actually go for something till you go insane.

I think about my dreams every day. Every day I plan and consider and think and execute.

But what you need Anon, if you are going to do this, is money. A whole fucking lot of it. Not because you can use money to buy nice things. No. you need money because you need time to perfect your art, and the more money you have the more time you can buy. It buys you freedom from stress, from bills, and gives you enough to weather the storm of life so you can build your art or whatever you want.

So money is your first goal. Get as much of it as possible, as fast as possible. Because the sooner you get your number, the more time you will have to devote toward your love, art.
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