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Issues with girl.
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Help me /adv/. I have some issues with a girl right now. But first, some backstory

3 years ago.

Have gf, this other i know girl is into me. Due to common friends we also went to a movie. It was the first time we met. I recognize her eyes started to sparkle as we talked. Had a gf at the time so i didn't care, and was really surprised a girl could manifest such interest into me. An almost intimidating interest.

2 years ago.

Second encounter was at a skating ring, again due to common friends. She made her moves on me waiting for a reply. I obviously dont respond to her advances because i was in a relationship. She keeps insisting. Starts pushing for me holding her hand as we skate. Later the night, almost kissed me when i escourted her to the tram station. Still, keep in touch, because i think she's a nice and interesting person.
1 year ago

I buy a buss ticket home. I had a fight with my then gf, were close to break up so i went to have a talk to her. I accidentally stumble onto her on the bus. An awkward coincidence, she had her seat right next to mine. She gets flirty in the bus and sleeps in my laps during that night. Gently putting her hand on my right leg and slowly working upwards. Didn't touch my dick tho. After we arrive in the morning, i escourt her to the closest common point before we parted. She then pushed me to herself and kissed me. I was pissed that my gf wanted to break up with me, so i kissed her back. It was the hottest kiss i ever had too.

Couple of months later I break up with gf b/c of reasons. But now that girl is with another guy. We talked ever since, and she told me she's still into me. Attempt nothing, because i don't wanna be a jerk and break up someone's relationship. Still make joking naughty remarks while messaging her on fb tho. She seems to like to engage into that sort of thing.

After a while suddenly blocks any messages received from me. I think that i crossed the line and made her upset because she thinks i want to cause her trouble. I ask, and she tells me that she doesn't want him to know of me (that he's not familiar with any of her friends, and she selectively introduces them to him, in order for him not to interpret things in a sexual way), and that it's best we talk on phone. I tell her to tell me if i ever cross the line. Don't want to make her bf jealous and such. She insists we talk secretly on the phone. I don't call her that often either ways because i'm busy most of the working days
3 weeks ago

>Calls me. Asks me how am i/ how are things etc. Still tells me of her bf situation and that she doesn't want him to find about me. Unblocks my fb messages again.

>Try messaging her.
>Sees message, blocks my messages again. Later today blocks my phone number.

And now i checked again, I texted her, received confirmation that the message reached her, but i'm not sure if someone can send messages while having their number blocked. So i think she unblocked my phone number, but kept blocking my fb messages.

I didn't even interacted with her so many times for all these 3 years as i've known her. But each time i get to reach her, just to talk as regular friends, she tells me she's "very busy" and sometimes doesn't have time to message or call back.

Basically, what the fuck is going on with her /int/?

I talked about this with a m8t of mine at an afternoon walk, trying to figure out what the fuck is she up to. She's basically the only girl that led me into a complete mistery as to why she acts the way she does.

Usually i can predict girl behavior, but this one is really hard to figure out. So what gives /adv/, why is she acting the way she does now?
Also, forgot to add. I'm interested into her now because she's obviously open to strictly some sexual stuff, and she has a nice ass. But i'm confused as to either forget about her completely because of her contradictory behavior, and jump to conclusions that she's using me like b8t, or keep pursuing the idea of having sex with her, while trying to figure out the puzzle she's laying out for me

But right now i'm really confused as what she thinks at all of me. Am i just a plan B, or just a simple friend?

And another interesting side story to the whole sharade: I met with her best female friend for some business related issues 3 weeks back. It went well. It didn't strike me at all that both their characters were somewhat similar, them being best friends and all. But, she didn't tell me later that day she'd meet with my crush. I didn't even assume it. And then that night she called and told me she saw me as she met with her bff. But why didn't she just come by and say hello? Why did she just ignore me, but then call me later?

I'm honestly confused here /adv/, any analysis/opinions would help a lot.
She's being a woman. She's at a crossroads in which she wants to contact you, but knows if she does, she risks cheating on her boyfriend with you, hence the frequent on/off blocking and ignoring.
I'd say she's trying really hard to keep you as a backup.
GTFO while you can

Then why not simply break up with him already? This is what i don't understand. She complained that her relationship with him is bland. They don't fight at all because there isn't much interaction between the two. So she told me the relationship is just there, boring but it's there.

But i really really wanna fuck her. Her temper is wild and i bet she's also a wildy in bed. What should i do in this case? Is it worth the chase?
She seems like a nut job. It's only worth it if her ass is godly, if not, ride while you still can.

She seems like a bright girl tho. I don't think she deserves being called a nut job, but what she tells me and what she does is really contradictory and confusing.

I don't understand what to make out of it

Also: I texted her the following "Call me whenever you can please. I want to talk to you about something"

just stop dude, you're making yourself look desperate, she blocked you, she will have to initiate if she wants to talk to you again, otherwise you're just being pathetic

How it desperate, if i want to clarify what exactly is the reason as to why she blocked my messages, then my phone, then unblocked my phone? I think i'm entitled to an answer from her part

the question is, she doesn't owe you nothing, stop being a whiny bitch and wait until she contact you again or just move on.

Common sense would say that i'm entitled to an explanation at least. She's first and foremost a friend. And friends don't do that to one another.

you are entitled to nothing, and stop being hypocrite, you just wanted to stick your dick on her and now you're worried because you might lost your chance.

You're dramatizing this way too much. My entitlement to things from her are equivalent to her right to treat someone she knows in such a lowly manner.

are you retarded? YOU are the person who is dramatizing this, you had the opportunity to act like a man and let her go, but instead, you prefered to whine like a bitch because a girl is ignoring you, grow the fuck up kiddo.
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