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What do guys look for to have the perfect...
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What do guys look for to have the perfect girlfriend?
It's a case by case thing.

No set guidelines.
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If you're older, sex and living conveniently close to a liquor store.
Us men like saggy clit and fat chicks
We can laugh together. Literally it. She can be a conservative Scientologist hick for all I care. If we can laugh, it's all good, baby.
someone who can be my best friend in the day and my girlfriend at night, someone i can tease playfully and they'll tease back but at the end of the day It's nice to feel loved
Someone who doesn't shit test all the damn time
which means
Good communication
Open minded
Logical thinker
Compassionate and affectionate
Strong willed/bold
Knows when to stop putting on makeup
Doesn't have an obsession with heels
I can't think of more right now.. tired..
Oh wait..

Good posture
Do you think I'm fat?
Do you think she's pretty?
Stuff like that. Idk why y'all do it it's annoying as hell and only pushes us away. Most things that women do like that are self destructive.

she has to be hot,

she has to be cool

and she has to be hot
there's a pop song in here somewhere
She has to be tall.
She has to have a tarantula.
>be attractive to the guy
pretty simple
>actually want the guy/find him attractive as well/be interested
if youre seeing someone and the interest is one way or not strong for one of you, one of you seems to do all the initiating while the other "receives"(text messages, lets hang out, dates,etc), it sucks, obviously this is based on the people, dont try to force yourself to like someone. assuming you both like each other a lot and want things to work....
>self awareness
do you do certain things that are kinda dumb or hypocritical? dont. think a man should provide for a woman but get mad when the guy thinks the girl should be a house wife? be consistent in your logic. obviously its just an example but dont be dumb with your perceptions/reactions
>mind games
try not to play them, there is never too much communication in a relationship, dont try to make him jealous talking to another guy, that shows that you dont really care for him and are easily pulled away, its heartbreaking, you coming back and explaining "i did it because i wanted you to care, to fight for me!" might make sense to you, but the guy is thinking im with her shes mine and now shes hurting me.
>be intimate
talk about serious things, your dreams, sex, each other, get close

then just think about certain attributes, funny or not funny? funny. kind or not kind? kind. fun or boring? fun.

But the PERFECT girlfriend... would be smoking hot, yet cute, intelligent but not autistic or pedantic, easygoing but passionate and energetic, but not annoyingly so. Good fashion sense. Most importantly, taste that agrees with mine on the fundamental things.
Her views can't be ones I strongly disagree with either.

>perfect girlfriend

>10000 unique replies varying on how the poster feels about women in general, as well as their own personal ideal body type and mentality

>there is no perfect girlfriend anyway
I know this woman!!
But I married someone else before I met her. Whoops.
QT blonde into DDLG but otherwise emotionally stable & mentally healthy
Eh, most of the replies so far seem pretty consistent. That makes sense, as traits that make someone a good partner are pretty universal.
You know someone like that? That fits that? Wow.
Can you... can you describe her just a little for me anon? Just for a bit of comfort... you know... it gets mighty lonely out here.
I've described her at length in one of the "crush"threads.
She's not perfect, but despite her flaws I think that she is the perfect woman for me.
Unfortunately: circumstances. Oh well.

But take heart, there are wonderful people out there and you may meet them in time. Focus on building your own happiness as an individual, then you'll have more to offer when you do meet them.
She has to care about me on a personal level. Not just things like how assertive I am or how nice I am but the every day reactions I have. That level of personal connection. Like a sibling you like. She also has to be smart enough that she can keep up with me and be able to discuss and engage in my work if it bothers me. Like having me explain a problem. Just the explaining part helps a lot to solve a lot of these things but if you don't understand you won't ask the questions where you should be unclear about the explanation. She should also be interested in having intelligent conversations. Doesn't have to be any point to it, you can discuss completely arbitrary things to no real end, like what would an ethical eugenics focused society be like? Should also be able to not be bigoted about discussing things like that. Understanding that your partner always has good intentions or are just thinking about things for the heck of it is something I find rare. She should be perfectly fine with letting me/her be a stay at home dad/mom when we have kids if we think that's the best solution to raise them well. They come first simply.
She should also be able to express when I'm being stubborn, point out what my flaws are and all of that. But attempt (just attempt, doesn't have to succeed I just need to understand her intention) to tell me in a way that makes me feel she's just concerned. She should also be warm and loving towards everyone. She doesn't hold grudges towards people. She understands that I may have insecurities about her cheating (because she's so damn perfect who wouldn't fear that?) and tries to reassure me that nothing is happening when she sees situations where I might suspect. She also points out how I shouldn't have to be jealous because she loves me, also pointing out my jealousy as a problem.

I could go on. But the point in all this is that I won't find someone perfect, theses are some of the qualities I can put far above looks, social status, wealth, general kindness and sex. It's what I think would make for a very nice, smooth and peaceful relationship.

And it doesn't matter if she's not always like this obviously. She can be grumpy or straight up mean at times but this is just the normal state. Think I might prefer that even because it adds color/spice to have someone act different on occasion. Also makeup sex is great.

And I'm of course not sure what's the best girl for me. Technically that's the perfect girl, but this is what I'd like to look for. Shame almost all of these qualities require so much time to see.
Holy shit you're autistic

She literally just has to be good looking and fun so I fall for her.

If I like a Girl I like for her goods and her flaws. Just have common sense. No drugs, no stds, no cheating, give me a blowjob, play with my balls, make me a sandwich once in a while and that's literally it.
No. Got tested. (I know this doesn't sound good obviously, but it was for unrelated reasons)

And how helpful is a 'I like good looks and fun'? It doesn't say anything of use? What was asked for was perfect. Maybe OP hopes to improve towards that end. So I showed what I think is most important. Out of self interest and out of empathy for what I think I the best. I've even motivated why I think these things.

What you're saying is' I could settle for most people'. Yeah she knows that among the 3billion guys on this planet there's obviously a lot of them that are completely fine with who she is whatever she is right now. Some actually don't require more than a functioning reproductive system. It doesn't help at all. The post is useless.

>no cheating, give me a blowjob, play with my balls, make me a sandwich once in a while and that's literally it.
You're practically quoting a Dane Cook joke here. That's not a good sign.
>Dane Cook
No that's Dave Chapelle. Probably a joke made by millions of people either way.
Big boobs
Cute face that won't age fast
Likes anal sex and other lewd things
Likes anime and cosplay
Doesn't make me feel anxious and stress me out.
Doesn't get pissed/overly emotional easily
Has a wide sense of humor
Geeky/nerdy, not in the hipster sort of way
Takes care of personal health and hygiene
No STD's
Willing to try new stuff once in a while
Able to rationalize situations and decisions, not married to a single opinion, swayed by presumtions or otherwise narrow-minded when facing unknown variables in life

My realistic dating standards are nowhere this specific tho.
Faithful, number one
i guess a bit on the submissive side? (not really into amazonians)
and if i could pick a preference, black a i would suppose
and maybe we have some stuff in common
honestly im not a good example since my standards are very low and ill pretty much take anyone thats not 2/10 ugly or hambeast.
Respect space. I don't expect you to sit through my favorite movies so don't get mad if I want to skip your romcom shit. Nothing is worse than a girl who needs 24 hours of attention.

Also she has to let me spank her.

Honesty. Realistic expectations - there's things we aren't going to like about each other, BECAUSE WERE HUMANS.

Tell me I have a big dick even though I don't.
no z-axis

I think thats the basic for everyone:

-Pretty but not too much, so that the chances of loosing her are minimal
-A positive person, she does not complain too much and has good will to do whatever we plan to
-Got her own money
-Is honest.
-Loves sex and has no shame of expressing/doing her wants

the rest is a match of tastes. Me for example I like cinema and restaurants, I prefer her to like them too.
oh, and does not smoke
Respects space and doesnt want attention the whole time
Is not jealous
Physically appealing
Can grasp a new idea quickly
Can hold her own in an argument
Able to be goof around with be
Able to be serious with me
Cares about her personal hygiene
Open to rethinking herself or her ideas in case she is wrong
Able to pick me up when Im down
Knows how to cook
Doesnt "test" me
Kinky in bed

Fuck I want a femme me as a gf. A hot femme me..
When I studied physics nearly 10 years ago, a girl like that was in my class. She was a fucking A+ grade material. Beautifull, smart, funny, draw cute sketches in class, etc etc. We didn't have a romantic relationship as we both were in a serious relationship, though we did flirt and had a "vibe". I stopped talking to her because I was starting to loose my self. God I miss her.
Why didn't you show extra interest and see if she'd go for it? Did you measure her bf and see if you were better? I'd ditch gf for close to perfect girl any time.
I was young, stupid and insecure.
3 years after I broke contact she, out of the blue, ditched her current BF and moved to another country with another guy. That could probably have been me.
That's a shame anon. You know better now though.
Mist be an instant attraction. Blue eyes, tall skinny and preferably brunette. If she appears shy alot but also has friends and is not excessively shy.
The basic is:
>being a good person
>reasonably attractive
>mentally stable
>attracted to me
>fun to be with

>financially independent


This... that other anon basically wants a mommy he can have sex with, which I guess isn't a bad thing considering how many relationships end up like that - manchildren who need a strong partner to take care of them.
Happy, smiling and communicative. Self aware.

No personality problems like anger, bad self esteem or manipulative behavior.
No obesity. No substances.

Any other physical characteristics are almost totally irrelevant.

For personal preference, she should be younger than me and down for kids. Being afraid is fine. I won't take a never.
Tomboyish and cute, she should like doing sports with me. I do prefer girls with freckles, but it's not a deal breaker.

She should be a true friend, i.e. each of us understands the other as much as humanly possible. Montaigne in general.
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