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Why can't I get anything done?
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I have so many things I can do, so many things I want to get better at, things I want to try, and so on. But all I do every day is waste time by browsing Nigerian penis shrinking enthusiast community forums.

I realize it's a huge waste of time and I don't achieve anything I consciously want to achieve by doing it, but it requires the least commitment to get started on - just two clicks and you're already browsing.

Why can't I do things I consciously want to do? Do I not actually care about them and am just deceiving myself? Am I not doing these things for myself, and is that why I don't have any motivation to do them?

A lot of things I just think "oh hey that would be cool if I did that" or "that could be useful down the line" or "this seems like it would be more quality entertainment than browsing 4chan" so I put it on my to-do list, but then either never get enough motivation to start doing it or start it but quickly lose interest.

I dunno /adv/, this is something I find really annoying about myself. I've been planning for two weeks to find time to sit down and think about my future, but even though I'm a NEET, definitely not busy, and yet I still haven't found even a minute of free time to do it. Halp.
How long have you been a 'neet'?
A year almost. I graduated from HS last year.
I realize this isn't relationshit thread #80085 but anyone got some advice?

We can't really know your own personal reasons for not doing anything worthwhile, but a common reason for avoiding trying is the fear of failure. If you never make the attempt you never have to face the possibility of failing at whatever you try. The future may seem frightening, which makes your anxiety spike when you direct your mind in that direction. To quickly alleviate that anxiety you distract yourself in the way you know how.

In reality your body is your slave and will do as you wish without you ever needing to negotiate with it. Once you actually want to do something useful you can begin right away. You can start this very second if you want to. You don't have to use any tricks to get yourself moving since you will move the moment you decide to move. So: make the decision to start something that will make tomorrow better than today. Just fucking do it, even if you feel bad, even if it cuts into your feeling-sorry-for-yourself time. You could do a single push up right now, that would be a tiny step towards something real. You could list a single university major that interests you. Don't try to figure out the Best Possible Path to take because you can't possibly know it. Just start taking steps towards a future you value. Do it. If you don't know what to do, find someone who does.

Remember: there are people in this world that get shit done, and there are those who really great excuses for why they don't.
Hmm, well I don't think it's fear of failure, because sometimes I just lose motivation to keep doing something. Like I was learning to program for example, and I thought it was interesting/fun, and I wasn't bad at it.. But then at one point I just didn't feel like continuing. And the same often happens with video games or anime, I almost finish a game or a series and then just totally lose any motivation to keep going.

As for staring something, you're right, doing some exercise before really helps for some reason. I'm gonna go sprint around my house for a few minutes now lol.
Any other advice? How do I stay motivated and finish things?
Most posters here are lacking of motivation themselves, or stuck with their own depression.
Truth is, if you're really depressed, it can be nigh impossible to regain any sort of motivation, simply because depression robs you of any sense of satisfaction or gratification.

If you really wanted to change, you would have, because you can. You could sell your computer, the thing you spend all your time on. You could sign up for social hobbies, where you're forced to meet new people, and to gain some sense of purpose in life.
So, make some moves, even if you hate it every bit of the way. There's no worse sensation than realizing you spent the last five years doing nothing at all, while everyone else around you live their lives.
I don't think I have depression.. most of the time, anyway. True, I can change if I want to.. it's really hard though.

I've just thought of something I will try, however - gonna go through my to-do list and assign an importance rating to every task, and then set a concrete plan/schedule of how and when I will be doing these. At least I'll try to do it with a small task or two at first to ease into it.

Dunno how to give it a rating though.. should tasks useful for improving my emotional well-being, intelligence, health, or other factors be prioritized? IDK..
Thread replies: 9
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