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I have a longing to get into the hobby of...
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I have a longing to get into the hobby of fixing and just working on cars.

I'm actually in school to become a teacher. But it's something that I just want to learn on the side. I'm not interested in this gottagofast tricking out vehicles shit. I just want to learn how cars work and how to maintain them.

How 2 start on my own? Likely without taking classes because my schedule is already busy. I have no other mechanic friends other than my dad who is fairly average in knowledge of cars (he's already taught me basics) Also, not like it matters too much, but I'm just a young female intrigued by the inner mechanics of vehicles. What do?
Try to not steal vehicles for your experiments. You know you want to, and you're a piece of shit. Say it with me: "I am a piece of shit". You can find plenty of free cars at the dump.
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Crack open a repair manual. Start with older cars because unless you have advance knowledge of cars and expensive diagnostic equipment you'll never get anywhere with these new fangled computerize shit-mobiles.

Order parts online, spend some time in your garage working on shit, failing at shit, trying again at shit, and repeat. Mechanic work is the same as everything else, just takes a little bit of time and it'll all start to click.

The shitty thing about this is the more in depth you want to go the more money you'll have to spend on tools and other gears but to me there's nothing cooler than sitting around with a few beers rebuilding an old transmission or bending fuel lines.

Its God's work.
Get a car and google how to maintain it.
Idk if you want to go for push rods or a belt, but I have a push rod (nissan) and I've never had to open the hood to do a damned thing since I bought it except top up the screenwash.

Regardless, do your own oil and plugs and go from there.
I'm getting an 02 honda civic in fair condition, and I do just want to learn how to maintain it and keep good care of it. I've skimmed over those manuals at a car shop, I'll pick one up.
I have been looking over basic youtube tutorials. Just starting out with some things to look out for and what problems they point to. I do need to learn by doing too though.

Haha, well if your goal is to learn how to constantly fix a broken car then Honda is a good bet....
Step 1: Haynes manual.
Step 2: join forum based on your car
Step 3: ?????
Step 4: profit

Haynes manuals are basically a step by step barney style how to for any vehicle....ever. The forum will be for the slightly odd ball shit where the manual will tell you take this bolt out, you can drop on the forum to ask or lurk to see how the hell youre supposed to fit a fucking wrench in there to get to that bolt.

But...on a truth hurts moment. If youre one of the people that "i dont even know how to turn a bolt teehee" people, then dont bother. Like i tell people at work, i can teach you to be a tech, i cant teach you how to be a mechanic. Chaning your oil and filling fluids is a lot different than changing a water pump, swapping an alternator, or installing a new intake.
Eh, I'm a broke college student. Needed something that's cheap to fix and generally lasts long.

Thanks. I'm very interested and I'm not just going to be some carefree dunce about it. I do have to start from the beginning though. And fairly on my own. But it's been something I've wanted to do since I was around 12 and my dad had this old totally pimped out Mercury Cougar that he loved to work on and show me what he was doing. But I got kicked down by my high school counselor and other family members because it's a male dominated profession (im not some raging feminist or anything, it's honestly just a longing)
Then buy a chilton or haynes manual for an 02 civic. Go on google and read the fuck out of anything related to 02 civics. Find out what their biggest weaknesses are and begin checking your car for tell tale signs. Find something thats begining to show concern? Start there.
if you want to fix and or maintain your car go to youtube and type in

>eric the car guy

he will tell you what you need to know. do not listen to scotty klimer if you do its on your own head. because he is so full of shit. or start watching mighty car mods.
We have a board for cars.


>constantly broken

Are you retarded?
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