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i need help atm
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last year of life summerised as background info:
>prep for exams
>grandad comerised
>mum in crisis gets back with her boyfreind who i hate
>fall behind in school
>grandad dies right before exams
>still do ok in exams
>grandma n other side comerised
>find out grades i have not enough to get into any of the courses i wanted
>grandma dies
>two funerals in space of two months
>start to never feel happy
>mum breaks up with boyfreind
>boyfreind fucks some chick and gets back with mum causing distrust
>house feels like that episode of community where jeff and britta get together out of spite
>start regularly crying self to sleep
>college starts
>no classes i like
>no classes i want to try get into
>christmas, new laptop and ipod
>start using them to distance self from family
>start watching anime regularly to simulate emotions
>start falling behind in college
>threatened to be kicked out
>try fix my problems

now, last two weeks summerised to describe current situation:
>dog on heat
>mum and bf drunk
>dog spraying because its on heat with the bitch
>mums bf beats dog (full kicks, lifted by choker coller to be moved outside, legit pissed on)
>police arrive noise complaints (mum had music on too loud)
>end up in argument trying to stop him hurting the dong and making 10yo brother upset
>he threatens to kill me and my brother
>mum doesnt care
>legit starts going off about how im shit in school and my dad left me because im useless
>mum doesnt care
>things spiral
>me and brother go sleep at 4am and pack to leave the following morning
>mum doesnt try stop us
>end up living at cousins for a week
>brother in wales with his dad
>mum is trying to bring us back but wont get rid of scumbag bf
>i go home, because there is a chance brother will have to
>dont want to leave brother alone here
>fall further back into anime
>dont leave my room unless they asleep or i have to go college
>brother still hangignin balence as to where he is staying so i cant just leave
>pic unrelated
op here, not much left
>start using drugs to block it away
>start crying less and generally feeling less emotion
>still wont kick out bf

What should i do?
That's a lot anon. I think distancing yourself and your brother from mom is a good idea. I'm not sure escapism is gonna help you but that's of course very easy for me to say from here compared to where you are.

The entire situation seems to need outside intervention to me.

But why does your brother have to come home to that abusive situation? It's no place for a 10yo or anyone really.
yeah i know its not good for a 10yo, but atm there isnt actually a place he can perminantly live in wales, and my mum is trying to find a way to just go up and get him
It seems that both your mother and her BF are at fault here. Your mom's very low self esteem and clingy for the scumbag BF. Have you thought of beating up your mother, not necessarily with your fists? Maybe you could even talk to her and explain she's a bitch? OK, not that way but just tell her your woes. Unless she still doesn't want to listen.
Maybe this is when you contact child protective services? This situation is just so foreign to me but I really want to bump your thread.
Anon is in a very vulnerable situation. It's not a good idea to become homeless right now. If her bf can threaten to kill her kids and she doesn't deal with that why do you think a discussion would help?
>get a tactical pocket knife
>If mums scumbag bf threatens your family
>if he hits anyone
>stab him
>it is self defense and protection of your family
>get brother to live with dad (if his dad is safe)
>tell mom to get her shit together
>figure out what you want to do with yourself currently
>if college is holding you back at the momemnt
>find yourself
>get money fuck bitches.
see this is lame
you seem like a homie
people shouldn't have to deal with this nonsense
maybe since he's hitting animals and threatening to kill children you can get him in legal trouble?
not that bad of an idea, though the chance that he does get to live happily with his dad has stopped me
during the week that i stayed at my cousins, thats all i did along side playing katawa shoujo or watching oreimo
i own a pocket knife, but hes like 3 times my size, can fight and im a pussy.
i have no evidence of this, and only one witness that would speeak up and hes 10
Yeah child protective services is probably the way to go if things don't pan out. They probably have anonymous hotlines or the like where you can ask about what they're offering. If you can prepare the situation so it doesn't go bad before they react etc. Over here they're kinda slow according to the papers.
>drop out of college
We don't even know how far along anon is or anything about that.
im not dropping out of college, its my safe haven at the moment. and, even if i mostly act like a hikikomori i still have freinds that i talk to there.
problem with child protective services is that my family avoided them last year, just forgot to include in post, they fucking snake there way out of it everytime anything happens.
are eligible to get a gun? cuz if you are and he is putting YOUR family in danger you better grow a fucking pair and shoot him in the head, knees, or chest multiple times. call swat if you don't have the courage. say "There is a man holding my family hostage and he has a knife" they'll come in no time. go to court and say he's an abusive cunt. get your brother and your brother's dad to testify.
op is in college so I ASSUME at least 18
nope, not available were im at.
you can't even call swat? Swat always has to respond no matter what.
call swat for what? hes not doing anything right now, best case scenario is everyone gets done on possesion of drugs.
>Busting mom and bf for possession
Not too bad.
>busting me for possession
Who says you're to blame? I'm not sure about the law but if you live with someone in possession of drugs then how can you get blamed?
sounds like that wont fly
get fucked
cool, thanks bro.
> "drugs"
. >watch mawaru penguindrum non stop.
>fall into a trip.
>emerge from the abyss.
> feelbetter.png
File police report every time bf is abusive. Cops will get used to seeing him as a shitbag.
thats a pretty cool idea.
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