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What are your first thoughts on this girl?
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>entrepreneur/ works at her university
>has a master
>doesn't like bars/nightclubs, prefers brunching/biking/walks in a park
>lives with a roommate in a nice neighborhood
>former high level softball player, likes tennis and biking
>always willing to try new things
>dresses simply, minimalistic
>not active at all on social media (literally made an instagram account a month ago)
>shy/introverted, has some anxiety issues
>has some trouble getting over her ex-boyfriend who was very successful

Are there any red flags? How to approach her? What is she looking for?

Pic semi-related, kinda looks like her
Seems like a good girl but going to be hard for you to compete with her ex, even if he not in the picture. She might compare you to him
>Are there any red flags?
Yeah the last two are shit.

>How to approach her?
Invite her to do something fun, at least as far as her definition of fun is concerned.

>What is she looking for?
How should I know? This varies from one person to the next.
>>has some trouble getting over her ex-boyfriend who was very successful
Saving red flags for the end lol. Shes probably also slept around a lot.
Sounds 10/10 besides the ex thing. Hope she's not TOO much of a prude about drinking or whatever. No idea how you snag her, sorry.

>what is she looking for

how would we possibly know? those are details about her life, doesnt really say if shes even hoping to find a bf anytime soon. most girls (Especially successful girls) dont sit around and think about this. because of how many men hit on them they dont worry about it. they know they'll find a bf, so they just wait until someone worth knowing introduces themselves to them.

>are there any red flags

not from her anon. if nothing makes you think 'red flag' then there isnt one. if she saw this post she'd think you are red flags galore though.

>how to approach her

we dont know. we dont know where or how or why you know / see her. as far as we know she is some lady who lives in the building across the street and you found all this house by bugging her house, stalking her instargram, and using a telescope to watch her
Her ex was a tall and thin nu-male that was the co-founder of a kickstarter about somekind of GPS gimmick for bikes. Looks pretty lame but he did built a bicycle for her

By what is she looking for, I mean women of her age and social status. She has higher studies than I do but I make more money than her

Honestly, I find that doubtful. She has a great family and great values but I don't know, maybe she rode the cock carrousel for a while and now wants to settle down

No I met her at the gym and heard some stuff about her from acquitances.

>met her

as in have conversation? if so strike up conversation. and try this pattern

>hey how was your weekend?

she will likely reply with

in which case you say
>do anything fun?

she will respond with 'not really' or follow up with a few things she did.

if not really you say
>oh thats a bummer, i did XX and YY (lying is okay as long as its somethign you do semi regularly).
then gauge her interest based on what you said. if she sounds REALLY into one of those things (like a particular restaurant, or activity) follow up with 'we should go together sometime'.
she will either awkwardly dismiss it or agree. awkward dismiss you just say
>oh okay,
and mosey away. if she does agree you say
>are you free this weekend?

it goes from there.
I did talk to her already but it was gym related stuff. I'm a bit cautious towards these kind of women, they are often the craziest and the most troublesome
>I mean women of her age and social status.
You said this in response to "This varies from one person to the next."

It's beyond question that you have an intellectual disability.

idk what to tell you man. i laid out a conversational map. if shes crazy or troublesome dont bother her.
So far out of my league she might as well be on the moon. Only thing that bothers me is she's older than I would like but really age is a number.

I'd try vanilla dating at a food place and go from there.
What makes her out of your league specifically?
no red flags for me, but I have no idea who you are or your qualifications and status
Ah forgot to mention.

>run a pretty succesfull bakery with family
>part-time firefighter
>still live at my parents home but it's only to have more money once I move out
>not that many friends but I know lots of people business related
>no college education
Sports success and making it through education.

I dropped out of an engineering bachelors a year ago and I've never competed in sport as an adult. I'd feel inadequate for my lack of a strong career regardless of her acceptance.
Too young. Do you look young? If not, avoid telling age early on, otherwise she might dismiss you just because of the number.
it seems like she's the type that wan't to invest in a boyfreind, and not just find a guy to hang with.

I'm assuming she isn't the type that does something wrong, and then justifies it later, so she's someone that just denies stuff ye know.. she just doesn't do stuff that could be bad or whatever.

and she has a realy realistic approach to life, you don't have to act like a white knight she isnt in for that bullshit, just be who you are and don't act in any way no tricks no bullshit cut to the point:
let's go do THIS
not: let's go do SOMETHING
be assertive in your approach
be genuine

good #fortune 4u
that no college thing is going to be an issue for someone fully indoctrinated into western consumerism, more or less so depending on her degree.

Is she vegan / vegetarian?
do you use Azodicarbonamide?
she's fit, if you do cakes, and pastries forget it even most breads are not compatible with trending diets
She already knows how old I am. Is age such a deal breaker?
doesn't have to be
it's about your brain man
all about the brainz
Not vegan but doesn't eat bread even though we have a great variety of products like spelt, rye and kamut...But our bakery is well known in my city.

I may not have gone to college but I am someone fascinated by science and biology and know a few things here and there.

Also, she seems extremely career focused. She does to any convention/course/event related to entrepreneurship
you're confident, not letting anything shoot you down. that goes a long way

I wouldn't go the direct to girlfriend approach with her. it will take some time to get to know you - overcoming the ex baggage - determining your value despite the lacking letters after your name that she's been made to believe are all important.

You're doing well with the family business, but you feel some guilt for your part in the obesity epidemic, profiting off the suffering of others who eat the bread you make.
Chicks love the inner-turmoil, successful but self-loathing types.
You're looking to change your evil ways, using healthier ingredients, less trans-fats. You're developing a rice and oat bread that actually lowers cholesterol.
You were inspired by fellow fire fighters using the "engine 2 diet"
but you are also interested in diversifying into other fields besides baking, where you could make a name for yourself, and not just ride the coat-tails of your family's business. That's why you're going to this entrepreneur course.

You had a relationship that didn't work, she traveled a lot, and then one day took a position in the Philippians. you loved her, but afterwards you found out she was sleeping with her boss and now moved in with him.
after that it's hard to trust again.

you miss going out and having but, but hate going out as a single. too many women approach and hit on you.
you want a friend to go places with... if that's cool with her maybe the two of you could do some things together. no strings
I take that this is the kind of mindset I should have? Thanks anon, some great inspiration
>let's go do THIS
>not: let's go do SOMETHING

this is the best advice anyone in the dating field will ever hear. i say it all the fucking time and people act like its nto.

girls dont want to decide how you seduce them. no one does. if you approach someone, just say something solid. sure it can be adjusted if shes busy that night but free another. or if she doesnt like that restaurant you can throw out another.

>lets do something sometime
>what did you have in mind?
>hurr durr idk you decide

I get this happening to me every fucking week, and they act like its my fucking responsibility to plan the date for them. when i ask a guy out i go straight for the kill
>you wanna go get sushi this weekend?
>you wanna play some fucking mario kart tomorrow?

She seems nice, but the ex thing is always a deal breaker.

Like, I want to date her. As myself. As me.
Not as someone to held up against the glass of her ex.

Get over him, OP, and see what happens

Also, roommates at your age is a tad old
Yeah, what's her name?
She seemed chill, but with that description idk.
Also when will the meme that introversion=shy/antisocial end?
Aren't all women doing this? They only want the best and will always compare to the best they ever had

Do introverted women ever reach out? I
Women will reach out if you pique their interest.
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