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Is there any way i can still talk to her?
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I had a GF 4 years ago, stuff ended badly and i blocked her. 1 month ago i talked to her again and i had an axiety crisis(never got over her) and blocked her again. A few days later i realized i was running away from the problem and talked to her properly. She also still had feelings for me but had something with another ex that was complicated. She stayed with me for a a few weeks while we had drama over these 3 people, i got hurt and she ended up saying she still loved her recent ex and was going after him.
Problem is she was the only person i really cared outside of my family and really loved...these things that happened made my feelings of love come back completely at full force.
We're really close and we both have fun just talking to each other for hours but...i'm getting depressed when i'm not talking to her. My friends told me that the pain will only go away if i block her...but i can't do that after what i did 2 times to her, i just can't. And also i still love her and care for her(a small bit inside me has hope for the future and i'm trying to kill that).
I wake up desperate that i'm alone(this just started), i get depressed all day and can't pay attention to university classes. i talk to her a bit at night and i feel better while talking to her(we're playing games).
I said to her i was trying to be her friend, and not talk to me in the morning and afternoon, just at night when i can do other stuff to keep my mind off. I was thinking of trying this at least till the 10th of march(her bitthday)
I don't think i cam stop liking her, i just can dull my emotions.
Do i just give up on trying to be her friend? Anything i can do for this to work?
My bottom line on this is that i want her to feel free to talk to me about her problems because i really care about her and want to help if she has problems(even if i wouldn't talk to her anymore)

sorry for typos, if the story is not enough i can talk more
I feel bad for this girl, you sound annoying as fuck.
Yeah, i could be. She still wants to be my friend though
look at yourself in a mirror
change the things you can
accept the things you can't

If she likes you but she chose him because he has a job, you can get a job.
If she chose him because he is more athletic, get off your lazy ass and hit the gym.
If she chose him because he has a bigger penis, move on. Plenty of other girls have never had bigger penises before, and until they do you have a chance with them.
It's because she loves him. So she wants to try with him one more time(they dated for like 2 years, 1 was really bad)
I'm just the guy who reappeared after 4 years

I agree about moving on. But i still want to talk to her, that's my problem

>imlpying a girl would never date a guy with a smaller penis than her previous partners

/r9k/ logic right here

no girl that I ever dated went back to an ex before me. once they shit got stretched, they definitely wasn't headed back to tiny town.

Lmao that's such bullshit. I broke up with a guy who had a huge penis and was great at sex to get back with my ex with a smaller penis. Penises are not constantly on our minds, did you know?

isn't about going back to an ex you dumb fuck, people break up for reasons and dick size never was one, i'm saying that no girl reject some guy because they had bigger before him, your logic is retarded.

so tell us your reasons?
why did you leave the big cock good in bed guy

I got along with my ex better. We had more stuff in common and I felt more comfortable around him. I enjoyed talking to him more. It's not like the sex with him was bad, he was decent. So decent sex + more compatible personality wins over great sex + having nothing to talk about because nothing in common.
it's a fact of life bro. vagina starts out small
girls get with little dudes first
then they move up to medium for a while
when that don't work for them no more they
move up to big cock

stupid girls want big cock when they're young
they got nowhere to go from there except lesbian fisting they're never gonna be satisfied by a lil rascal after they go past medium
thanks for being honest.
you compromised... no shame in that.
but don't deny that you would rather have big dick, good in bed, intellectually stimulating bf if you could find one.

Oh yeah for sure. I think almost if not all girls would choose that. My point is that dicks aren't our priority. It's only a bonus.
>dicks aren't all that important
do you use a dildo behind his back, or is he cool about his shortcomings, and attentive to your needs?
Thread replies: 15
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