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Autistic Roommate
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My roommate's been really weird since the beginning of this semester. Just to give a general idea of previous events:
>graduated high school, going to college
>a guy I kinda know is going to this college too, offer to be roommates with him because I don't want to do roommate roulette
>don't really make friends first year, only person I hung out with was him, though not much anyways
>we print out both our schedules and post them on the wall just for convenience on the first semester, only I print out mine on the second
>he talks to nobody but me
>at this point I just assumed he was socially retarded because he was so introverted
>he literally stops me whenever I say something or type something wrong in his eyes
>"it's not color, it's colour" "it's not lie-te, it's loi-te (for pronouncing light)"
>he hates anything American and is obsessed with anything British, we live in the USA btw
>I watch any TV shows, anime, YouTube videos, play games, anything, he comes up to me and says, "this is stupid, why are you watching this?" and proceeds to stuff some British show in my face to the point that I only play 2 games while he's around
>I'm ranting now, half of this is probably irrelevant to the question
>moving on to first semester sophomore year
>I make friends with people because I decided that I shouldnt be an antisocial little shit
>I still talk to my roommate, but I'm not in the room as much
>he asks for my schedule again, I ask what the point is if we never use it (my schedule second semester disappeared within a few weeks)
>he just wants it, so I eventually give print mine out
>"this isn't what I asked for, it's the wrong format, and it's crumpled, print it out again"
>at this point I'm kinda scared about what he's doing with my schedules
>turns out he laminated my schedules and stored them in a binder that he protects like a baby
>be more cautious, this is nearing the end of the semester so let it go for now
>winter break, he texts me constantly And I eventually tell him to shut up
>spring semester (now), he comes to the room and looks like he has a spiked club up his ass every time he sees me
>has become more introverted and starts to live under his bed
>I once walked in the dorm and he's scrunched up with a bottle of painkillers in front of him
>under his bed is a sheet of paper with a bunch of skulls printed on it
>he also drew a skull, I've got pictures if you want to see
>I once woke up on him muttering loudly in Arabic, he notices but pretends not to have noticed
>starts saying "I want to kill myself, I need to kill myself"
>typical attention whore behavior, suicidal/depressed version, or at least that's what I think, need insight on this
>I knew he has some mental disorder because he gets extra time on tests, seems like asperger's fits his quirks very neatly

My question is, what should I do? I'm considering reporting this to the university medical services so he'll get therapy, but I'm pretty sure it won't work because he hates people and thinks he's better than everyone else. Also, I don't want him to want to murder me in the middle of the night because I revealed his secrets to someone else. Luckily, he's too "proud" to go on /adv/.
And why didn't you switch roommates after the first semester?

That kills the credibility of the whole story.
Because other than his occasional asshole behavior, he didn't do much to make me worried.
And now that I'm looking back at it, I'm actually wondering how I didn't notice much earlier.
Just fuck already
Don't know if he's gay, but I'm definitely not
find a hobby, get a job, gf
why on earth are you spending so much time in a dorm. you shouldn't be there more than a few hours a week at best. frat parties, girls, making out under the stars, get a life
Contact his parents and have him committed? I dunno anon just get rid of him. You can't fix him.
Believe me, I only go back to my room when I need to sleep now. The thing is, he kinda stalks me.
I can't just get rid of him, because he stalks me and records my schedule. I'm trying to, but in a way that he won't be staking me and so I won't have any legal issues.
Sounds autistic as fuck. Post the skull.
I think you should go to counseling OP.
not to report him, but for yourself
you obviously have some issues that you need to work out. maybe even couples counseling

there's an amazing expression that's so applicable to everything in life, it will literally change your world.

Shit, or get off the pot.

there's no point bitching that the bathroom stinks. go in, do your business and gtfo
you must like chillin with nutflix or you would have wiped your ass and washed your hands of it already.
pinch a loaf and go bro, stop smear feces on everything around you. your shit smells just as bad as everything you've said about him.
air freshener only masks the problem.
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m8 the thing is he's a nutcase and I'm just a simple asshole. There's a point in bitching that the bathroom stinks if it's full of mustard gas, though.
Here's your autism
I can tell you an autist didn't draw that.
I can tell you normal people don't cry when their roommate tells them he doesn't want to go to the dining hall with them.
He sounds mildly mentally ill. Maybe talk to your student representative or a counsellor or something?
3/10 skull, I expected better from an autist. Gonna have to agree with the other anon on the mental illness thing. It's not healthy for you to be living in this situation either. If you want to leave but know talking to him about it will get you nowhere I really suggest talking with you campus housing director. Be honest, I used to be a live-in residential advisor and we see shit like this all the time.
He has an obsession over the Koran and British culture, talking to him is like talking to a brick wall, he looks down while talking, he takes everything completely literally, he walks around like he's being targeted by a sniper, and he tries to run away from anyone who tries to talk to him. I'm no psychologist, but I'm pretty sure he has Asperger Syndrome.

Looking up more info, seems like people with Asperger's tend to be extremely attached to a person because they're fascinated by them... well, that explains a lot of things.
Your roomie is a weirdo. Could be anything from aspie to no social skills to genuine insanity. Either find a new roomie or get him help.
Get out while you still have your sanity. I've seen this kind of crazy before and there's nothing you can do to make it better. Seriously, take my advice about speaking with your residence director. The professional one, not your student RAs. I'm assuming you live on campus.

You'll have to avoid him after finding new housing, sure, it'll be awkward but I doubt he'll try anything violent.
oh my god, now we have a expert in the field of autistic doodles. you've got to be fucking kidding me 4chin
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