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Might have fucked this up badly by being...
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Might have fucked this up badly by being impatient / beta fuck.

Been chatting with a cute 8/10 girl (10/10 for me especially her personality is the best out of any girl I had chatted/interacted with before) since New Years party so it's been 2 months, she's from my school ( senior year ) we've been to some parties here and there, spent some time, had fun etc..

Once I joked about friendzone and shit and she literally told me that I am not in one, because if I was she would be interacting with me differently and she knows I like her + told me she likes me too.

Recently things kind of got out of hand and being a complete fucking dumbass I said I want more than just chatting/rarely hanging out, basically said I want to have feelings with her and she told me " I always thought we were just kids who like to chill together" but after I replied also said " Hey I didn't say I never thought about What If? but I really like interacting with you and I think feelings would just get in the way, it's not worth it, dont you agree?" After I obviously said I fucking don't she said if we were in a relationship " I would piss you off within a day" but didn't give any good reasoning..

So what the fuck is going on? Not in Friendzone? You like me? But we are just kids chillin together and feelings are not worth it ? What the fuck do I do now, I know I fucked up big time by saying that but I had enough of "wasting my time" feeling like I am not getting any closer with her so I just said it.. should I not chat with her anymore? I don't want to be just friends and then see some Chad fucking her 2 months later.

Is the best option to just not initiate any conversations myself and let her do it? I mean if she's into me she will right? If I fucked up by saying that how do I make it all good again?

will post proof if I lose hope completely, can't fuck this up now and then see her in a restaurant with Chad. If she wasn't good looking I wouldn't be asking for advice here.
Sure you would. Plenty of people post average to ugly chicks and claim they're 8s or 9s. 4chan is notorious for overrating women.
The right thing to do back then would've been to ask if she'd give you a chance imo, but that has already happened and dwelling on it isn't going to fix anything.

I suggest talking to other girls and talk to her less. She will start to miss talking to you over time, and when that happens then you should ask to do something with her (go get lunch/dinner somewhere, go see a movie, etc.).

Two months is a long time to wait and make a move if your intention is to start a relationship with her. If you wait too long to make a move, YOU WILL GET FRIENDZONED EVENTUALLY unless the girl that you are talking to is very open and straightforward about her feelings, which is very rare.

They also have a reputation for underrating men and women, I've seen women who look like 7s or 8s rated as 4s and 5s, and vice versa. It's all perspective.

How did I not think about asking for a chance.. too late now though I think as it seemed like the * i want feelings* stuff was unexpected for her.

2montha is a long time but there were reasons and circumstances..

I think I will definitely wait for her to show some initiation/interest for a while as I am not sure anymore.. and she keeps sending me fucking snapchats, its hard to not just reply/chat again like nothing happened...
You're doing way too much talking about your feelings and way too little actual interaction. This is how it should have gone:
>You and girl
>You ryke girl
>You say, "Girl, let's go out/hang out on this day and time. You free?"
>You and her chill. Alone.
>Then you chill some more.
>Then you feel out if she's physically attracted to you
>Then you fuck.
>Then you fuck some more.
>THEN, if she's still around, you talk about feelings.
No, that actually makes this method easier. You have an excuse to be short with her when snapchatting and texting. She will most likely not ask why because the reason is pretty obvious.

Don't act hostile, but don't talk to her too much either.

Don't initiate unless you actually need something (attention/conversation does not count), and try not to say a whole lot when you guys do talk, although I understand that it's hard.
Thats a dream scenario.. and it never comes true since its different with each girl.
And how do I take it from there ?

If she shows initiation and interest in me even though Im talking to her less do I just ask her out and just take it from there ?
anyone got any tips?
Thread replies: 11
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