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Cant get girls: Spiritual Successor version
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Summoning everyone from the last thread, this thread will be more focused on specific methods of getting girls' attention and playing on their natural emotions rather than questioning why they think the way they do to begin with.

Continuing from here:

"Have you tried joining some clubs?
I am a part of several clubs on campus and I actually met my last boyfriend in ukulele club.

Identify some things that you're interested in, and sign up for the clubs related to them when there are club fairs.
Meeting girls in clubs is usually pretty easy because you both already have something in common, and you can ask questions about the activity without coming on too strong because it seems like genuine interest+passion for the activity.

My last BF approached me by complimenting my ukulele and asking me some questions about how long I'd been playing and which songs I knew and stuff. Then he suggested we play a song together, and it sounded so good that we almost instantly fell for eachother.

Say you like video games- join the video game club and challenge some chick to a match. Chat her up about what kinds of games she's into, and if you guys seem to be jelling well, as a time to meet up again and hang out (I.E.: hey, me and some buddies get together to play smash every Thursday. Wanna join in? We could always use another player) then you can ask for her phone number of five you her's and tell her to text you so that you can let her know when/where to meet up with the gang.

It's usually a good idea to try to hang out in groups with girls at first/if you're inviting them to something.

A lot of girls have a kind of knee-jerk reaction to shy away from direct advances. I know that even if I think a guy is cute, I try to create space between us if I feel that he's being too foreword.

Once you gain her friendship as someone who she trusts, she'll be more comfortable hanging out with you alone, and if she finds you physically attractive, she'll develop a crush on you."
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I need more tips on getting girls' phone number to begin with, I had read material that said that you needed to be as direct as possible because it would show a lack of neediness which would make them more attracted, but from my own experiences this never worked.
Also when is a good time to ask a girl that you've selected out of a group to finally go out with you just the two of you? And what's a good way to do it?
Hi, I'm that one girl from the other thread.

Honestly I don't like boys who approach things very boldly. I don't see that as real confidence- I see that as a "fake it till you make it" or PUA tactic. I like getting to know a boy as friends and then learning his character by observing his actions.
I think that "be bold" advice is more intended to help guys so that they don't waste time following after a girl who isn't interested in them sexually, since a lot of people can tell right away whether or not they're attracted to the other person.

But I've never gone out with someone who's just approached me out of the blue. It makes me uncomfortable. It's one thing if they chat me up for a while and I get to know them (like in the club example) but if a guy just thinks I'm pretty and wants to meet up later, that's kind of a red flag for me because he doesn't know ME, he's just seen my body/face and likes it.

Make a move after you've had some casual 1 on 1 hangouts with her. The way people act when they're alone with you is a lot different than they act in a group.
If the solo interaction is awkward, it's not gonna work. Even when the two of you are alone you should be able to bounce off of eachother and have funny conversations. You'll know when you "click" with someone.

A lot of guys are terrified of the friend zone, but the friend zone is basically just "I think you're awesome and I love everything about you except you don't arouse me sexually."
But you can't "mess up" by being friends with someone first. If they reject you once you're friends, they sure as hell would have rejected you before you were friends.
And a lot of girls (like me) will only date guys who we've been friends with first.

I usually do a big group hangout, an small group hangout, and then an individual hangout. I know by then if I feel comfortable enough/attracted to the person enough to date them.
Things also don't normally progress that formulaically. Like sometimes you'll kiss someone before you technically date them, and that leads to you dating then.
Watching a movie in your dorm room at night is a good way to get a feel for whether or not there is attraction. Pull the movie up on a laptop and sit right next to her with some pillows to lay back on and a blanket. See how close she gets to you during the movie. Is she leaning up on you? Does she "fall asleep" and rest her head on your shoulder? Those are signs that she's attracted to you. PROTIP: IF SHE FALLS ASLEEP DO NOT TOUCH HER BOOBS AND VAGINA that is creepy and will ruin your chances.

To get to the 1 on 1 hangout- do something super casual like text her "hey wanna get lunch? Im done with class!" Or bring up naturally in conversation something like "have you tried the new _____ restaurant? It's so good!" And if she says "no I haven't yet!" Be like "OMG you need to try it! We should go some day after classes so you can try their _____. I promise you're gonna love it!" ^ similar things can be done with movies "you haven't seen dead pool yet? Omg you have to let me take you! It was the best movie I've seen all year!"
For this initial hangout you dot want her to classify it as a "date" so while you CAN pay for her food/movie, you don't necessarily have to offer.
I was with you in part, up until the "OMG you HAVE to try it" bit.

Please nobody over the age of 15 do this. There are more than enough awkward, energetic young men acting without decorum as if trying to live out a live action anime.
Haha ok well that's what I say to a guy when I am convincing him to join me for something- but I guess I can pull it off because iMm a girl.
I guess just try to convey the same idea in a way that is more suitable to you. You do have to be kind of energetic about it. Otherwise they won't understand how awesome it is!
>You do have to be kind of energetic about it. Otherwise they won't understand how awesome it is!

Ugh. Please stop. You're trying to teach young men how to behave the way YOU as an individual would like them to, and not the way that's going to lead to them having the best chance at a healthy relationship.

But by all means, to the whole one person reading this, act like OP suggests and live in hope that you run into a low-confidence, single redditor.
Kek someone's insecure
I'm simply sharing my experiences.
And I don't know what kind of wierd cringe worthy weeaboo shit you're imagining but normal people show excitement. Obviously you don't want to mimic a cartoon with your attitude. If you show it like a normal person then you'll get other people excited too.

I've had guy friends approach me in the following ways.
>"Hey so uh, do you like wanna go see a movie or something?"
^ too vague but also too direct. What movie? Does this guy have a game plan or am I gonna get dragged along to some awkward bad movie? Will it be awkward just the two of us?
>"We should go see dead pool sometime" uhh ok- is this a date? Why did he ask me this now? Is it gonna be awkward? Is this movie any good?
>"you haven't seen deadpool yet? You have to let me take you, it was the best movie I've seen all year!"
Good! I've been dying to see a good movie! When's it playing?

If you express excitement, you'll get them excited too. At this point, you guys are ALREADY FRIENDS, so they trust your judgement and opinions.

Girls are afraid of being stuck in an awkward situation for hours, so you just have to make it seem like you have a plan and that you're gonna be entertaining to talk to.
Op and I have been talking since the last thread.

I don't appreciate your projection: Perhaps YOU come on this board to purposefully give bad advice (like you are doing right now), but I come on this board to share my experiences in case they might be of use to someone, and to recieve advice when I need it.

Feel free to disagree with my advice all you want, but I can almost guarantee you I get a lot more face-to-face social interaction than you do.

I really hope that you are able to resolve whatever issues are leading you to have such a warped view of women's intentions.
Op was actually in a pretty similar place before we began talking.
You've not provided any reason why my counter advice is bad and why yours is excellent, other than your opinion.

The guy you've replied to is an idiot, for sure, but you don't just win a complex debate automatically for sounding like less of an idiot.
You're getting caught up in the details.

If you like somebody, if they're compatible with you and you find them attractive, it doesn't matter how animated their invitation to a date is.

That's a really weird thing to fixate on.

The kind of guys who are going up and talking to girls, or who know girls from videogame clubs or other examples you've given, are one of two types:

Guys who have no problem talking with people who share their interests

Guys who are fundamentally flawed to the point where they sound desperate, awkward, come off as creepy or bizarrely confident, despite being a gross individual.

The latter are not going to improve by your really superficial conversational style suggestions.
Who is your advice for? Michael Cera?
There are whole industries profiting on the idea that there are legions of great guys out there who would go far in their love and professional lives if they just learned a few tips like OP is offering.

The number of people who'd actually fall into this category are really low.

If you grow up on the fringe, not being able to socialize in a normal way or being a perpetual wallflower hoping that you'll come into fashion, it's not going to be fixed by sperging out about a movie and eating up advice like "if you get excited about it, she'll get excited about it".

>And I don't know what kind of wierd cringe worthy weeaboo shit you're imagining but normal people show excitement.

Right, which brings me to my prior point: Are you just writing advice for Michael Cera characters? Because they do not exist.

The people struggling to talk to girls, who need help with this sort of thing, have deeper problems than being attractive, fashionable and normal in all regards except they get a little nervous talking to a pretty girl.

I appreciate people might seem that way on a board like this, where it's easy to represent yourself as one of these great guys who just can't talk, but if that was their only flaw, they would still be fine.

I'm not even going the angle of attacking you for offering advice for men on how to be men, despite having no qualification for doing so other than your own observations.

You're offering combover tips to cancer patients.
I was pointing out your projection, obviously.

Ah yes, I'm sure you know all about picking up and interacting with women as an emergency nurse.

Ironically, I'm in my second year as a pre-med student, so i think I'll be caring for a similar number of people as you do. :)

I do my best to help people both online and in person.
You're just now joining the conversation so I don't expect you to understand the context of what's going on, but there's no need to be so blatantly rude and defensive.
Op is asking for advice on how to get a girl to like him, and as a girl, I'm sharing what I personally like in a guy.
Obviously I don't speak for all women, but Op has (in the last thread) SPECIFICALLY asked for MY help and opinion on this.

You obviously have some issues since you're twisting the situation to say that I am trying to control and manipulate op into a manslave. I find it hard to believe that you can honestly interpret the situation as such.

Your counter advice was "what she said was bad advice"
That, in itself, was an opinion. So I expressed my opinion back.
I made it clear why I prefer the approach that I do.

At that point in the relationship, the girl doesn't know if she likes the boy or not. Acting awkward/unsure of himself could turn her off. Similarly, acting over animated or crazy could turn her off.

I think we're having a miscommunication. The guys who have acted "excited" towards me did it in a cool/casual way, not in a crazy overzealous way. It was like, I could tell they were excited about it but they still seemed calm and collected, just pleasantly surprised and excited to share something they like with me.

Op is closer to the latter of those two groups that you described, but all he lacks is experience and practice.
Perhaps I miscommunicated the tone I find attractive- I wish there were an articulate way for me to sum it up but it's difficult to describe in words
Girls are just people.

You guys get that, right?
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Everyone ITT: who keeps saying I'm offering tips clearly weren't in the last thread

I copy and pasted what this one femanon said, learn to fucking read and learn to understand continuity

And no I don't have time to talk tonight I gotta go to sleep
People who have a vagina but freely share it
We want their vaginas
They wont freely share it

See the obstacle here?
But you can't give up hope on those people.
Op is only 19 years old. He has plenty of time to be socialized.
So far his only face to face interactions with girls have been them TEARING HIM APART and ridiculing them, so the last thread was mostly about him talking about how women should be given to men as objects when they turn 13-14, or how he might just move to another country and rape a woman so he could experience sex.

I know that his case is "severe" but it can be greatly improved upon if he interacts with some girls.
I'm friends with some people who are awkward and not well socialized in real life, and this type of advice that I've been sharing has helped them a lot. I've also been able to give them guidance in person and practice with them though, so I'm not sure if it's transferring over properly being written here.

What would you suggest for op? How should he learn to socialize better?
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I actually have no problem to people who share my interests, and in fact when I come across someone who does talking to that person is just completely natural and I have no problems at all, its the only time I ever feel 100% at ease

But I've never found a girl who I share anything with

See for all of elementary school everyone was just coldly indifferent to me
I remember inviting my entire 4th grade class to my birthday party, boys and girls
Not one single person showed up except for 2 boys that lived down my street and that I knew outside of school

>inb4 waaah my birthday party THESE WOUNDS THEY WILL NOT HEAL

Yeah well it was a symptom of a very bad sad situation

Once middle school hit it started to go from coldly indifferent to malicious, each year was worse than the last

9th grade, September 2011-June 2012 was the worst period of my life, every single day I was attacked by everyone, boys and girls, but it hurt the most from the girls

Even the teachers hated me, I fought with them constantly and it had been building up since middle school but it even had origins in elementary

I always felt like I was too smart for school, I was reading 800 page books when I was 8, I tested out of all the reading programs years in advance, I got perfect scores on everything without ever studying at all

I cant even remember how many times I fought with my teachers because I would finish the assignment for the day 30 mins before everyone else and all I wanted to do was go to the damn library and read a book (my favorite place in school) and they would say no

I remember students saying they wanted to punch me (its only in hindsight that I realised that the only reason they didn't was because I've always been so much bigger than everyone else, I mean Im like 6'4 tall now)
Also another tidbit, that same girl, short, blond hair, 14 or 15 at the time, that looked me dead in the eyes in history class and said with a blank face and voice (your never gonna get any) on a separate time, I don't know if it was before or after, she said "your like a human encyclopedia"

So apparently they always knew I was smart as shit but yet they also hated me
>So far his only face to face interactions with girls have been them TEARING HIM APART and ridiculing them

Which is why I say you can expect folks like this have deeper issues than those solved by just saying X or Y to a girl.

>the last thread was mostly about him talking about how women should be given to men as objects when they turn 13-14, or how he might just move to another country and rape a woman so he could experience sex.
>But you can't give up hope on those people.

Aye? I know films are terribly inspiring, but if somebody is this far gone, it's not a sure thing they're going to turn it all around because one of these rape objects he wishes he owned told him how to be cool.

>The guys who have acted "excited" towards me did it in a cool/casual way, not in a crazy overzealous way. It was like, I could tell they were excited about it but they still seemed calm and collected, just pleasantly surprised and excited to share something they like with me.

So your advice to a kid who has no social skills and no healthy experience interacting with women... is to interact with them and have social skills.

>I wish there were an articulate way for me to sum it up but it's difficult to describe in words

And yet here you are in a written medium, offering advice on how he ought to articulate himself.
Also after 9th grade I had nearly failed the grade (because I was suspended so fucking much that not even I could maintain the grades) and I was so wiped out and done with everything that I didn't even care about anything anymore

My mom decided to put me into all online classes via blackboard, I didnt oppose it at all, I didnt care

I didnt even do a single bit of work for the first half of the semester, then did all of it (8 classes worth) in 50 hours with 0 sleep, I saw the sun rise and fall twice

Did the same thing for the 2nd half of the semester, never did it again

I did all online everything for the rest of highschool
Never saw those students from 9th grade (and that I had known for years before then) ever again

I mean I guess they were at graduation but I didn't recognize any of them
I thought I recognized the girl who said that never gonna get any line to me but I dunno, I tried talking to her but she was in a cunty mood and either she remembered me or she was just being a bitch, I just walked away

Maybe it wasn't even her, I dont know, I'll never know
So other than algebra 2 at a different highschool for like an hour a day for like 3 days a week in 10th, and spanish for the same, and then pre-calc in 11th grade, and them chem back at my original highschool (I was with a bunch of 11th graders even though I was 12th)

OTher than those I took everything through blackboard and spend basically 3 years, 15-18, in my room on my computer
I mean I lived in my room and played vidya since literally forever but I still went to school up until I was 15

Also I turn a new year at the end of each school year, my bdays in May and the school year ends in June

So up until August of last year that was my life story
These are all great examples of why you should never listen to what women suggest about how to date women. There are grains of wisdom in there if you're smart enough to figure them out, but for the most part this is a recipe for failure.

The problem is that the women who post stuff like this are selfish, and are either lying to you or are too stupid to be self-aware enough to qualify this as a lie. Basically the problem with this advice is that these women are NOT trying to help you; they're trying to get attractive men to approach them in a nicer way. There's a huge amount of self-interest involved here clouding their judgment; none of these girls are thinking about the average beta approaching them, they're trying to get the hot shy guy to approach them the way they like. Beta men are simply not qualifying as "men" in their thinking here, nor does it account for genuine variation in the way women like to be approached (OP is an outlier, by the way) and any beta following this advice isn't going to help his situation.

I'm not sure whether I respect the woman who purposefully lies here or the one too naive and lacking in self-reflection to suggest it, but either way it's shitty advice.

No, the real advice is be attractive. For some girls that will mean "don't be too bold" and for some it will mean "be bold", and your job is to figure out what you have that is appealing (or improve yourself), what the women who it appeals to like, and to act accordingly.
I worked my ass off in 10th 11th and 12th to try to get my GPA up to make up for the catastrophe that was freshmen year, I did it because I viewed college as my ticket to a happy life and my ticket to getting laid

I had mental breakdowns over the slightest GPA concern, + or - .1 and such, because I wanted to get in so bad

I originally wanted to go harvard or yale (way back in 6th grade) then it was MIT (10th and after I had given up on the first ones) and finally I settled on (redacted)

Anyways when I showed up to it last August I was at the social and life experiance level as i was when I left 9th grade
I had learned more via the internet and had gotten older and smarter but I still didnt know shit about shit, I couldnt talk right, couldnt dress right

Tried to talk to girls constantly and get their numbers, most gave me their numbers, none ever responded
Eventually my mom got me a smart phone, and a buddy introduced me to yikyak

It was like 9th grade all over again
I was bombarded by posts from guys posting their face when getting a blowjob on the couch, their face when getting laid, girls talking about having doggy style sex with their boyfriends, and all of them laughing about "thirsty" people

I started posting (its all anonymous, or so I thought) talking about my situation (basically what I said last thread) about how I'm a virgin and I hate my life and I feel like sex is the alpha and omega blah blah blah, everyone either mocked me, called me evil, or called me insane

After a while of this, and being 6 weeks into the semester and not having made any progress (when I wanted to get laid before 2015 ended and that had been my goal for years, because I would start college in late 2015), first it was do it before rush week ended, then before september showed up, then before october
*respect LESS
women can smell desperation

seek inner peace, and getting a piece will come easy

also you're emotionally traumatized and should seek help
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Anyways, I very vaguely threatened to go on a killing spree via yik yak, I made it super vague, didnt name the school, a time, a place, a date, didnt talk about any methods

I did it because I wanted to spite them, I felt like "fuck them" I wanted to scare the shit out of them, to poke a hole in their perfect lives, even if only for a little bit

Few hours later and 2 cops were detaining me, luckily they did it where literally no other students were around so no one ever knew
Few hours after that I was arrested and sent to jail, magistrate wouldnt give me bond, had to sleep in the jail in a jumpsuit and all, was let out the next morning for free by the judge

University suspended me until next semester (this semester)
The judge is dropping the charges
And that's what happened and so I've only been in college since January 15th, and I don't even really count last semester because of how I made 0 progress at all

So I've only been making friends, dressing right, joining clubs, etc, for like a month and a week now

Ive had a facebook for literally 1 week, I sucked it up and made one to try to connect to people

Oh also the cops took my phone and never gave it back so I got another one

I'm already forming social circles and making connections

I've had an explosion of a social life lately and regularly hang out with guys in their dorms and shit, am offered drugs and alchohol but I dont care about those, sex is all I want
still a virgin
Also it never went public
Other people that did it had their names plastered all over CNN and their faces too, and were expelled and sent to prison for years

No one outside a few very high ranking school people in a single department, like 2 cops, and a few court people know what happened
Literally everyone else is oblivious

I guess its because it was so extremely vague, or maybe I was just lucky, I don't know
The other day one of my new friends called me "cool as shit" when he was introducing me to someone else

Felt kind hollow even with him saying it
I dont feel cool as shit
>I always felt like I was too smart for school, I was reading 800 page books when I was 8, I tested out of all the reading programs years in advance, I got perfect scores on everything without ever studying at all

>I was smart as shit but yet they also hated me
>she said "your like a human encyclopedia"

You are so 19 and American, it's not even funny.

Okay, so.

1. Appreciate what you've learned and the opportunities you've had to learn it. You are not as smart as you think you are, and even if you were, clearly that being your sole defining characteristic is not working out so well for you. Change the record. Learn some humility. It's the only way you'll connect with worthwhile people.

2. You need to draw a line under high school, which is probably really difficult, I understand, because it's so fresh in mind.
You do not know your own mind, yet, however, and neither do these folk who have tortured you. Nothing that happened outside of your studies means anything, ultimately.

3. Don't take advice from students barely older than you on how to act. Despite their noble intentions, there's very little they can teach you about life just yet.

4. Understand that women are just people. Other men are just people. Understand that you are just a person and one day you'll all be dead.

Finally, don't "date", in the traditional sense. It's an artificial contrivance that'll just fill you with artificial anxiety you don't need. Find somebody you would like to spend time with, and invite them to do things you'd have been happy to do anyway.
You're deluded.
What on earth do I have to gain by lying to a man on the Internet? As if that could ever have an impact enough to get around to me? You're so convinced that women are selfish liars that you are twisting the situation into something impossible.

tjat last bit of advice is good advice-
Being attractive to a girl is a necessary component of having her like you. The more "generally attractive" you are, the greater chance you have of someone like ing you as more than just a friend.

Some girls like bold dudes, some girls don't. I don't, and based on our interaction from the last thread, I seem like the kind of girl that OP would be interested in based on my interests, attitude, and looks. Therefore, I shared my personal opinion on how I prefer men to approach me.
Obviously not all girls feel that way, but I've noticed a trend among my sorority sister and cheer teammates:
The girls who are in to the bold, pushy chads have a lot more sex and noncommittal relationships with boys. The girls who are like me and prefer to get to know the guy as a friend first gravitate more towards relationships.

If you're only looking for hookups op, then completely ignore my advice.
My advice is for how to get a girl to actually fall for you.
I'm advising him to try. To not give up hope and turn in to a bitter murderous shell at 19. If he keeps trying and learning from his experiences, he'll eventually be successful. Maybe what I'm suggesting he do is to "advanced" for where he is right now, but without actually meeting him in person there's no way for me to properly guide him step by step. Atleast by making the end goal clear, maybe he can figure the steps out himself.

Yes, we're in a written medium and I'm trying my best. I'm sorry that it's not good enough for you, but I am just trying to help.
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Look man
>OP doesn't want or need your "help", he wants your company and your "help" is a bonus.

Why not both?

Am I not allowed to be pathologically hell bent on having sex and simultaneously with I could actually connect with a girl on an emotional level?

>tfw no qt 3.14 gf to sit on the couch with and play vidya
>tfw shes not there to playfully call you a nerd and you do it back
>tfw it doesnt escalate to sexy times
>tfw you dont cuddle afterwards
>tfw you dont go back to vidya after and laugh at the normies

Jesus fucking christ, we get it, kid. Your life has been a trainwreck of awkwardness, terrorism and resentment.

Your self-pity, superiority and blatant That-Guy bullshit behaviour is enough to condemn you as somebody who doesn't want to change.

You've come here looking for pity and cheat codes on how to get laid despite being a delusional, degenerate piece of shit who feels entitled to a sex life despite your body being entirely made of red flags with no redeeming qualities.

You're here looking for reasons it's okay to be the way you are and still expect people to be attracted to you. There are no reasons. Change or lock yourself in a room so the world don't have to deal with your barely-pubescent horseshit drama.
Your just like the people I knew years ago.
It's that same kind of venom.
Stopped reading at "it's surprising you're able to interpret anything."

I really do feel bad for you, I'd continue to engage you if you had any semblance of intellgence but at this point you seem like a sexist imbicile.

It really is a shame that you are a nurse. I'll be sure to never hire someone like you.
>To not give up hope and turn in to a bitter murderous shell at 19.
He's literally already 19 and already made death threats
>If he keeps trying and learning from his experiences, he'll eventually be successful.
Yeah, and how many people is he going to hurt in the process? You suggesting he practices his psychopathic one-minded sex advances on dolls?

>Maybe what I'm suggesting he do is to "advanced" for where he is right now
There's nothing advanced about what you're saying, it's just bad advice.

>Yes, we're in a written medium and I'm trying my best. I'm sorry that it's not good enough for you, but I am just trying to help.
You've taken up the post of OP on an advice board, posting a lengthy guide for somebody, but you are unable to express yourself properly. It's not about being good enough for me.

>because they don't realise women do not matter in the slightest.

Fucking hell, aye man, we get it- you're Redpilled up as fuck. Why must you discredit yourself with this shit. You've said some really good things, then you always take this right turn into a different kind of unhealthy retarded outlook.
Also I don't know if its relevant but I discovered 4chan right before 9th grade ended, it was in like March

So since 9th grade, and I guess before January this year, my life was basically 4chan and vidya

Again all of this is venting, I dont know if its going to help anyone come up with any advice but it doesnt hurt anything to type it out and just whatever
If everybody in your life is talking to you like this dude, you have to at least CONSIDER the possibility that the problem is YOU.

I had to tone it down because reading your posts is so frustrating, and still it came out mad as hell. Feel free to reject everything I'm saying because considering the possibility you're a shitty person currently hurts your feelings too much.

You're never going to have a better life if you don't see yourself for who you are.

By the way, that's how it's going to turn out. If you act a certain way long enough, it's not you reacting to the world anymore, it's just who you are. Get offline and get help.
Look the threats werent actually serious, I didnt mean it at all, I just wanted to scare them

I already explained that
Op what you want is natural.
A close loving relationship with someone you connect to on a deep level is just as good as the sex that comes with it.

A lot of people on here are bitter because they too have never felt that, and they are a lot older than you.
I can't say I blame them- I'd imagine that if I were in their situation I would be bitter as well.

I really wish I could help you guys more.
I try to help the people who I befriend in person when they ask for my advice about girls, but I wish there were a way for me to help you like I help them.

There are too many lonely men out there, and it really saddens me. I wish that you could each have a girl love you the way that I've loved my boyfriends.
I'm pretty sure Doctors don't hire the nurses.
Also, if it took you this long to notice the guy's a redpill fanatic in a discussion involving women, he might get through an interview entirely about a job.
File: 1433726083423.gif (102 KB, 267x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No one has talked to me like that outside of the internet (and yik yak is a form of the internet) since I was about to hit 15 in my freshmen year of highschool)

All I said was I still remember it, just the pure hatred and spitefullness

I never felt anything like that towards anyone until after it was done to me

Well I'm still open to all of your advice, as much as you can give
Dont think that because these guys are talking shit to you like "oh OP doesnt care" that its actually true, its not
I did not post the op. I replied to the last thread and the old op made this board with my reply.

Listen- things will get worse. Look at that crazy sexist nurse I was talking to. I don't want op to turn out like that. He's got a cold exterior but it seems like he just wants to be loved. He sees sex as the ultimate physical embodiment of love, so that's what he's chasing after.
Right now he's not good at socializing, but he's not hostile. In the future, if he becomes more bitter, he will become hostile. Then it will be too late. Right now it's not too late.

And I don't think my advice was bad, but I understand that you disagree.
Don't confuse sex with love
They are two seperate things
I've already explained in the past thread, in massive detail accross a fuckload of posts why I want sex so bad

If anyone here either wasnt there or cant remember, then go look up the archive or something, I'm not explaining it all again

I do want love, but realistically I still say I want sex more

It's called my "ultimate goal" for a reason, and I already posted the definition before if you need it again then here

By "someone looks you", i meant a sexist, hostile, egotistical person.
There are plenty of those both male and female.
I have plenty of male friends who are wonderful, kind, and intellegent, and I'd love to hire people like them.

I'm obviously striking a chord with you.
Do you want to actually talk about your feelings like op has been? If you actually open up instead of being needlessly rude, I'd be happy to listen.
Of course doctors hire nurses.
That is, if you run your own practice (which I intend to).
I'm sorry to have been so hostile, but you must understand my position:

What you say now will not have much of an effect other than making you feel good about yourself. This kid's many replies are classic /adv/-posting teenagers looking for reassurance and kind words that everybody else is the problem.

They will hang around in their thread for HOURS, shopping around for the one kind soul who'll give them a consequenceless benefit of the doubt, tell them that what they feel is normal, that they're probably a great person and that they'll get there one day, and I think that kind of coddling is damaging.

Again, to the 19 year old guy:
You need to take responsibility for your actions and dig deep. I realise people have been shitty to you, but that doesn't make it okay to be a shitty person, yourself. You need to have the strength to get past this and improve yourself, for YOU.
Not to prove anybody else wrong, not to trick somebody into having sex with you, but so that you don't spend the rest of your life dragging around this tiresome victim complex that's occupying your entire evening.
Oh shit, I've worked it out:
You've got aspergers.

Man, we've been hashing this out the whole night, trying to help or trying to get through to you and I just now realised it's because of Autism.

I'd have thought a pre-med would have loved to dish out this diagnosis, sorry to have robbed you of that.

There's no way to advice your way out of this one, I'm afraid. Pay for sex, get it out of your system and try not to bother too many people.
File: stop.png (112 KB, 302x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 302x187
I forgot my post:

Can all of you people stop fucking arguing so much and get back to the point of the thread: Talking about good socialization methods?

Or at least reply to my life story posts or something

But stop this fucking bickering its not helping
They are two seperate things.
I guess I may be projecting since I've experienced both and know where my priorities lie.

I guess from my experience, love leads to the best kind of sex. You know how you said you don't want to have sex with a condom because it's "not the full experience"? The same can be said for love sex vs non love sex.
If you like affection and love, then love sex is far far superior to non love sex in the way that condomless sex is way better than condom sex.

^so, as someone who loves affection, that's how I view it. But if you're someone who doesn't care about affection all that much, the don't listen to my advice about how to get a girl to fall for you, because there's no point in going to that extra effort if it won't make a difference to you.
I've actually had doctors tell me I have some rare variant of it where it makes me super smart but also makes it so I only know like half of all social skills by default

They say the only way to know the remainder is a combination of teaching myself and practice, but that given some time I will learn it all

So apparently I'm not fucked like you say I am
>happily married
>has the mentality of a 30y/o virgin autist
Choose one
File: 1432164190148.jpg (43 KB, 500x353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 500x353
I didn't say it wouldn't make a difference
Seriously just look at the archive if you need a refresher

I've stayed up way too fucking late school is gonna be a nightmare tomorrow

I have to go now
Keep the thread bumped

>Posts big walls of text about his shitty autist life
>Misguided know-it-all med student tries gives him pick up lines
>Everybody else criticises his character
>Autist rejects any post that isn't a direct solution to his lack of sex life

This is fucking brilliant. I am so glad I'm not you. Google Christian Weston Chandler to see how your life will be in roughly 15 years.
I thought that maybe by interacting with a woman who didn't fit op's assumption that all women are vicious and selfish, his opinion of women might change a little and he'd be more willing to try again to talk to them.
He seemed to be a lot nicer to me after we talked a little so I thought that maybe I had helped him see that not all women are evil-

>diagnosing people from a brief interaction over the Internet
This is why you're a nurse.
You're the only one making diagnoses, bud

Enjoy wiping the shit off of people's asses ;)
>I've actually had doctors tell me I have some rare variant of [aspergers] where it makes me super smart but also makes it so I only know like half of all social skills by default

Why didn't you say this hours ago? We could all have saved a lot of time trying to figure out why you're seemingly terminally broken and unwilling to change.

Protip, champ: I can say with complete certainty that you are absolutely not a genius by any definition. Kids like you with aspergers routinely believe rules don't apply to them, that they are infallible and the world just doesn't fit them.

You are fundamentally incapable of having a healthy relationship or sexlife.
There's no manual for your retard brain.
Nobody is going to be able to see past the deficiencies you can't / won't work on and have a sexual relationship with you, except perhaps another autist.
You will not find her attractive.

OP is literally autistic, he just wasn't forthcoming about this detail earlier, which is odd because he told us just about every other detail he could remember about his life at length.
HAHAHAHA oh my gosh dude you seriously need to calm down.

I'm sorry for insulting your nurse-ness. I only did it because you were being unreasonable, but me being unreasonable back didn't really help things.

I'm gonna stop replying to you now because your responses are getting less intelligible and your "comebacks" are getting closer to a 1st grade level.

I really do apologize for disrespecting you in terms of your career. I have some close friends who are nurses and I value them a lot.
I hope you have a nice night.
What the hell kind of nursing program did you go through? You need hours of clinical study and shadowing nurses to become a nurse, and during that time you wipe a lot of shit.

You may not wipe shit frequently now, but in a room full of doctors, if some shit needs to be wiped you are the go-to guy
>Ad Hominem
>with attempt at justification
>pretend apology
>trying to take the high ground

You're actually more insufferable than he is.
I am being pretty insufferable.
I'm sorry.
It's wrong of me to be rude but it's difficult to maintain composure when he's being (in my opinion) so blatantly rude, sexist, and stupid.
It was my mistake to even engage him in the first place
'atta anon.
You can't get baited by everybody to the point you're making personal attacks. It's stressful and there's no real payoff.

If you do have to, just post something scathing and leave. That way you win, since he can't retort, and he wins because his retort goes unchallenged. Everybody wins. Except the 19 year old autist the thread was about.

10 times out of 10, that kid loses life. Sorry dude.
To be honest though, >>16842129
He admitted do samefagging here so I wouldn't be surprised if you're him too.

But whatever.
Goodnight gentlemen.
Not the person that you're replying to but a doctor is way more qualified to handle an emergency like that than a nurse.
Not to say that a nurse could not handle it, but a doctor has had more training.
Also, you mentioned that "doctors don't fill rooms" but that idea is false. Even if it weren't false, I think he meant it metaphorically.
>Doctors have no place outside of diagnosis

So surgeons just diagnose people and then leave? Are you trolling?
>thinks surgeons aren't doctors

Into the trash you go
Anon he doesn't seem to mean you have to consciously be lying. You may just be thinking 'how do I like guys to act' and that falls in line with self interest (rather unsurprisingly). If I were to say I think women should be more active in initiating relationships, I really believe that. But it doesn't mean it's a good idea. It just suits me and what I'd like women to do.

Granted he's being snarky. So maybe I'm being too kind.
I know this is stupid, but I really need to hear it from someone else.

I don't do the whole nofap thing, but I try to not beat it a few days before going out to bars/clubs. Even though I don't logically buy into the whole theory, i subconsciously am affected by it. When I do jerk it when I've been trying to hold back for a few days, I feel guilty as fuck. I get the fear that now I will completely fail to find a girl, since maybe the whole nofap thing is somewhat true (as far as you need a way to release the tension) or because I feel like an evolutionary failure who had to masturbate because he hasn't gotten action in almost a year. (And before the last time I had gone without for almost 2 years.)

If not touching the pork sword really did help with this, then a lot more people would be sexually active, right?
It may be a pascal's wager fallacy. But if you're bothered by just don't fap. If your urge to fap outweighs the guilt feeling then fap. I don't buy it either but just throwing yourself into uncertainty for no reason is not a good decision. So, buy it completely and never fap, ditch it and fap as much as you want, or try a happy medium and don't blame yourself as much.

People masturbate a lot in general. Guys say many times per week (I say many times per day) and usually girls tend to lie and underestimate it severely.

It's not strange to masturbate it's not wrong to follow crazy inconsequential ideas. And it's not wrong to please your irrational side when it doesn't really matter.

If you didn't please try and satisfy your emotions you'd be a depressed nihilist probably. Not the nice happy kind.
Thanks. Like I said, I really just needed to hear it from someone else. I'm definitely not nihilistic, and not really depressed. Just sometimes things like this get to my head. Being able to blame un-success on something objective is easier than to go about it rationally, although it does lighten the sense of burden.

Absolutely and completely agreed.

>And a lot of girls (like me) will only date guys who we've been friends with first.

I dont buy this, I literally dont buy this at all.

>Watching a movie in your dorm room at night is a good way to get a feel for whether or not there is attraction. Pull the movie up on a laptop and sit right next to her with some pillows to lay back on and a blanket.

this kind of advice for a person like OP shows how far out of touch you are for male strategy.

Shut up.


OP, this is your fault, no one is holding the controller of the universe making life hard for you, you have to look at yourself with honest eyes and ask if you are the kind of guy you see cute girls with.

Well are ya?
File: 1432046356824.jpg (312 KB, 850x633) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
312 KB, 850x633

I refuse to believe that I'm automatically fucked for life because of it
The same doctors who told me I had it said that the missing social skills can be learned just like anything else, it's not that I'm incapable of learning them (like a psychopath is incapable of learning empathy), it's just that I wasn't born knowing a lot of them, but they can still be learned.

I also had my sociology professor who's like in his 60s tell me the same thing.

So stop trying to tell me I'm fucked, Im not, and if you were actually reading my posts instead of harping on "your so fucked" then you would have noticed how I was talking about an absolute explosion of a social life out of nowhere in the past month and a half.

It's like the big bang: In the beginning there was nothing, then there was everything
I also hate the contempt that some people seem to have towards people like me, like it goes beyond being annoyed and like "you need to get better and improve yourself" and is more like "your a worthless defective subhuman kill yourself you should have been aborted"

I don't know why you people hate me so much just because I was always socially awkward and it takes learning to not be akward

Now, is it that you can't get girls, or that you can't get qt 3.14 rose thread beta orbiter girls?
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