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I have a long day ahead. Every 10 minutes, I have 10 minutes free. Let me help you out so I can kill some time.
I'm miserable because I can't find a boy to love. I just want someone to be my baby. Not a fuckbuddy. Not a boyfriend. Just a baby.

I'll never get it
You need to work on yourself. Be worthy of someone's affection and time. Also, you need to go out in order to meet various kinds of people and then find someone who can meet your needs.
you still here op?
Yes i am
I made a post on a different thread but didn't get much replies:

My boyfriend is struggling with his porn "addiction". When we'd have sex, half the time he has a problem with going soft and having to work himself up again. The worst though, is when he doesn't want to have sex at all, even though he has a regular sex drive when he feels healthy and "away from porn". He shared with me that he's had a problem and how it seems to be a male-only problem where he watches porn, then it escalates into more extreme stuff for him to get off... trannies. Then he's unable to even get an erection and so, avoids sex because it won't work anyway. I told him it's okay if he's bisexual and he can sleep with a trap or whatever, and that it isn't a bad thing to be bisexual... He tells me he is straight and is struggling with this porn thing, and that he reads about a lot of guys having similar sexual dysfunctions... Currently, he is trying to stay off porn, told me to give him a few weeks for his dick to work again.

What do you think about this? How can I help? Do you reckon he is most certainly bisexual for getting off to traps, and sissy caption shit? He also likes dressing up in girly stuff in private, he doesn't do it ever, but he did buy stuff online for himself. I miss sex with him and we broke up to take a break to fix our own problem but we still hang out as if we are together. During our relationship, I thought maybe he was unattracted to me, so I said he could fuck his hot ex, and later traps once I found out and then he started having dick problems.
I just want a blowjob. It's 4 am. That shit ain't happening.
Hope do u convince yourself to talk to others, girls to be particular. How to not have any expectations out of that conversation
If you are willing to let him sleep with other people, you have to realize that you have a problem as well.

The trap thing could be him being bi but also him not being able to get off to "normal" stuff because he watched too much porn so his brain got used to it.

Imo you wont be able to sort things out unless he is willing to be very open to you about his struggle and also about his preferences in bed. You need to communicate as well as you can and you need to drop the let him cheat on you thing. You are just ruining the relationship with it.
It happens to all of us.

You need to realize that those girls don't know you very well. So you can't expect them to get very fond of you through a 10 minute convo. Relationships (of any kind) between people evolve in time. Start out with a convo and let things go their way: you may get a new friend, a date or nothing. But socializing is healthy in any way so it's not wasted time.
What if u become the guy nobody wants to talk to after that conv.
Also, how does 1 stop being hyper attentive to unknown people
If you become that guy you need to think about what you are doing wrong, what makes people avoid you.

Also, being hyper attentive to people you don't know is pointless. You are just wasting your energy, looking desperate and making people keep their distance. Think about it. Would you really wanna befriend someone like that?

Focus your energy on working on yourself, doing more things. This way you will meet more people and you won't have the energy or patience to be hyper attentive.
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Probably been asked a million times but

How do I make friends when I have obscure interests?
I also kinda work a lot and I dont go to school or anything so I dont really know where to start looking for friends, but life is getting pretty boring and I wish I had a group of friends to hang out with on the weekends.
It really depends on what "obscure interests" you have
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I like knives and swords and historical armors and stuff like that
Plus I listen to edgey metal I guess
Idk just seems like people are afraid of me lmao. Maybe thats just me thinking they are though
I like mountain biking though so I guess thats not a weird interest

Where does one find friends that could be appreciative of my interests rather than creeped out?
Or just normal friends in general I guess. I dont really have anyone to go out drinking with or maybe ride bikes together
Alright then. The problem: Ennui.

I'm not passionate about anything. At all. I just can't be. I've tried many, so many fucking hobbies, ranging from playing an instrument [several different ones, in fact] to painting to 3D graphics to coding, and nothing, absolutely nothing, manages to hold my interest. The current record is four months before I couldn't stand an activity.

Physical hobbies are out on account of a multitude of medical issues, which severely limits my option at this point, plus I'm nowhere rich enough to get into some more fund-intensive interests.

Escapism, whatever the form is, doesn't really help with my endless boredom either: I burn out on video games rapidly, I don't enjoy alcohol [probably for the best], social interactions in general bore me.

My days amount to engaging in random activities until they bore me, repeatedly, until I can no longer think of anything to do, at which point I just go to sleep.

It doesn't even feel like depression. I went through that a long time ago and recovered. I have plenty of will and motivation to do shit - it's just nothing is actually interesting enough to do. It's frustrating, but in an entirely different way.
Try to get into clubs or forums that promote things that you like. Go to concerts or events. It is weird at first but that is your only shot.
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IM not OP but heres my 2 cents
Sounds like you just havent found your (hobby) calling yet. Sounds like you've just tried normie shit everyone's tried at one point or another.

Maybe you should try something you would have never though about trying before.
I dont know you obviously so I don't know what is out of bounds in terms of your personality but maybe try tabletop RPG's
or you could try getting into hunting. Something you'd never see yourself doing before
Your lack of interest in anything is probably coming from an emotional problem. I cant imagine not finding something to enjoy unless there is something else bothering you.

If I were you, I would try seeing a therapist. Do you have any friends? Do you have any emotional connections to other people?
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>visit forums
That's why I am here fampai on 4chan I mean
No meetups in my area though
No shows in my area either.
Maybe thats my real problem. I live in a pretty small town
At least try to find someone to talk to online. Since you don't have any friends the online ones can at least help you gain more confidence and you wont feel so lonely anymore
>tabletop RPG's

Tried it. Actually came close, in that I'm not getting bored of it, but it's not much in the way of taking up my time - it's reliant on other people participating in it, after all. Even online, that limits how often it can happen.

Always wanted to try hunting, but my health doesn't really take to walking around outdoors very well. As for other things... well, the problem with things I haven't considered yet is exactly that - they haven't come to mind. Still waiting for a flash of inspiration, but it hasn't come yet.

I have emotional connections to my family. Well, my mother anyway - my father is dead, I have no siblings, and the extended family isn't very fond of me. When it comes to friends, not really, no. I was never a social butterfly, and dealing with depression in the past led to what skills I had in that area atrophying. Plus, hard to make friends and acquaintances when your immune system gives out with clockwork regularity.

I mean the emotional angle is correct in the sense of not enjoying any group hobbies, because I'm rather asocial. But I don't really see how it'd apply to individual endeavours.

Also, the only reason I can talk about my issues here is the anonymity. I couldn't handle a therapist.
It would apply in case you feel sadness and loneliness. It would be very possible for you to feel emptiness because you cant establish a normal life. Those feelings can lead you to not enjoy anything in life in general because you may want something you cant have.

Dealing with your situation is rough and I strongly believe the emotional part has to be taken seriously
I'm very bad at smalltalking. Most of the time I simply don't know what to say, there don't come any comments or ideas what to say to my mind while I'm talking to someone. And then I feel a bit weird
I don't think I'm shy, but I'm not able to do smalltalk. That's also part of the reason that I don't have a girlfriend, I can't "just talk" to someone
Possible. As I said before, it feels very different to how I felt when dealing with depression - I still have the drive to act, for one.

But the lack of a 'normal' life is more or less the reason I need the hobby to begin with - as a form of benign escapism. I've long since accepted that my condition will lead to more or less non-existent social life, so I need something I can focus on, to avoid idleness.
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>Always wanted to try hunting, but my health doesn't really take to walking around outdoors very well
Maybe you could just do the gun part without hunting and just do some target shooting. You don't really have to walk around for that
How to redeem myself make people forgive you
When it has been a long time since I talk to them
And I still hasn't got out of the problem they were angry about.
Wait, maybe I just want to reconnect and fix the relationship with them.
Usual topics when you meet someone new: college, job, hobbies.

Literally ask them: "what are you studying" ; " which field are you working in"; "what kind of movies do you like".

Just things that help you know that person better.

Small talk when you know that person: "how have you been lately?" "How was your day?" and go from there
Now that's not a bad idea. Chances are my city has at least one shooting range. Trying sure as shit won't hurt. Thanks, Anon. Somehow I didn't think of that.
I would usually advise you not to that. The past is in the past and if time has passed the feelings are probably already gone.

If you really want to, apologize. If they forgive you, try rebuilding the relationship. If they say no, accept it and dont contact them again
exact same problem my man
what are you even meant to talk about?
very frustrating and embarrassing, makes me feel down sometimes too that i can't connect to people on the same level as others

hang tight lad, probably will take a while to learn, but it'll pay off

ive got para schizophrenia and when im depressed i sometimes go unmedicated because it's more interesting than just nothing, even if it makes me feel bad

should i stop doing this?
I'm interested in a girl who has recently, about 3 weeks, broken up with her boyfriend. I'm interested in her and have told her as such. She has told me she is still wants to get back with her ex.

If they get back together I'll obviously be disappointing but i'll force myself get over it, however if this doesnt happen - how long should I try before moving on? How long after a breakup does it become perfectly clear that I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of success?
You should.
If she still wants to get back with her ex, you don't have many chances. Best case scenario, she uses you and dumps you. You should avoid getting involved.
>>Just things that help you know that person better.
okay, thinking like that might acually help a bit.
A similar thing is when I'm talking to colleagues at work, many times I just can't think of anything I could add
I'm totally fine with talking about stuff I need for work, but when some of us meet in the kitchen in the break it's different.
thanks for your answer.
Another thing, possibly unrelated, is that I get anxious and very nervous if I have to talk to someone I don't know through a telephone. But actually that doesn't bother me that much at the moment, most of the times I can avoid telephoning.
It's just a bit unusual and I don't know why I have this, but my mother has this a bit, too.

yeah that seems like exactly the same.
>hang tight lad, probably will take a while to learn, but it'll pay off
probably, I'm not too pessimistic about it.
thanks and good luck to you too
It is a pretty common thing. A lot of people avoid talking on the phone to strangers. You should push yourself into getting over it.
I've had a few days lately to just... think a bit. Analyse things. Frankly, doing that made me realize that my life is fucked.

A bit of background, first off. I've got a bunch of medical conditions which contribute to being more or less unable to perform any serious physical activity, plus requiring either a wheelchair or dragging one of my legs behind me everywhere I go in order to get anywhere. Because of those, I've been largely educated at home - that is to say, I've had proper teachers, but rather than attend school, they visited. This is relevant because it meant I've had almost no social interaction with people of my age - barring attempts at regular attendance, which never went particularly well and didn't result in any social bonds. Having finished my basic education years ago, I've spent all the time since then largely avoiding people, seeing how even asking someone for the time leads to nervous mumbling followed by a hurried departure.

Needless to say, I have no friends. At all. I speak to people only when I need to, and so do they. I only drop by the university for exams - meaning even the instructors barely know my name. The only people I actually speak with willingly are my family.

Now, this was all fine until some time ago, when I realized I want more. I want... well, normality. Friendship. Love. All that jazz. But I won't get it. I'm nearly 25, and my social accomplishments involve attending school parties (and leaving early), attending one birthday party (and leaving early), and going out drinking in celebration of passed examinations twice (not leaving early, but spending time drinking rather than talking). People I try to socialize with always think I dislike or even hate them, because I instinctively avoid eye contact. And apparently have creepy eyes, but that's a whole different problem.

The point is, considering the above and the fact social aptitude is mandatory at my age, I've come to realize I'm fucked. And that's my problem.
I didn't know that
I guess getting over it works best if I just talk to people on the phone as often as I can, right?
I think this should be doable
>Has a recent broken arm
>Takes strong pain killers for the pain
>Had a drink one night and some slut I've known for a while lives across the country starts snapping me
>Starts snapping her back on snapchat and then I made a sexually joke about her
>She says no because she has a bf
>Ask about her sister jokingly
>Knew she had a sister but I always thought she was older
>She goes nuts and starts going mental because her sister is 13
>She tells me she's going to report me to the cops and then blocks me.
I know it's a douche bag move on my part but literally it was a sort of joke.

>3 weeks later and nothing's happened
Am I in the clear?
You're fucked only if you think you're fucked. Listen I'm not going to say its easy and it won't be. If you want change you need to give it your all and stick with it. Learn to talk to people. Start from there and soon things will start changing :)
It is normal to deal with this in your situation. If you want all that jazz you need to push yourself through it. Go to as many events as possible (the ones you are actually interested in) and try to talk to people as much as you can. Try to befriend everyone that has similar interests to yours and maybe try to get some online friends as well. It may sound stupid but talking to people online can help you get used to the idea of talking to people in general.

The most important thing is to not give up even if you fail. It will be awkward but once you get accustomed to it, you will be fine.

You are still young, you can do a lot of things. Don't let your situation stand in your way. In the end, you will be proud of yourself. It's gonna be rough though so don't give up. Just hang in there. Bare through awkwardness and rejection.
You should be fine. Just avoid her. As in block her and don't talk to her again.
Done and done. I'm just trying to get over the fear of it all happening. I even did some hardcore cleaning of my computer for anything bad
Chill man. It's been three weeks.
That's just the thing though, really. It's this... nonsensical mentality, where I have this sudden need of the end result, but still have absolutely no interest in the process itself, which is apparently enjoyable for everyone else. I don't go to parties primary because I don't really enjoy them. Crowds [or even groups] aren't really my thing. Talking to people overall is awkward and leads nowhere unless they're drunk, because there's always something about what I say or do that shuts it all down. When it comes to discussing interests, it's even worse - since I don't have solid ones, but rather go from one hobby to another until I grow bored of it. There's only so much basic knowledge about X that can be discussed before people want to know more, at which point it all slams into the wall of "Well, uh, I actually never really got into it".

As for online conversations, I do have those - I suppose some of the people I speak with could be categorized as friends, too. I was more speaking about the real life sphere. Text-based communication, as well as calls (as long as I already know the person somewhat) are actually tolerable. It's more actual conversations that I can't handle. They're too different, in the end. There's non-verbal communication involved. Body language and so on. And apparently mine makes people either annoyed, unnerved or convinced I don't like them.

There is also the issue of not having enough opportunities to socialize. I have no need to go anywhere that would present such opportunities - and the places designed for it aren't really my style. Not to mention, I'm not exactly the most approachable - I always look rather sick. It's not something I can help either, as it's only partially the fact I'm pale as fuck - it's also a result of one of my conditions fucking with my skin.
This isn't really that important, since i doubt i'm missing my virginity any time soon, but i'm curious... Does the amount time it takes to fap has any correlation to the amount of time you last in bed?

I'm an uncut fag and it usually takes me between 1-3 minutes to fap(over 20 if i don't touch the head while doing it) due to hastily fapping during puberty to avoid being found out, and it worries me that i'll last fuck all in bed if i ever get the chance.
It usually doesnt affect you a lot. Fapping often means lasting longer (but can lead to errectile dysfunctions) while fapping rarely can make you cum faster when having sex.
As I said, if you want all that jazz, you have to work on the things that stay in your way. If you dont go out, you cant meet people.
Oh, I get that. It's really more venting my frustration at the fact my only option is sink or swim, because I have missed the window of time where awkwardly stumbling through social behaviour was tolerated.
How do I deal with some form of polygamy shit? Am I just not "open minded" enough? Am I at fault because I seek some non-hipster shit exclusiveness between me and my loved one?

What did I do wrong, is it wrong to wish this kind of intimacy and wish your one to not be undecent with what we are and have created together?
I don't know
It is very normal.
Beat up an uber driver while drunk. Made a very decent living as Taco Bell ceo. Lost everything cuz bitch had a camera. Contemplating suicide. Don't Know wut to do :(
Dont. Just dont.
I'd be your friend, I love historical stuff.
Hi anon. You probably won't be able to help at all, but I feel like kvetching today. My parents have spent god-awful amounts of money trying to "fix" me, but none of it makes much of a difference.

Here's the thing: I have a learning disorder called dyspraxia. I'm a completely normal person, other than three aspects of my life-disorganization, crying, and lack of coordination.

I'm completely unemployable because under the slightest bit of stress, I break into tears. In fact, I'm crying already.

Money isn't a problem because I have enough that I can live on a 9% return every year, but it's completely unsatisfactory. I have an undergrad degree because I did college part-time, only taking 1 heavy workload course a semester.

I'm very good at mathematics and physics, but when it comes to math proofs or multi-step problems.

I can run and lift weights, but when it comes to sports, I drop everything and trip over my own feet. I'm fine socially, other than I can't interact with more than two people at a time, and any sort of teasing breaks me down. I have a few friends who understand me, and I can pick up girls just fine. I just can't form "normal" relationships because my disorganization leads to extremely divergent conversations, and the crying tends to weird people off.

I've been told to "man up" my entire life, and I've seen multiple life coaches and therapists, but they all eventually give up on me and tell me to just "accept who you are".

I can read and gather information just fine, but when I try to apply any of it, it comes out in jumbles or clumps. I can do art just fine, but I'm not creative to make anything that sells. Photoshop is fine as long as it's only minor edits and not multi-step, and that's just stuff that I give away for free on /r/.

I just want work that I can do, something that I'm good at, or a life that feels fulfilling. My parents are both extremely successful and can't wrap their heads around why I'm such a fuck-up.
i feel terrible because i cant seem to control my sexdrive anymore
i dont want to lose my relationship of 2 years because i really love this girl
but its getting harder and harder to contain myself cause women tend to get really flirty with me
im in distress basically and i dont want to fuck shit up
Reposting from another thread.
I don't feel satisfied these days. My life is a grind now. I go to work, I sleep, repeat.
It feels like my accomplishments weren't earned. My home, my car, my job... I got them all myself. It just isn't something I take pride in.
Games aren't fun either. I used to play way too many video games, played tabletop games with friends. Now it isn't fun being around others or as fun losing myself to games.

I have been to a behavioral therapist who thought of my situation as classic depression and that was before a good chunk of this started. The medication scares me because of all the horror stories behind it.

What do?
Pic semi-related.
You are not a fuck-up, Anon. It really isn't your fault. You can only do your best in this situation, try to work on yourself with babysteps. Even if you can't make a huge progress, I think the smallest change can give you hope.
Try to do whatever you can to make your life happier, easier.

Work on your relationship so you don't need attention from others or drop the current relationship on work on yourself to find something better.

Medication can sometimes harm more than help, at least that was my experience with it. The repetitive thing is something I am going through as well, try to focus more on socializing between work and sleep or go out when you have a free day.
Try finding new hobbies, video games are pretty generic.
And about the earning thing, if you have this comfort try working for other things. Earn other things if you are lucky to have these ones already.
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male. italian descent. 6'3. 18 years old.

born and raised in south africa.
father abandoned me at birth.
confirmed to be born with genuvagus, renitis.
raised by an abusive mother until 18.
background considered wageslave tier by third world country standards.
mother would smoke 1-2 packs of cigarretes a day and made me a passive smoker with several breahting problems, most of them were further multiplied by my renitis.
would hit me with wooden planks, lamps, broomsticks, etc, until they end up breaking in my head.
trough my life i developed anterior pelvic tilt, repetitve strain injury, foward neck, overweightness, social witdrawal, probaly a lot of emotional/psychological disorders that i dont know the name.

for long times was i deprived by some of the most basic things like shelter, food, people, etc.

never had a friend, or girlfriend.
i dont recall the last time someone said "i love you" to me, or that i could hug someone. i dont have anyone to say "i love you" to, as well.
i tried getting into waifuism to forget everything and at first it was beautiful, i would cry tears of joy to my waifu because i could say i love you and i felt loved, it was wonder on earth, but then i found out that she was into the MC of the series. that was the last straw for me. even in fantasy worlds i create for myself to escape from this hell of a purgatory called my life i still cannot be happy. the only thing to ever bring me joy backstabbed me and was gone just like that. that was the last straw for me. i don't really feel anything anymore. i'm dead on the inside and on the outside. i ocasionally hurt myself for pure leisure. i can use staplers to make my fingers bleed or put my hand directly above fire. sure i feel the physical pain but i dont even care anymore. this hellhole of a life made me just a walking bad of meat. i'm anxiously awaiting for the day i die.

i did try suiciding 2 times already and gave up on that because i'm such a failure i cant even kill myself.
*bag of meat
not bad of meat
So yeah there's that.
All my problems.
If you can genuinely do something about me you must be some kind of messiah.
At this point I don't even want anything anymore, I don't want to be helped or saved, I'm just counting seconds before my death.
Get as far away from your family as possible. Give up anime fantasies. Love yourself. I mean it. Instead of waiting for someone to love you, fall in love with yourself. Do anything and everything possible to make yourself a stronger, healthier and more succesful human being.

You cant escape hell without getting burnt. So fight for yourself. Cause even if you find someone, you are the most trustable and worthy person in your life. Loving someone else can be a waste of time so dont put your hopes into that.
I do love myself.
I mean, I don't exactly know what loving myself means, but I know I'm proud of how far I've come.

I was always the smartest at school. I won a state level chess championship in first place. I speak quite a few languages. When I was like 12 or so I already knew what bosons, quarks, leptons, etc, are. When I was 17 I developed my own variant of chess, something I call tridimensional chess, it's esentially chess in a 8x8x8 cube as pic related. I reckon I'm pretty much smart. I also learned to play piano and bass by myself. I am good at a number of sports, notably martial arts, volleyball and basketball, and there was a point I lost 30 kg in 3 months because of a girl I had a severe crush for in higschool (obviously I still was rejected anyway).

I don't have anywhere else to go. I have to stay with my mom or else I'd have to go homeless. Here at least I still have a bed to sleep, a toilet to shit on and a shower to wash myself.

How can you tell me to forget my anime fantasies when you at the same time tell me to love myself? I never understood what the fuck this meant. And besides, i did already give up on fantasies, I was quite clear when i explained how plain i am right now. I don't even care if you step on me, you could shoot me in the face and if I survive that I'd probaly not even flinch.

I'm not even going to go on on your "b strung lul" bullshit, you sound like a 14 year old girl who was rejected by your crush.

I've already accepted hell, my friend. I'm tired of fighting. Fighting doesn't get me anywhere. As I've said I cant even kill myself.

>Loving someone else can be a waste of time so dont put your hopes into that.

Life is a waste of time.
Time itself is a fucking life, I have quite a theory explaining that.
Well I had a fling with a guy I work with. I'm pretty sure we have real feelings for each other but both of us are too scared to do anything about it. Plus he's a loser, so he's not worth it at all. Not worth any kind of heart ache. I felt myself slipping down the hole or crashing and burning last night and I decided I don't want that to happen.

So I shut my Facebook off (cause that's how he mainly talks to me) and I've decided I don't want to go further with it at all. I'm not worried about working with him though.

I've also been having a crisis about what I even want to do. Right now I'm a fucking like head waitress type thing. I hate it. And my car is fucking up like crazy too.

>mfw 90% of the time
Forgot picture.
There's a lot of other autistic things I came up with but anyway, this is how the pawns take other pieces in 3d chess.
Wait, so what's "forward" in this β-γ direction? Do all your pieces start on one board and move to the other? Because I can see how the pawns move but not bishops or knights.
Ohhhh, unless you had eight different cubes... did you skip ξ and δ with the pawns somehow? Or maybe I have the letter order mixed up?
So I've been keeping in touch with my crush from work ever since she had to leave back in October. Normal conversation s and stuff and cute little jokes and emoticons (maybe looking too hard into that, could be a cultural thing)

So... I'm on the brink of sort of telling her how I feel.. I was waiting to tell her when she comes back but I've waited for a while to say anything before she had to go. I didn't want to be the guy coming in last place or waiting too late

I don't want to mess up or slip. Any thoughts?
I have a computer practical to demonstrate tomorrow and my supervisor (the lecturer) keep reminding me that we should finish everything (the question and answer sheets) by Monday. However, he only just sent me the question sheet this evening and asked me to do the 2 hours practical and answering all the questions (the practical itself has a 1-month deadline for its report, meaning students can go back and do it in the computer room within 1-month) in 1 hour.
I don't know whether I interpreted it wrong, or because I was rushing, (and I'm terrible at working under pressure) but he told me that the answers were not what he wanted and said 'If you were taking this you'll fail'. He also accused me of using a default ship track, just because the track I designed looked somewhat similar to it, and it should be in zig-zag, yet, the question paper only said that the tracks should be on the water.
Another time he told me that he's gonna run through on how to make a script in this software and what kind of model he was thinking, however, he was away for a few weeks. On Friday, when he arrived, he summoned me and got angry because I haven't prepared the script yet. It's his module, I am only a demonstrator, and I don't expect myself to design the whole practicals. I asked my other friends who demonstrate as well, and they don't have to do any of the stuff that I have been doing, for the same amount of stipend.
How to work with this kind of person? I'm going to work with him for 3 to 4 years from now. Need some advice
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A pawn moving foward in this case would be going in the Z axis - alpha trough theta.
The image, in case it's not clear, shows a section of a 3x3x3 cube split into 9 different ones. you can see the 4 ones in the front and the very center most one.

rooks move up and down (1-8 axis), as well as left-right (A-H axis), or as the image shows, ZY axis, freely.

bishops moving in the diagonal but in 3d. that is to say they freely move like the pawns eat pieces. try and see if you can imagine an alpha B1 cube two spaces behind gamab-1. if the bishop was in beta c-2, it could go to gamma b-1. and keep in mind it moves freely like in old chess.

knight moving is a bit harder to explain.
i'll try anyway.
think of it moving anywhere like the rook but instead just 2 places, however once you move two places, you have to go to choose up, down, left or right. this means that if the board is empty and the knight is placed in the middle of the cube-board, it can have 16 places to go. it works a bit like the traditional knight but in 3d. so for instance, on eof the possible moves for a knight on beta c-2 would be delta d-2 (moved two foward on the x axis, then decided to go to one right on the y axis.

queen is same as rook+bishop as usual
king moves anywhere in the 3d world so 8 possible cubes to move to at any time, 9 if counting staying where it is as a move.

the starting set up is very different, i came up with a variant that you either start with 16 pawns or 32 pawns, and in both cases you end up with 4 of each minor piece + a queen and a king.

unfortunately rooking and en passants are too complicated to explain.

checking and check mate work as normal.
*going foward would be moving in the X axis
fucking typo
Sorry. I was thinking 4d chess for some reason. That's why I said 8 cubes. 3d chess makes sense now. Wouldn't a king have 26 different moves? And a knight should have 24 different moves. How does 32 pawns work? 2 different layers?

If you're wondering why I sound completely retarded it's because I'm >>16839449
I saw the picture and didn't look closely enough/actually read. I was thinking of 2 separate cubes to introduce a fourth dimension, and that doesn't work. You would need 8 cubes to do 4 dimension chess.
Also, are bishops confined to single plane moves, or could one say move from (c, 4, alpha) to (f, 7, delta)? I think I would personally contain it to single plane moves to keep them from being overpowered. Maybe to keep the three plane move simple, say (a, 1, alpha) to (h, 8, theta), which would be absolutely ridiculous imho. (I looked up the greek alphabet but can't be bothered to copy and paste the symbols.)

Add me on kik- what4isador if you want to continue this conversation. I don't want to spam this thread.
I don't have a kik.
Bishops do that in the normal game, they can move from one corner of the board all the way up to the other but regardless that doesn't ruin the game.

Not so sure about 4D chess, but iin 3d chess, yes, the king would have 26 moves. and the knight would have 24 possible moves. i was thinking of a 3x3 square when i said 8, my mistake.

32 pawns. here's how they work.
from the perspective of white player:

alpha layer: minors
beta layer: pawns


4 rows of 8 pawns, distributed in the center most lines of the second layer

that is to say, C, D, e and F.

i definetely prefer the 16 pawn variant though.

i have came up with many other different ways of playing this and they're all very fun, but anyways.
Can't meet single girls. Met a beautiful girl who reports having a boyfriend. Totally infatuated though. How do I kill these feelings?

I'm serious though: it's a total fucking burden to constantly be thinking of this beautiful girl that I honestly hardly even know and have much less of a chance with and it's keeping my mood down. I need to get that off the fringes of my consciousness.
Sorry for the long wait, Anons. I'm european so by the time you replied, I was long asleep.
You tell me all about your achievements but at the same time you say you can't do anything. Okay, you can't leave the place where you live right now. But you can work on it.
From what you told me, you seem like a smart person and you are good at sports. That means you should be able to find a good job and eventually move out.
Also, since you enjoy sports, it should be easy for you to lose weight.
Once you have a good job and you take care of yourself properly, finding friends and lovers will only require you to work on your social skills.

It's good that you want to end it if he's not worth it. If you don't like your current job, try finding something better.

Wait for her to come back and then ask her on a date.

You should try to talk to him as open as possible. Ask him specifically what your duties are and let him know if he is making you do things that aren't your job.

I honestly think it will be difficult to work with a person like that, since toxic people rarely change. But your chance is to talk to him in order to at least clearly know what you have to do.

You can either stand up for yourself and cross a line between what you can/have to do and what he wants you to do or bare through his behavior for the next 3-4 years.

Avoid her. She is unavailable.

If you want to meet single people, go out. Especially to places/events where you know there will be mostly single people. Also take in consideration what you are looking for: a fling or a date. You can find single girls at local gigs or parties, but you aren't probably getting a date from there.
Hi! It's a nice thing to do, so thanks for giving out advice.

I'm just wondering about my situation, been feeling miserable for a while. A guy I've been sleeping with invited me out, we've been doing it for a few months, but he suddenly started calling me more (while we'd usually just text), giving me compliments and inviting me on dates all the time. I honestly have a big crush on him, so I was overjoyed and got dressed up very nicely for our first night out, drinks and a concert. It was weird, fun, but ultimately friendly. Bartender hit on me, random guys yelled I was gorgeous and came over to talk to me, I didn't reciprocate of course, but he just stood a few meters away, awkwardly, so people assumed we were just friends. I tried to get him to put his hand around my waste at the concert, but he barely touched me and didn't kiss me all night. We went home together and he initiated sex, I was drunk and told him I was weirded out that he didn't kiss me all night and barely touched me. He said "you didn't kiss me either!", but he's a lot more experienced and older than I am, and usually initiates everything. He knows I'm nervous and awkward. Ended up fucking, left in the morning after having sex again, haven't heard from him since. The last time we saw each other (before the date), we hung out for hours, kissed goodbye and he asked when he could see me again. Now, nothing. Did I screw things up? Could he suddenly lose all interest in me, midst date? I think about him all the time and feel like shit.
He might be confused about his feelings. Since you went from fwb to a date, maybe he doesn't know where you guys stand right now.

You should try contacting him: either ask him out on another date (if you want to go in that direction) or ask when you can come over for sex (if you want to keep things as they were).

Imo he is interested in going on more dates but you have to find out for yourself. If you go for the dating thing, you need to prepare yourself for the possible rejection as well.

And about the kissing thing, maybe he wants you to get over the nervous problem and take initiative.
Read this and other articles about it:

Perhaps. It was him who invited me on a date and started contacting a lot more, saying cute shit and calling me all the time, but he could be confused about my feelings, I suppose. Yep, will contact him in a few days if he hasn't texted me, I just don't want to seem desperate and don't know if his silence and behavior implied he wasn't interested. I'm too much of a pussy to invite him on a date, so I'll keep it casual and hope I haven't somehow ruined things for myself, haha.

The kissing thing really confused me, but he honestly seemed kind of nervous and awkward too, which I've never experienced with him before, as he's confident and a lot older than me. I leaned in to kiss him on the cheek when we met, and he just gave me this godawful awkward hug!

Thank you for thanking your time to reply to my silly question kind anon, been feeling so confused so it helps a lot :)
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Use this to evaluate your life and what you want out of it.

Also I'd suggest getting into drones because there's a lot of cool shit you can do with them for not a whole lot of money.

Also cars or guns and reloading, both of these are hobbies that I find somewhat difficult to burn out on because there's always more learning you can do about them.
You said some dumb shit and ruined a relationship but there was no need to worry about the police, if she's across the country like you said they're not going to give a shit about some guy making a comment about her sister. Just don't bother her anymore or you could get some sort of a fine for harassment depending on laws your area(s).
Start exercising, preferably strength training. I suggest reading Bigger Leaner Stronger and Starting Strength. Force yourself to do it until you enjoy it (you will) and watch your life come back to you in small pieces as you make progress.
Don't worry. A lot of people who are confident in general can be more nervous than usual when they are on a date. This applies to me too.
I am still around if you need me. (OP here)

You wageslaves make me sick
Tell the story.
This may seen silly, but i just lost the first day at uni
will that fuck me up in the long term?, i have some bad luck when it comes to education
have fun living outside and dying early because you can't get health care.
How do i attract an outgoing and quirky girl?

So there's this really good looking girl in my class and yes we talk, she has made some compliments on some of my clothes

Anyways, i feel like she is just naturally like that, very outgoing and outspoken

I seem to have fallen for her, but i have never really been with someone so out there

How do i approach someone like that?

Yes i'm also outgoing, or should i be the opposite, please help.
Healthy people don't need healthcare
My problem?,I dont have a fucking problem and that's boring as fuck...
I can't tell if my intense mood swings, and depression especially, are cause by thoughts, a chemical balance, or both.

I don't trust doctors and healthy living doesn't seem to be changing much.

What do?
I'm back
It shouldnt fuck you up longterm.
You should try to talk to her more then give it a shot at asking her out. If she says yes, go for it. If she says no, move on.
You dont need problems in order to kill boredom.
Figure out what makes you unstable. Try to be social and get some hobbies. See a therapist.
Hi I'm >>16839954

but I think it's very hard to criticise him. One time I told him that the question sheet is rather wordy and students often not read it carefully enough (I know this because I marked their reports and give them feedback), and he said 'No, it's not too wordy, maybe you're just lazy'.

I mean they all have 1 week deadline and I have 2-3 hours deadline.

I've talked to my boyfriend about this and he said to tell about how rude he was to me, to someone above him (i.e. the head of department) but he would bully me even further if he found out I rat him out.
my gf said to me I am to nice to quit with me. we have some problems confused feelings and seems like we have not much in common, but it is the first time i am happy
I'm addicted to the internet, it messes with my sleep, studies, and how much I socialize. It gets worse when I have unfinished work to do on the computer so I stay up for the work but actually end up just getting distracted and spending time on random boards.
How do I go to sleep on time without giving into the internet
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