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Mental health facility
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Any advice for someone going in for Bipolar on emergency?

Things not to say? I just want to get better. Doing it without family knowledge. They don't care. They just get pissed at the idea I'm getting help. Not sure why it bothers them so much. Probably an embarrassment.

What should I pack in my small sack? A change of clothes? A book? I'm confused, alone, been in and out of facilities that haven't helped but theres an upscale non-profit one close to this place I moved to that is willing to take me in and actually help me. Its weird to have hope so my expectations are low.

Can provide background info if needed.
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Gonna take a train up to the location walk in and explain the situation. Can provide website of the actual thing too. Live right by the big apple.
No, good luck I hope it helps.

I wouldn't go though fuck that shit waste of time.

I've heard bipolar disorder can be cured by diet. big pharm just doesn't want you to know it!
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I wish I could help you but I tried my hardest to not be put in a psychiatric hospital either willingly or unwillingly the few times it was an option.
It sounds tired, but I sincerely hope they will help you feel better.
Have you tried calling them to ask ?
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I tried diet, regular exercise, losing weight, boxing, and within a few months I went back to the bad end. I'm willing to try an anti-psychotic. Maybe its all bull shit but I have to try.

Thanks anon, appreciate it. And no, this is a last minute thing.

The last time I felt like this I went on a drug binge and almost killed myself. So I wanted to stop myself before I did something stupid.
Pack some comfy clothes and footwear. Some reading materials (paperbacks, like sci fi, nothing macabre). Take any existing medication with you.

Tell them you are at serious risk,of harming yourself within the next 24 to 48 hours and you've been fighting this feeling for months. Now it's feeling unstoppable.
Bipolar definitely cannot be cured by diet, if not treated it gets worse over time. This is due to something called the ski tracks theory that once a path is made in the brain it is easier to go down again. Untreated bipolar has a reasonably high chance of progressing into scizophrenia.
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Got it, really appreciate it. The only decent paper back I have left (when we moved as a family to someone elses house, would be homeless without this family friend, parents made me throw a lot of stuff out including books, I'm 19 now)

Think a Navy Times History of Submarines Book is alright? Maybe I have something else...

I've heard about this and it scares me. A lot. I already hear music and high pitched buzzing that isn't there. Its hard to explain but its like I'm in a haze and I do everything instinctively, like a mental fog, and I feel like I'm watching life happen, not living it.

Listen to the doctors and do not follow any advice from the Internet that disagrees with them.

It may take a while to get the right treatment plan, but every one that's wrong is one step in finding the right one.
Hello. Schizo Aff checking in. I did the whole voluntary hospitalization for an intense observation while I was being diagnosed. Just pack a change of clothes, a book, and perhaps a tooth brush. They will have games there, coloring supplies, things to keep you occupied if you so desire. Use the chance to talk with the other inpatients.i met some interesting people. This one girl wouldnt speak. She only made noises and sang.
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Alright, Ill try to be patient.

Bump, really appreciate the help so far.
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Thank you very much anon. My bad showering. Im walking in first thing in the morning.
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