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How to choose a major, bros?
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I'm currently in my second semester of university and I still haven't been able to pin down which major I'd like to pursue. I've found it a bit disheartening to do work and study for classes when I don't even know what exactly I'm working towards yet.

My interests are mainly in the humanities and learning languages, so I'd like to do something with that but I have absolutely no idea what direction to take that interest. Help me bros I don't want to disappoint my family any more ;_;
Why would anyone want to learn a language for fun? It's a waste of time and learning that language will probably be useless.
>Why would anyone want to learn a language for fun?
there you go retard
Drop out and learn carpentry
i mean, that's not an unreasonable suggestion, but i have no interest in carpentry anon
You have no interest in making 100k a year in a solid career that is safe against outsourcing and is in consistent demand, working with your hands crafting practical things and making women wet their panties?

They're modern-day astronauts.
Go to a campus job fair and see who's hiring and who's being hired. When you realize what a huge mistake it is to go into the humanities, you'll do one of three things:
1. Go into engineering
2. Go to trade school
3. Go to the military and use the GI bill to fund 4 years wasted at university.
Speaking as someone living in job-world, there's three things you need to do here:

(1) the only really important thing is: network.
(2) go look at potential careers you think you might like and actually figure out what the day-to-day work is, and what the industry job prospects are like
(3) accept that there is always going to be uncertainty in what you do; realize that you can change what you do later, and choose the best available path to you "right now".

Back to #1 though, since this is really the only thing you need to do in college besides graduate. "Networking" doesn't mean go suck up and that bullshit, it means go make a lot of friends and acquaintances. When you do #2, for example, find local people you can call around for, tell them you want to know about their job and ask them out for coffee. It's honestly a little bit like dating (except you're not trying to fuck). Make some sort of contact over social networking after, and then you can come back to them at some point in the future and they'll remember you/have some personal experience. But this is also done with all your friends and classmates and the girls you date and basically everyone you come into social contact with.

Education unfortunately doesn't get you shit anymore, so choosing your major isn't as big of a deal as you're thinking it is - especially if you're not doing something technical, like STEM. Man I wish I had gotten good at this a long time ago, it's really screwed my career over.
not really desu

i mean yeah, it sounds cool but i really just can't imagine myself doing that :S

i've been considering trying out STEM again - maybe just a class next semester to see if i can handle it. i have [spoiler]adhd[/spoiler] so honestly the course work intimidates me a lot just because i know i would probably not get any of it done without the help of lots of amphetamines.

i think a better alternative for me is to double major in international studies (my language and humanities fix) and a more technical major - maybe econ? idk. my dream is to be able to travel for work but i have no idea how to achieve that. i also want to spend time abroad after i graduate, possibly teaching in South Korea

also, i already go to school for free so 3. wouldn't really be necessary

thanks anon, i'll definitely remember this going forward - fortunately i go to a large school so i'll probably have lots of opportunity to do this.
>Waste of time
You're a waste of time
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>how to choose a major

Pick which one of the following best describes you.

>I want to have a hotshot career which people will respect through name alone.
Medicine, law, engineering.

>I want to have money to spend and time to spend it with.
Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC (construction trades etc.)

>I want to be self-employed
Do the above then get a contractor's license.

>I want to pursue my passion in life
3D graphics, computer science, music theory, business, serious art*, whatever you take also take math business and multiple foreign languages on the side. Your passions may vary, but take practical courses instead of feelgood opinion-based ones. I thought about it for 10+ years, and my passion in life is going to require me to run countless thousands of virtual machines.

*Art doesn't count as serious if your program does not include welding metallurgy and MacGyvering shit from the ground beneath you into work materials.
> econ
> technical
Oh boy. Just go to law school or something. If you're interested in travel, join the navy.
I'm graduating with a degree in linguistics and have a position lined up as a research analyst for a government consulting firm making pretty good money. I'm very, very happy with my life and my career prospects and I love my daily work.

In my opinion, people who say language learning or linguistics is worthless are not up to date on the field. It's a pretty in-demand major if you're working with pragmatic/semantic/syntax level data you're a native speaker in or phonetics/phonology and interested in tech/coding.
>one niche position promised to somebody's kid
>disproves the rule

Not all of us have the luxury of getting nepotized into cushy jobs after picking fluff majors.
but how many people with a linguistics degree do you think will have the opportunity to get a position like that?

i find linguistics fascinating but it just seems like feast or famine as far as landing a decent job goes
Who is this carpentry dude? I see him on every post concerning education.
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