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Lifelong beta.
How do I go alpha?
I've been exercising, lifting, I'm 6-10. I somehow feel I need to get in a brawl or something. Always been a pussy at that.
Money is ... meh...job is ... super meh but pays the bills.
Any alphas out there care to give advice? Or better yet, those who transitioned from beta to alpha?
You cant
What if I told you...the real alphas dont even know what the fuck this whole made up shit is.
Hahahah lifting wont do shit. Go fucking fight a bear or somthing
like go to the forest for 10 days and if you come back alive then u an alpha nigga


This video helped me realize some things.

Hopefully it will have the same effect on you.
You need to totally remove yourself from your comfort zone (and your parents).

I suggest you travel for a while and see where life takes you. You only gain confidence from having life test you and coming out on top.
mama always said life is like a box o chocolates
He's going on some broscience shit about wavelengths.

Alpha and beta has nothing to do with the fucking frequency of wavelengths.
Man this is stupid though, this whole alpha / beta shit is for chumps.

You are just hearing what you want to hear and ignoring everything else hes saying.

Just because hes using those words, that doesnt mean hes not right.

Open up for a second and stop being that ''Clever Deaf Guy'' that goes around saying ''No I know everything about that therefore I ignore it.'' ''That thing over there, no point on listening to it, I probably know everything theres to know about it''.
This, god. There is no special alpha/beta divide between people. That isn't even true for wolves, for fuck's sake.

Why can't y'all just accept that people are more complicated than this and can't be fit into two distinct categories?
Confidence. Thats literally it.
don't bitch m8
That's the number one thing. To be alpha is to be above. Be above of your feelings and your peers fgt.

In other words, and I want to add to this since you probably didnt even watched the full video.

Alpha is not about being Big and Loud like people tend to think. But, in his philosophy (choose to believe it or not), about being tender agressive or passive agressive. In other words, a man that has embraced his feminine part and, also, exceeds emanates confidence and trust in his instincts, in what his body is feeling, and puts them over his brain.
Fuck off cuck
What Chad or Normie grill is going to think that through
Normal people aren't going to have substance like that
are you waiting for an applause for linking us to this shit

Jesus. Dont know what type of person you are, but this is just sad.

Its a thread about discussing the Beta Alpha topics. Hence such information is welcome for OP and for anybody.

Now please stop, this is just embarassing.
He's obviously wanting to fit in with normal people and normal people that are alphas tend to be >big and loud
Fuck dude your aren't helping
It boils down to fitting in with society
All that shit with the video isn't going to register with others
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You, clearly, again, are missing the point entirely.

Now, after reading your post I think two things.

1. Its bait and I am biting it. In which case you can proceed to masturbate yourself and say that you won.

2. I am not going to go as far to call you dumb, because you probably arent. Instead, I'll just call you an idiot, for not being capable of understanding a word of whats being presented. And only being able to take the most superficial things out of it.

Good night anon.
Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back
You know the author of Fight Club is gay right? It cracks me up when people people refer to it when talking about manliness or whatever.
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Heres your reply, good sir.

I hope I wasn't that hard with you.

Hey, I hate faggots as much as the next guy.

But how can being a homo completely deny your masculinity?
You hate faggots?
Be more accepting. I've sucked three nigger ducks just to show them that I'm sorry about slavery
OP here. I always thought it was made up. But experience tells me, there's truth in the divide.
Sure, people go "alpha" in different ways.
Just want to find one. Man, that movie resonated so hard in me. Get in a fucking fist fight! That rings so true.

Yeah, you and everybody else that watched it.

Yet not only you sound dumb as fuck, you also dont have any idea of what you are talking about.

How about you start focusing on reading a book, maybe picking a trade, hell, maybe getting better a school, instead of focusing on wanting to impress people that will never give a fuck about you?
Tertiary education. Engineer. Big deal where I live.
Yeah, I know I sound shallow as hell, but I have went full circle. Alpha-Beta is real.
Imagine an alpha male that's mute. Or has tourettes, or scoots around in a wheelchair.

Why is that more difficult? Yet those people can share the same, if not better traits, than regular people you deem as alpha. Mute Chad can get just as much puss as normal Chad for instance. Thus it's not biological, and is related to a series of societal traits. Thus the associative concept "more alpha" works - one can improve their "alpha" traits. Yet you had difficulty creating alpha traits on mute Chad - aside from physique probably. Assuming a comparison, what you're left with is saying "regular chad is more alpha than mute chad because he can talk, or because he is not flawed, but mostly because I have a better image in my head of what an alpha should be". You're then left with the answer - it's all in your head. Go take creatine and stop applying alpha/beta mentality to humans, we are not fucking wolves.
>buying into the alpha beta bullshit

Just be yourself senpai
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