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GF's dad is delusional
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My girlfriend's dad has gotten progressively more unstable.
>first get with GF at summer before Junior Year
>he seems like a cool dude that's into milsurp
>we immediately get along, talk about government shit
>talks to me about 9/11 being an inside job
>provides a decent amount of evidence to support his claims
>I decide it's plausible
>started delving into more crazy shit
>says that not only aliens are present in the universe(statistically true), but that they've made contact with Earth (Implausible)
>starts talking about how United States will enter massive depression in the very next week
>claims to have 125k of silver/gold stores up, only has 23k income
>believed jade helm
>believes wifi causes cancer

He's one of the nicest guys that I've met, but he's very controlling of his daughter.
>gf deciding on what college she wants to go to
>her dad makes up scenario of a Russian Military man following him in a Goodwill to harass him because he knows "secrets"
>said military man was apparently seen at multiple places that are hours away
>tried to convince gf that the college is unsafe because of military base 30 miles away.
Shit like that.
What the fuck do I do? He showed the two of us a few videos of visual signal loss on news stations, causing distortion, and claimed that those people were reptilian shape-shifters. He owns lots of weaponry, and I don't believe that he means any harm, but this is getting scary.
I think you should go ask advice from a psychiatrist instead of /adv/.
I am 18 years old and still in highschool. I cannot afford a psychiatrist.

This girl is currently in college and we're promised to each other. I don't want to sever my relation with her by suggesting such a thing. She doesn't believe nearly all of what he does. She's a very smart girl in STEM, but she doesn't seem to be as concerned about the situation as she should be.

Please help me, guys. I'm afraid that it might get out of hand.
If things go any further with her, you realize you're gonna be dealing with him for forever unless he passes, right? You need to have a long discussion with her about it. If she brushes it off he's just going to emotionally drain you like a parasite for however long your together, and he'd do the same to any more bfs she'd have. Remember when your in a relationship with someone your in a relationship with the rest of their family too
Your parents can't possibly help you find and/or pay for one? You don't have health insurance?

>mental health is pretty important
I doubt that my parents would help fund something like that. We are low on spare money currently, anyway.

He seems to keep his shit together around my parents. He's only been tin foiley on two occasions, and it was like a switch. My father was ordering beef through one of her dad's friends, and out of nowhere, he starts talking about the New World Order and how they're trying to poison people through food to reduce the global population to 2 million. I think they brushed it off or something, they don't really treat him as how he should be, though. I assume they think he was drunk.
reptillians aren't real.
your gf's dad is harmless and maybe he saw some guy from the fbi that freaked him out. why the fuck not?
DON'T completely disregard what he thinks is reality. it's ok to find a hole in his theories but dont confuse him. don't treat him as beneath you.
It depends on how dependent your gf is on him for money and shit. If she doesn't need anything from him, then just ignore him. Ignoring crazy people really is the best option since you can't convince them they're crazy.
He either blatantly lied to her in an effort to make her choose a different college (benefiting him) or he's a paranoid schizophrenic. She worked hard to afford college because of her background, and she was able to attend free because of her scholarships and grants. He was willing to let her sacrifice an opportunity that could have made the difference of 20k/yr just he he could be one hour closer.

He also legitimately believes that alien lizards have taken over the ruling members of the world's hierarchy, and we aren't aware because they have a cloaking device force field.

He's crazy, dude.

She's very close to him. She said that he only started being like this around two tears ago. Him and his wife don't have many friends, and those that they do have either think they're crazy or are even worse. Financially, he isn't required, but it's more so a desire. I am very good friends with him, and we want him to be part of our lives, but I'm very afraid that he's losing his sanity.

liserd are real
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