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Is there any possible way to re-attract a woman?
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Is it possible to create attraction to a girl that only saw you as a friend?

>met her at a gym
>went on a few dates with her but never made a move because she had a boyfriend
>is more of the intellectual type, was able to keep up the conversation but always a bit uncertain
>breaks up with bf
>made the mistake to talk about it and she even cried in my arms
>few other dates and finally make a move
>gently rejects me
>ask her over text if she wants to get to know more about me and if not, what am I to her
>Basically she says "I am a 2nd degree friend, can't open up on other plans with you, sorry you have mislead you"
>Say it's ok and don't want to ruin the friendship
>continue texting her a month later but nothing serious

>ghosted her for 3months
>out of nowhere, she wishes me happy new year and I look handsome in my new pictures
>reply with happy new year to you too
>starts to like more and more of my pictures
>contact her via texting, was really receptive and answered me within minutes
>ask her out but said she has to go to a yoga resort

>a week later
>send her a picture via text message
>finds it funny
>ask her if she wants to do some crossfit (she always wanted to)
>"Maybe another day not right now"
>She ask how am I doing
>This is where I sperged out
>I told her it's boring to communicate via text message and how about we go out for a coffee and catch up?
>didn't answer yet (been a week since I sent the message)
Forget her
But I did forget about her. Read a lot about the Red Pill (which contrary to what people may think, it does explain most of her behavior and women in GENERAL) and watched a lot of Coach Corey Wayne videos and I thought I understood everything. Why would she just come back in my life and avoid seeing me in person? Did she want just attention? Is she just friendly?
Well i think she didn't have/lost respect for you, you we were scared to make a move and stuck around her when she had a bf. You let her get away with too much.

what you could do is keep ignoring her, ignore her until she asks you out on a date. May not be very likely but if she does, say, "i guess i'll go on a date with you, i have nothing better to do.". Generally, seem disinterested, it'll take a shot at her ego and will keep her trying to get your attention. If she tries to have sex with you, be like, "since we're here i guess so." . Getting her back interested in you for the long term likely has a small chance but the key is to make her chase you. Man, talk mad shit to her man, seem super disinterested if she ask you for a date, " i hope you don't bore me to death, i'm bored enough as is, if you do i'll leave.".

Just don't give a fuck and you may get her back. Date other girls in the meanwhile.
You fucked up anon
You can't just be that pushy with her. You should've stuck with being friends
She was obviously thinking about trying to talk to you and maybe have it lead into something other than friendship
>like more pictures
That was the time for you to just like hers back, and wait for her to ask you to do something. You fucked up m8
I do date other girls but no one compares to her since she is older (27) and all the other girls are way too childish/easy. The real problem is that my texting game is HORRIBLE. I am way better face to face but I am unable to create attraction via texting! How the fuck do I make her chase me? Like, I try to be funny (nothing desperate, just some witty comments and stuff like that) and she is generally receptive. I rarely give her the option because it is important to lead. I got my shit together, I am decently attractive, great body but not huge chad-like.

So the answer is be more of an asshole? I have already been cold towards her, answering her texts days later, short text messages and but to no avail.
She NEVER posts anything on facebook. I can't like her stuff if she almost never post anything. Maybe in went in a bit too fast bu isn't that the purpose of dating? That text messaging is pointless if there is no goal? That's why I often keep the messages short and set up a date
Last bump. Any way to salvage what's left of the relationship?
Look man if, I learned the hard way that asking someone out via text is a huge turn off for most women. Especially if they say no or make an excuse the first time. My recommendation would be to just stick with being friends or make her a side hoe. If you can't even chat in person then there is no point on asking for a relationship. Just move on.
Texting is hard to do since you can't really read each other's emotions. I know from experience. Had an ldr for 2 years and it was very hard to make choices. I've gotten a feel for them now but it's still Hella difficult. Just wait for her to text you. Don't be clingy, don't always start the text, and sound interested in this that you think she is interested in.

I'm in my first actual relationship that is not ldr. And desu I feel stupid for starting text conversations first in the past. I only start them when I really have too. The girl I'm with is like me, doesn't really text people much, but there is something I'm trying to fight. When I start texting someone, or talking with soneone, I talk ALOT. It's nice but annoying. I've learned to control myself, Infact it helped me to take control of not only myself but conversations. I even waited a few days for her to text me. It's not that I want to stop texting, is just that it's clingy to always start one.

Anyway just make her wait for you, but to a point where she starts texting you. Infact take turns, when you start, don't start again the next day.
Well how do you want me to contact her? I never dare to phone call because it seems very pushy and especially for her because she is an autistic introverted anxiety woman. I have always asked her on a date before. I'd like to keep her as a friend but can't fucking talk to her

You waited a few days? I thought waiting weeks or months was considered normal. This is how it usually was with her. Before she texted me once a month with a simple "What's up" and that's it. I currently text a few girls and they literally text me every few hours it's so fucking annoying to reassure their feelingz when I don't give a shit
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