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How handle autistic uncle?
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Basically I'm in college this year and have to stay at my grannies or else it's a 2 hour bus ride.
My uncle also lives here and has his entire life basically. In short he's autistic in every spectrum of life. ie;
I have to buy a jug of milk once a week as a peace offering,
Live by 'rules' that suit him so I can't have the heating on in the evening but he can.
I can't have showers or make any noise after 9pm yet he can empty the garbage and Rev his car at midnight and when I pick him up on it theres completely nothing wrong with it.
He's a bible nut and doesn't work, the only friends he has are church nuts.

So in essence, should I : (a) just play along and just say yep and just be agreeable even though it's painful on the inside to follow his autistic ways.
(B) be agreeable for the most part but make slight challenges along the way.
Or (C) go all out and call him a fat autistic sloth who lives with his mom.

Thanks /adv/
whos the grill in your pic. she's like an attractive version of kelly c
I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine. Advice for name my friend
Also I don't pay any rent because my granny doesn't mind me staying as in self sufficient and nice.
However sometimes an aunt or other uncle brings it up not directly but says it to either my granny or autistic uncle. My autistic uncle also brings it up occasionally,
So should I just brush it off and keep letting it slide. Or go the full way and ask why he doesn't pay rent as most men his age have a house and job while he's been living at his moms forever. Would it pay off and shit them up completely or cause a big fuss? Thanks guys
i was jk i dont actually care. well i dont care for my uncles so i dont talk to them period. but since youre living with them its different. youre in college yes? you could spend as much time as possible there and basically try to be at grammys when you need to shower/sleep/eat? whats the bills situation? if youre paying you should have say things like shower times and hvac. if youre freeloading you might just have to be stuck with it.

whatever you do, dont do C) because its a sure way to fuck up your situation, he was there first and isnt even contributing, shows who gam gam fucks with more

a) is a bit humiliating so i wouldnt do that and b) sounds more practical as long as you dont fuck up anything major, like all other relationships, as long as things go smoothly you gain more privileges as time goes on. but id defer to my advice above
well if he's calling your out on standards he isnt making himself thats fucked. id just bring this up to gam gam in the same way a roommate would talk to another roommate thats irritating you. tell gam gam what he's doing and say that it pisses you off and you dont want to, but if you have to youll call me him out on it and it potentially lead to drama. she should pass the hint or flat out tell you to put up with it or whatever
>live for free at someone's house
>complain when you can't do what you want whenever you want

Her name is AJStotheMAX on snapchat anyway. If you google that her name should come up lol.
And yeh I think you're right. I was leaning towards just living with it and making small challenges along the way but nothing too big.
My gam gam's short term memory is kinda not there lol so saying anything to her about it wouldn't work.
Thanks anyway. I was floating on the idea of C but I guess you're right.
actually he loves there too and only contributes by getting the groceries. And as I said I'm fully self sufficient so I don't do whatever I want. It's well known he can be unreasonable
Sounds like he's more on the high end of the autism spectrum. I'm a developmentally disabled work...person, I basically cook clean and drive around a bunch of retards living together in a house.

The advice I have to make them stop having behaviors besides using mandt, is to ignore them. Autistic people, truly autistic, not aspergers which while technically autistic I feel is an entirely different beast, never develop past a fairly young age, and as such tricks on kids work on them. The best known one is, ignore them. Don't even acknowledge their existence. They'll eventually try to pull your hair, ignore that too and they'll get so upset and scared that you're mad at them, that it will hit them that they need to stop. That usually only lasts a day though.

I would say talk to your grant her about your uncle. Find out what's wrong with him and why he does what he does

Or just move the fuck out.
Her memory is kinda stuffed so something like that wouldn't stick in her head. But I could mention but doubt it would get me far. Worth an attempt anyway
Hahha loved reading that. I think he's more assburgers than autistic but that attention idea is brilliant. He constantly comes in to whatever room on in whether in studying or listening to the tv he starts a convo and I can imagine how annoyed he would be without any reactions. I'll give it a go my friend !
Enjoy the job btw
>I'm fully self sufficient
great get you own place , fuck living with annoying people. but free rent is great, buy a electric heater for you room and deal with it. so i vote A
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