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>34 year old virgin
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>34 year old virgin
>Family getting hostile with me because I don't want to get married
>Treat me like a piece of shit
>Every time it's brought up things immediately devolve into an argument and insulting me for not having kids
Why is it so important to them? Why can't they just be happy that I'm happy? All this pressure man. Any other wizards have to deal with this?
They are trying to help you, in their own way.
Almost 31 here. Be water my friend.

the thing about arguments is that it takes two people. as in, them vs. you.

assuming you dont live wiht them its as simple as this
>make dinner for them
>tell them you are not getting married, you dont want kids, and thats the way it is
>it is not your job to have kids for them
>tell them taht anytime they bring up this issue or try to argue, you will simply leave
>stick with this
>dont engage
>dont answer
>dont respond
>simply say 'love you guys, gotta go, bye'
You're a reminder of their failures.
Get a pet like a dog or a fox.
You can'take them be happy for you. But you can learn to not engage when they try to argue.
Are you really a wizard? How did you make that happen?

And go donate your sperm to a sperm bank, there are lots of lesbian couples who want children
Are you an only child? Much like how most people eventually have the desire for children, most people eventually have the desire for grandchildren. It's only natural and they can't help it, so try not to blame them so much.

not OP, but how is that going to help him in any way?
> finds the first girl who'll date him on OKCupid
> marries her even if he doesn't really like her that much
> has newborn son or daughter
> His parents have grandchildren
Opposite problem for me. I'm 32, I want kids badly, I have my shit together, but getting gf/wife seems impossible.

I used to be a wizard, and I only lost it because of a pity fuck. It sucked, but it's a start. OP stick to your guns. They will get over it eventually.
Unfortunately some parents believe it is their children's job to fulfill their desires and fantasies. The frustrated jock father who pushes his son into sports, the empty nest mother who is hungry for grandchildren, and the parent who wants to be bale to brag to friends about how rich and successful the kids are - are all driven by the same misconception that the children exist for them.

In your case I'd guess they want you to be more "normal" so they don't have to keep thinking about what they did "wrong" with you.

They're not going to change of their own accord. You have two choices - either let it run off your back and go your merry way, or give them an ultimatum - "If you talk about this any more \I will stop visiting you" - and stick to it until they back down.

They arnt trying to help HIM. They are trying to help THEMSELVES
>implying they are in need of sperms
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>tfw in gonna be in a similar predicament as you.

> 27
> grow up in a super conservative family.
> Grow up in a religious community where it was taboo to associate girls, so we were segregated.
> continues until about 21 until I eventually left for uni.
> full sperg until about 2 years until I relearned to socialise (with many cringe worthy moments along the way)
> accept that the whole gf and wife thing isn't really that big a deal. Spend time and money travelling and going on a fuck ton of surf trips.
>pretty happy with my life.

> pressure from parents on when Ill get a woman and have kids over Christmas with relatives.
> parents and relatives start setting me up and sending hints. (cringe stories available if interested)
> go with the "if it happens it happens" bullshit to buy me time, while they keep bringing up the topic or dropping hints more and more often.

I love it how they turned on a fucking dime on the subject when I turned 26. Yeah having a gf/wife has its pros, but I have absolutely no interest in having one.
You raised your son this way for the first 21 years of his life, he's learned to be very happy with it, now you want have a change of heart because no one else is gonna carry the family name? cmon...
I'm interested in cringe stories. Similar upbringing. I've also been set up.

> Become newly single after gf breaks up with me
> Mother's friend's cousin's friend has a daughter
> Mother asks what daughter is like, finds out she is indeed a woman AND single
> that seals the deal
> drives home wildly
> literally runs through the house screaming and crying with happiness
> shakes me and screams to me that she has found a new single girl
> I go on a date, and she's a literal 28 year old virgin
> no, there's a reason she's a virgin
> assbergers as fuck, 95% sure she's also bipolar or has some mental illness, or learning disability
> mother gets mad at me for not marrying this girl

come on, parents.
I also believe this girl was raised in a similar environment as me, ie, "NO SEX EVER! Unless you're 25, then HURRY UP AND GET MARRIED AND HAVE SEX AND HAVE BABIES!" She was incredibly spergy around men, refused to wear anything other than very baggy sweat pants and baggy jackets, so men wouldn't see her and get aroused. Refused to make her hair nice or even wear some makeup.

I wish our parents had pushed more normal relations with the opposite sex. We wouldn't be as weird and autistic as we are. It does both men and women a disservice.
>autist offspring

Yeah, that's what happens when you have prudish parents AND if you don't go out.

I know people with stricter parents that have turned out normal since they went out where they couldn't control them.
are you middle eastern or what
This kind of shit is the kind that you hear about in India or some 3rd world country, or migrants who want to stick with "traditional values" its almost barbaric.

> be invited for family dinner, usually me and parents with cousin or uncle/ aunt.
> Its parents and some young woman from my mother's work.
> entree begins and the direction of the conversation soon steers to the woman, what see does for fun, about her family etc.
> she's got a fair bit in common with me, and I would have mentioned it if my mother hasn't already and kept repeating it.
> both parents leave us together after the entree before they even ordered their mains, because of some emergency (excuse) and said to me that the bill's on them.
> awkward silence ensues while I'm left alone with this girl.

Im no spreg, this chick put effort into looking nice and actually attending this evening, I wasn't gonna be a rude fucker and leave this girl on some emotional whim, because I was pissed off for being put in this situation.

> continued as normal, ate dinner and continued our conversation, except a lot less awkward.
> spoke about travels, studies, work etc
> eventually ask her about what got her into this situation.
> she was honest and upfront and told me that my mother was always talking about me and travelling, she was interested in meeting me.
> admitted that the whole night from the get go was a bit awkward.
> tell her the truth of the matter about my parents trying to set me up.
> we have a laugh about it and all the awkward situations it got me into.
> end up having a great time.
> let her know over the next week that I wasn't really interested in a relationship. Disappointed but understanding.
> I introduced her to one of my good mates (which they eventually started seeing each other)

> tldr
> get set up
> wingman to my bro's

Every time they do this I usually go on an overseas trip until the heat dies down. It becomes a convenient excuse.

This is the 4th time they've done it, and the 4th time I had to deflect them. Its taking its toll, because I've already introduced two of my friends and they ended up in 6 and 13 month relationships (and going) which means I can't exactly get mates to go fishing/ surfing to trail riding on weekends.

>prudish parents AND if you don't go out

I got introduced to a girl from my parent's church who was a bit prudish, totally didn't relate. But convinced her to go hang-gliding with a friend, they connected heaps well.
they've been 13 months strong.
Now she's totally outgoing, and really adventurous, basically swapping church for a surfboard.
I still see her when she comes on surf trips, we usually hire a beach house head down the south coast on surf trips with like 10 other friends, just surfing, BBQ's, chilling to sweet tunes and movies.
> I go on a date, and she's a literal 28 year old virgin
> no, there's a reason she's a virgin
> assbergers as fuck, 95% sure she's also bipolar or has some mental illness, or learning disability

Never understood why wizard anons (and bitter anons) think having virgin gf would be a great idea. They'd just be autistic as them.

Like the majority of the time being a virgin that late usually means there's an underlying issue, both guys and gals.
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