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How to follow therapist's advice
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Best ways, I mean.

Things she told me to do:
>structure study time better as a motivator
>rewarding self for doing positive things, short-term and long
>being more aware of my emotions when feeling anxious
>having positive thoughts

Are you ready to advise??
Did you pay this therapist actual money?... I'm pretty sure I've read all of those on fortune cookies, or was it in my horoscope, I forget...
>How to do actions?

Are you literally telling us how to swallow the pill?

Fucking do it or don't.
Okay, lets go.

> If you keep a routine, studying gets easier and your mind gets concentrated on it. Raises your grade, keeps your mind occupied, avoiding bad thoughts.
How to? Buy a black board and find some hours to study trhough the week.

Reward yourself for positive things?
Thats behaviorism, and it works like hell... You do something good and reward yourself, so your body will say "HEY! If i do it, I'll be rewarded!" And suddenly, it's now a habit.
How to?
Buy yourself a tab of the chocolate you like, or a game you with to play, and make sure you only eat/play when you do something for someone in a selfless way.

Being more aware of emotions? Great advice. Knownledge of them is the first step to mastering them.
How to?
Whenever you feel a strong emotion, try to pin-point what triggered it. A thought? What someone said? Find it out and ask yourself "Why does this words/facts have such a pull on me?"

Having positive thoughts? Well... you know what thoughts actually could make a difference to you. I myself sometimes think I'm real lonely, so I came to the habit of remembering and thinking about times I didn't feel lonely.

This last advice is a combo with the third one, for you can pin-point a bad thought and change it to a good one. You can also reward yourself whenever you change the thought and is able to trust the new, positive one.
Don't talk shit about my therapist. She's really nice. Have you had any good experiences in therapy?

Idk. It's nice just talking to people sometimes, and I could probably benefit from your varied insights.

I mean what's the harm? Guess sometimes I forget everyone on 4chan is still in high school :(
Great advice desu
Hey I like you. But buy a blackboard? Wtf.

Everything else made sense. Are you high?
Ain't high. I have a white board I use to check my routine! Hahahahaha. Just an advice, anyway. At least I'm not a "DID YOU PAY HER" kind of loser.
>Don't talk shit about my therapist. She's really nice. Have you had any good experiences in therapy?
I know its a sham. They all tell you the same shit, but none of it works if you don't put in any effort. You already know all the advice she has told you and will ever tell you. The only difference is now you have guilt driving you. "She's so nice, I don't want to disappoint her. Never mind the fact that daddies insurance pays her 300$ an hour to act like she doesn't forget my name as soon as I walk out the door."
No you're pretty great :)

What do you use whiteboard for, exactly? Sometimes I think I just don't know how to be a good student.

Shut your fucking face you cynical loser. And don't post in my threads anymore.
And that's exactly why there are many theories, universities and books about human psycology:

Because psychologists need to know how to forget.

Seriously anom, if you ain't gonna help, politely close this thread.
Right now my board is like this:
I will meditate everyday/ I won't think low of myself

And below I have a calendar with my to-do list for the week, and below it a reminder of Dale Carnegie's advice for dealing with people.
Sheit, bea. No need to flip you shit. You know were you are, right? Ain't no one give a shit about your feelings on here. I am actually give you some real advice. You are wasting hours a week going to see this therapist just to hear stuff you already know.
Who's Dale Carnegie? I like all of that though. Don't think I want a whiteboard though because I hate my handwriting. It's easier to do things digitally anyway. But your ideas translate well to digital too. What kind of meditation are you into?

And I have more problems to talk about if anyone wants to give advice. Sometimes I get a profound sinking feeling in my chest for no reason. It's almost painful and kind of paralyzes me, literally and figuratively. What's up with that?
>implying the study of human psychology is only used to help people
Go talk to a car salesman. He may not have a masters in psychology, but he sure knows how to manipulate the human psyche to make money.
Bitch I will fucking cut you. Get your misplaced teenaged angst out of my thread.
Dale is an american guy who lived in the past century. He wrote a lot about interpersonal relationships and even started a company to teach people about it. You should seek his books, they are great!

I make many meditations, some of them were taught to me by my psychologist. But the one I do everyday I learned from Self Realization Fellowship. A fellowship created by an Yogui a long time ago, I receive monthly letters from them teaching spiritual things, meditation included.

About that feeling, I don't really know you enough to help out bro... All I can say is to count your breathe when it comes. Count slowly from 0 to the hiest number you can while inhaling, and then hold it in for a while, just to exhale it on the same time constrait, repeat.

It's a strong exercise for relaxation.
True, and I can manipulate human psyche to get sex. You did it to have some milk from mama too. But I'm pretty sure a PhD in psychology would make us both, and the car salesman, seem like kids if he practices it along with the theory.

OP, dont listen to those haters, we can only give what we have, they have shit talk and lack of faith in them, for all I know.
Seems like you might need a pharmacist not a therapist, bea. Whatever you win. I got no problem with the lottery being an idiot tax, I'll just add therapists to the list and move on.
Oh, yeah. I've done a lot of meditation in my time. Mostly vipassana and zen. Sometimes the meditation can get intense though. It seems to bring up a lot of old memories that is nearly forgotten about. And some are very painful. Lately I've been too scared to meditate. It's hard to face those things when they come up.

Life is weird I guess. Thanks for talking to me :)

Haters don't bother me none. Kinda wish this one would grow up a little but that's life I guess.

Don't call me bea and don't try to talk to me about pharms. You don't know what you're talking about, is what I've been trying to express to you. Accept it and move along.
Bea, shhh... It's okay, bea. I mean, I get it your crazy. You did admit to seeing a therapist. I ain't judging... much. No need for the hate.
I don't even know what a "bea" is supposed to be. You're not clever, and I'm not crazy. Therapy can be very helpful for a lot of people. It wouldn't be for you, because you would choose to not let it be helpful.

But I want to improve my life. Improve my self. And I have a pretty open mind about these things, thankfully.
Bea means "amazing woman," bea. I'm obviously using it sarcastically as I've never met you; and I doubt someone as high strung as you would qualify for the title.

And you are right snake oil has no effect on me, maybe I should try sugar pills. I mean, I've heard good things about them.

Unless you were diddled as a child therapy is useless; or rather, unless you are crazy. So which is it? Are you stupid enough to fall for the lie, or are you crazy?
I miss Pegasus. At least he was clever when playing the bad guy.
Bitch, this is what I mean. You came to this site knowing full well that it's a shit hole, and now your going to pout and act entitled to sympathy. Stop trying to control everything and relax. This shits is the reason no one likes you and you have to see a therapist.
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