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Need advice on the female psyche
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Need advice on the female psyche
>working at this one place
>going in doing my thing every day
>at the time I was trying to get to know one girl in marketing
>going for coffee with her and new girl who just started working there steps in elevator
>there's clearly a lightning bolt moment between me and this new girl
>quickly forget about the initial girl I had been having coffee with
>become friendly with new girl
>fall in love every aspect of her
>decide I have to do this and ask her out
>wild boyfriend appears
>feels ensue
>go on with life and just remain friendly at work with her
>after a little while get on with life and start dating someone else
>don't really mention I'm dating to anyone but family
>go to this party with a group of people who me and the work girl are mutually connected with
>work girl is there and waiting for me
>sees GF and it's instantly weird
>found out her BF had gone to a strip club and she was super pissed with him. she came alone.
>me and gf go do our thing and work girl does hers at the party
>find out work girl stayed with BF after that
>eventually break up with my GF for reasons unrelated
>meet up with work girl sometimes
>so many feels still
>work goes to shit and I move cities
>decide I just can't deal with my feelings for her still and all the other stuff going on in my life and tell her I'm heading out and that I just feel award continuing to be in contact with her because I like her.

to be continued
>1.5 years go by
>go to new city for kind of shitty job
>job doesn't work out in the end
>career is a no go because of oil price
>basically unemployed and no prospects
>go on facebook. keeps asking if I know work girl
>finally give in and contact her
>talk a bit and agree to meet up some time soon when I visit her city or she mine
>Yesterday had interview in her city
>meet up after for drinks and dinner
>she's single now
>we get to talking about our lives
>I tell her how fucked mine has been recently
>hers has been opposite
>we mesh so well while talking and its fun
>she wants to move to city C where I once lived
>I give advice
>She asks if I'd ever go back there
>I say if I could I probably would
>we go walk to my car after
>just talk about dreams and stuff we'd like to do
>she says how its nice to have someone to walk with on a nice evening
>ask if I can drive her home
>she says to just drop her at subway station
>feel bad
>even she's single now but doesn't even want me to drive her home
>just want to be near her
>feel like I'm busting at the seams with that feeling

to be continued
>drive her to subway station
>just feels so casual
>she does ask me to let her know I drove back to my city okay
>I tell her she doesn't need to worry about a guy like me who can take care of himself
>get home and text her though

I really want to say something to her about how I feel once again but I feel like I did that once and if anyone should be saying something it should be her now. I feel like the ball was left in her court. Maybe she just wants a guy who has their shit together. I just can't help how it is now for me though. I am in a very specialized field that is taking the biggest beating its had in 35 years. I just can feel how right we are together and I know from the little things she says she knows it on some level too. I mean what should I do? Do I tell her I, a guy with no job* (*I did get a shitty low paying one to pay bills actually), living in another city wants to be with her? Does she just want someone that'll offer security and the spark between us is secndary to her? Is it just that she isn't secure enough to say something? Or just doesn't want this? I mean like I said I felt the ball is in her court to say something about it this time. But I'm certain she reciprocates at least unconsciously. I'm not even that young but it feels the same as being in love with someone at 17. Like you feel like you're gonna die if you're not with them.
No more self hate. That's step one. WAAAA your job isn't going so well. I had my life on track too, my controlling parents went apeshit, I did something to spite them, and I paid the consequences for it. Then I graduated into the Recession. Then I had to live with them for two years to survive. Then I moved cities with a friend to try at a better life. Now I'm stuck in a job I hate that pays the bills, my friend did not have the guts and character that I originally thought, and I'm staring a life of meaningless work for a paycheck like fucking Fight Club while my controlling parents apologize profusely now that they realized how fucking hard they fucked me up in their quest to "protect me."

We are doing no one any good by hating. This is your life, shitty oil prices and all, and we have to fucking own it. So that's step 1.

Step 2 is to decide if you actually want to pursue this girl. It sounds to me like you know you're falling for her romantically but that you're holding back because of job, life shit, etc.

personally, love is worth it. If she doesn't love you even though the Saudis want to pump oil.... then she obviously isn't that great of a catch. But what will probably happen once you get off your emo self hate is that you'll pursue her as a man instead of an insecure boy and who knows what will happen then... possibly the best time of your life.
>If she doesn't love you even though the Saudis want to pump oil...
Autism detect.
What's up with that shit post?
>career is a no go because of oil price
Why is that happening?
>Saudi Arabia increased its exports of oil during October, shipping out more crude than it had in the previous four months, aggravating a supply glut that has severely depressed oil prices and revenues to oil producers.

SOOOOO Saudis pumping oil = drop in price =
>career is a no go because of oil price
>basically unemployed and no prospects

How does understanding geopolitical and economic events and how they relate to US job prospects demonstrate autism? If the girl doesn't love him because of his income, which is based almost entirely on events outside his control when we're talking oil, she's not a very good catch for him.
OP back. You speak the truth. I know I've had self esteem issues tied with my work or lack of it. But you're right. We are men, not emos and men get back in the saddle and find a way to get things on track. I'm gonna tell her how I've felt about her and either she'll have a reason for not wanting me or she will accept me. If she doesn't then I won't regret it because I at least lived up to my end of letting her know how I felt. The way she feels is her own feeling and I can't change how someone else feels.

>basically unemployed and no prospects
well to be honest that about sums it up. but honestly going through some adversity sometimes is a good thing. But the other poster was right that I can't just put my life on hold because things aren't going great right now. I guess if anything it will ensure I repel the materialistic bitches out there. And there are a fair few of them out this way.
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