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So i've realized that all my depression...
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So i've realized that all my depression and self loathing stems from being selfish and only thinking about myself "wah, she dumped me" "wahhh i didn't get this" "what I'm so X" "wah me". And I realized that In order to be truly happy I need to find something greater than me to work for and towards, some people have children, malcom X had a dream, so on and so forth. The problem with being depressed is you're very unpassionate, but the cure for my depression would be passion for something greater than me. How do I go about doing this?
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bump with the boognish.

congratulations. like 50% of the threads are me trying to explain this but they tend to devolve to the op just saying 'wah me'. but you managed to jump past that. now the healing begins.

many people are passionate about many things. so it stand sto reason that your passion can be searching for passion.

make a list of everything you think you wanna do. make a list of everything you wanna try. anything and everything. then of that list try what stands out most. like THIS weekend.

creative hobbies tend to be very fulfilling.

just doodling does not fulfil cuz there is no end game. you come home and you just scribble and maybe you make something good that day. but whats the point?

buit drawing a comic? sitting down and saying 'i got six issues planned and i need to release all of them on smackjeeves or deviant art or what have you'. it gives you an endgame. something to build towards. something to feel accomplished about when its done.

and if you like it a lot. you do it again. then if you dont like it, move on to something else.

its the difference between watching a movie, and filming one. reading a book and writing one. sitting in a chair and building one (lul carpentry).

try everything you want. it doesnt have to be a career. just something you look forward to doing. for me its filmmaking.

and remember, you dont have to be an expert. you just have to grow.
Thanks anon, I've been a musician for 15 years and it's grown old. I'm no longer passionate about it as I used to be so that really threw me off. Jokes aside was thinking of getting into building. I was searching for more of a dramatic live for die for kind of thing. But I guess in the real world (ie: not movies) it's not as romantic as that brave heart. Passion for finding a passion, i like that alot.

you might be tapped out musically. or maybe just need a break. or maybe its something you'll always love but you dont want it to be the main focus anymore. after 15 years you might have mastered it in a sense. time to master something else. but you'll always have music in the back of your mind. if you ever want to go back, its there.

>i like that a lot

its kind of my brothers philosophy more than mine. i was on a pretty direct path in life from about 4 years old, but my brother seemed to never really find his 'calling'. not because he doesnt love anything, but because he loves doing EVERYTHING, or at least everything thats active. if its fun, he wnats to do it. he never thought being a marine would do it for him, but they basically let him jump out of planes all day. he likes that.
I wanted to get into diy type things, but my problem was I always felt like it was an "escape past the time" sort of thing, not extremely meaningful. And I get what you're trying to say is find joy in learning and mastering new things. And I was looking for something big, but i'm assuming life doesn't work like that always.


what kind of big you are looking for? there are other options i just assumed creatively fulfilling is the route. but perhaps not. between children and 'i have a dream' there are many options. let me know what you have in mind. even if it sounds crazy or fanciful. just list it. lets talk it out.

>pass the time

they can be. what do you do with those things? i had a friend who wanted to basically create the best fucking home ever almost entirely on his own. taking your shitty bathroom and turning it into a kings bathroom can be very rewarding imo
>what kind of big
something for the greater good, helping people, having a family and living for them. helping mentally ill people

something that helps others and not me. Problem is I just don't feel passionate enough. maybe I should just pick something and do it and develop a passion hopefully

you can do a little bit of both. you might never be mother teresa but you can spend your weekends doing various volunteer works, or even signing up to go d more intensive volunteer work through help organizatiosn for longer periods of time.
Depressed people don't need to develop passion for something. They need to take action first, and let the passion develop later. Action is the most important thing, and how you feel about it should not factor in at all.

If you live in a city, there are always TONS of volunteer organizations. The one most recommended is volunteering at an animal shelter, but for someone like you (a 4chan user who probably lacks empathy for other humans) I'd recommend something that puts you in direct assistance to people, like homeless feeding or something.
thanks guys, I get it, it all comes down to the fact that talk is cheap. As a depressed person I can sit here forever fantasizing and pretending to gather my acorns. It might not be the fix right away im looking for but as long as i'm proactive I can't blame myself (is what i'm getting out of this)

Thanks alot anons
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