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Drug test for an interview
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So last week (Feb 5th) I went to a party/ got drunk and kinda got out of control. This girl let me have a hit of weed, and I believe I did it wrong since it was my first time. The girl even told me I did it wrong but I turned down doing another hit.

The next day my friend told me that the store she works at will be giving me an interview sometime next week or the week after.

A drug test will be given after the interview and I'm really worried.
My friends told me not to worry, but they don't have job or have to take drug test.

So, is there anyone who's dealt with a problem like this? What was your expirence like?

Also if you're wondering I'm 5"3ish and 120 pounds. My body type is skinny fat.
Weed stays in your fat. Can take up to a month to go away so...
Yeah, I read about that. People recommended I should exercise for it to come out and drink cranberry juice.
One hit of weed that he didn't even inhale correctly isn't going to stay in his fat cells for a month. If you smoke daily, or massive amounts at once, but I would be surprised if that was even detectable after a week.
OP just drink lots of water and it won't be a problem. I promise
There are always error bars in science, and drug tests only test for certain levels of significance. You've never smoked weed before, and didn't even do it well, so the chances of your urine having a statistically significant amount of THC is low. That is, your urine will go to the lab, say that the levels of THC are 0.001 < 0.05 required significance, and they'll report you're clean.

However if you're still paranoid, I have a strategy, and I have never failed a drug test while using it even while smoking often:

- Eat a lot. Since THC is stored in fat, you want your body to be in storing fat mode, not burning fat mode to prevent the THC from re-entering your system.

- Flush your urinary system. Lots of water, drink energy drinks, etc. If you've peed 3 times that day, and your body isn't burning fat, the amount of THC in your urine will be wayyyyyy less than if you had just walked into the drug test without preparation.

- Take a B vitamin to give your urine a bit of colour.

- When you actually pee for the test, get the midstream, not the beginning.

Do NOT exercise. If your body is storing THC in fat, you don't want it released. They're testing your urine, not your fat cells.
People have been talking about how different types of drug test can detect different levels of thc. But I'm applying for a grocery store.

And yeah, I didn't really cough as hard as I was suppose to when I smoked, I didn't even feel anything after smoking too, it had no effect on me, I think my eye turned red though.

Thank you anon.
Thank you for the tips! I'll follow them.

I've been drinking a ton of water, to the point where I have peed 3 times with in 2 hours or so. So hopefully that is helpful.

Where did you learn these tips?
They're not even going to test for "any thc at all"... They'll only test for a significant amount. I can guarantee that a grocery store job won't have an unbelievably low threshold amount. Also many drug tests don't even test for canaboids/thc
Thank you, that eases my mind a lot about this whole thing.
Potheads, partially, but I was also considering a chemistry major, took a few classes, and I kept contacts with friends from chemistry. I have a good handle on how labs work, even if I didn't work in a corporate lab environment. A drop of milk in a 300 gallon tank of water would be undetectable, which is basically what you're going for here. You didn't smoke much to begin with, so I'd say your baseline is already that one drop of milk in a 300 gallon tank, and you shouldn't worry... but it doesn't hurt to be a little cautious, either.

Btw, make sure you're peeing a few times on the day of the drug test. The 'drink lots of water and pee lots' thing matters mostly the day of the test, though the day or two before it doesn't hurt.
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Statistics show that in people who have only smoked weed once, or even a few times, thc only stays in the system for about 1-3 days. I would recommend buying a drug test if it really worries you that much, but you should be fine.
sauce: http://www.leafscience.com/2014/04/22/how-long-thc-stay-system/

Also, why the fuck would you want to work at a grocery store?
Damn. This is some excellent advice OP. Congrats. Do this.
OP I would put money on you passing this test without having to do anything at all. If I was in your position I would not be worried. It is true that THC stays around for a while, but one hit you didn't even do right? That's not going to fail a test even if you did it the next morning
I've worked in a grocery store for 2 years and been jobless since I moved away from home. Also this grocery store pays for college tuition!
Thank you for the link.
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