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Hi /adv/, I need help.

Me and this girl at my workplace have been making eyes at each other for 4 years, I haven't done anything to pursue . In this time I feel no obligation to ask her out due to my hobbies (anime, vidya), but at the same time I don't want to disappoint her. I feel torn in between my love of wasting time with vidya and the love who will waste my time.

I've had the same problem when I was younger; I chose my bros and vidya over some girl who I knew liked me. As I get older there's always that need to be with the opposite sex. But somehow the depressing yet comforting solitude outweighs the need for a woman.

What should I do /adv/?
Can any guys here explain how they manage their time well with their gfs?
what in the blue fuck?
you cant decide between videogames and pussy?
Gotta agree with that anon. How can you even consider putting pussy above vidya?

Stick to vidya - at least you know you can play these well.
I have no interest with women besides sex but at the same time this one girl has been eyeing me for four fucking years. I do not want to pursue the relationship, but at the same time I pity the girl for keeping interest for so long. I've even heard from some of my coworkers that she's into me which made me feel even more guilty.

I want to know if I should do the morally right thing and ask her out, or just stay happy by myself. I was wondering if there are old people on here to tell me if it's either worth it or not worth it and if they're happy with their life.
>morally right thing

How old are you, sixteen? There is no fucking right or wrong. If you are happy alone, there is no fucking reason to give that up for a girl who is so dumb as to never even tell you that she wants something from you.

>inb4 Hurr durr women don't do that often

Well, then women don't care enough! Not your fault. Stay the way you are if you desire that more.
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I guess I'm worrying about nothing. Thank you for replying, have a reaction image.
>tldr plus something about time managment and gfs?

first off you make it sound like she's obligated to compliment your life like a novelty when honestly she's just a co-worker not your gf. best to keep your eyes glued to the screen with anime and video games and keep it that way otherwise your just deluding yourself with fantasy because 4 yrs is alooooong time.

grilfriend time management suited to ops needs:

morning: fuck
noon: fuck
night: fuck
?: living breathing interactive fleshlight

Of all the sad fantasies of lonely guys the most tragic is the belief that looking at a girl constitutes a relationship.

She literally does not know you exist - or, if she is aware of you at all, it is as "that creepy guy who always stares at me".

Write 100 times, like Bart at the blackboard, TO MEET A GIRL YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY TALK TO HER.

Then go and talk to her. Say something sparkling, like "Hi".
I study, used to play vidya all day long and still had different girls every few months. Its not actually hard if youre not a faget. Then again, you talking about "making eyes" sounds pretty faggy, so better give up and keep playing.
>Uh, hi.
>Yeah, you just said that.
>... Hi?

What the fuck is with that misconception that a guy has to say something uber impressive at the first time talking to her? I sometimes would encounter girls while utterly wasted/ stoned and couldn't mumble anything beside "Oy, syadoin?" and still getting to plow them. Patience is the key. No one wants a dick everyone can have for free, you know. It's boring.
Thank you to all who have replied. I've found my solution, and it is to eliminate thoughts of women completely from my mind. I don't want to start a new thread so I ask :

Is there a way to stop thinking about women?

This will also eliminate my porn addiction and will let me be happier by stopping myself from comparing myself to others. But this might not even be possible since we're biologically programmed to always have urges toward the opposite sex.

I will rationalize the urges by deluding myself into thinking that if I really wanted to be with someone, I wouldn't have waited this long.
You could cut your balls off.
Thread replies: 13
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