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how can i accept my trans feelings? should I?
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how can i accept my trans feelings? should I?

>comfortable with genitalia
>had feelings since elementary
>out to everyone
>have gf
>go out dressing with her often
>posts on /soc/ frequently
>gets rated high often
>i enjoy the compliments but it's more or less to confirm that other people see me as f when in public
>similar to how I choose female accounts in chats
>not to trap or attract, just be comfortable.

another piece about me from another thread

>Identity crisis
>Have transgender feelings since 8
>become publicly out at 16 to my mom
>get things started at around 19 (present)
>mom keeps thinking it's a phase
>says she doesn't really see it in me
>it starts to get into my head
>well, maybe i don't see it either?
>i'd always liked girly things, played girl characters, drew women, etc.
>but on the outside or as most people know me I was rather masculine, a confident boy
>i didn't dislike being the confident boy
>wonder if this is just a phase..
>could it just be auto-whatchamacallit?
Now where did I see this post before..
I know, I rollercoaster about this a lot
Maybe I should just stop religiously posting for help, and just decide to do it.
If it's a phase, maybe I just need to go through it and maybe 19 is a good age to get it out of my system..
Did you ever consider that maybe you just do this to feel edgy? I was "gay" when I was 18 because I was edgy, had gay sex once, and then realized I was just being an edgy teen and was actually 90% straight.
Don't read it wrong.
I feel great in womens clothes it gives me gleeful energy but I'm still straight and want to look like a guy most of the time

What's the question, exactly? I would say you should avoid hormone therapy, surgery, or any "permanent" physical alterations, and just keep doing it as you have been. Don't freak out so much about how to label yourself, it really isn't important.

Don't let yourself get too brainwashed by the LGBT political types, you're not obligated to "come out" to everyone or get a sex change unless you really want to.
You can like girly things without being a girl.
When I was young, I loved boy stuff. Trucks, Pokemon, rough-housing, mud, and boy clothes(they were easier to play in). But I never once questioned my gender- I was a tomboy. A girl who liked boyish things. I was never confused, and I think being able to be proud of being a "tomboy" made it easier for me. I saw girls like Mulan and Kim possible on tv and I was comfortable being a girl who was boyish.

And to be honest, I did kind of grow out of it. I still like boyish stuff, but that's just a part of who I am so I don't really catagorize it as "boy likes" and "girl likes" anymore.

It seems to me like you're a boy who happens to like some stuff that is traditionally feminine. What I'm trying to say is that you don't have to change your gender to conform to the stereotypes of the gender binary.
Just be you. Don't label yourself as a "girl" or a "boy" if you don't want to. You are you. You have a penis. Those things aside, you can like whatever you want to like. Gender is a social construct. If you have a penis and you want to communicate clearly to others that you have a penis- dress like a boy for the most part.
If you don't really care, then dress however tf you want.

It's just a phase, there was this really pro trans feminist who shaved her head and wore black lipstick and stuff and posted a lot of rants on YouTube and stuff. She later got over it and went back to being a rearly gorgeous girl.

You're just fine as you are anon, don't feel like you have to mutilate your genitals or go on hormones or whatever in order to be comfortable with who you actually are. I'm a pretty feminine male myself and I'm even sexually submissive and straight, (not a cuck) there's nothing wrong with having those feelings in themselves.

Just remember, even if you got a sex change you didn't actually change your sex. Your chromosomes are still the same, and you'll just be only hurting yourself.

My advice? Just work through it. Being trans is a trend now, just like being gay was before it was legalized.

If you continue to have these thoughts or feelings, you may have gender dysphoria, a particular mental disorder that makes you feel like you were born as the wrong gender. It's self destructive and makes people feel suicidal or want to mutilate their bodies because they're not who they think they should be. I'd go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist and request that they help treat and calm down these feelings instead of reinforcing those bad voices telling you to mutilate your genitals via sex change surgery. Just because a doctor does it doesn't mean it's okay. It's like someone with perfectly operating limbs wanting them amputated because he identifies as a quadruple amputee, it's a slippery slope and it'll make you regret it.

Just remember that you ARE who you are supposed to be, you're in the right body and you're not supposed to be someone else besides you! =3 That includes your gender too.

If you change parts of who you are, you'll eventually lose who you were. Don't do something rash just to give yourself momentary happiness. Trust me, it's just a momentary thing. It won't give you purpose or fulfill you. You're just fine as you are.
It's not that I feel obligated to do anything, I came out to my friends, girlfriend and family out my own want. It was emotionally taxing yeah, but there were bigger priorities at the time.

I also feel as though it's to allow me to like feminine things, I use to be the only boy on a volleyball team back in 4th grade. It mostly has to do with outer image. I don't want to age like a man, I want breasts, hair I can grow out and style and actually look like a woman instead of a twink, or pretentious manbun. I want curves, and to be able to actually be proud of my legs and ass rather than embarrassed because that's not male aesthetic (cute booty with nice legs, not muscular).

I've always wanted something like this and have always thought of myself in future context as a woman. I just feel bored and unsatisfied living a male life. And I know gender binaries are social constructs, but I'd be kind open and OK with being trans (while being cautious of surroundings ofc). Maybe female with male genitalia is in support of social gender constructs then.
Most people are attracted to secondary features like tits, ass, scent, hair, etc. A vagina can only get you so far, and ugly cis women know this too.
If you like being a guy but dressing up, do drag shows. I went to some and they are HELLA fun. It's a part of you to show and still you are masculine after :)
>comfortable with genitalia

Then you are not trans.

Liking girly things has nothing to do with sex or gender. It's everyone else's problem if they take issue with whatever.
> I don't want to age like a man
What does this even mean?
Fuck off with these threads already, it's getting boring

>I want to have boobs, curves and long hair I can style

And I want a penis so I can pee while standing up. Get used to a thought that you are a man and no amount of surgeries, meds and dresses will ever turn you into a real woman; it looks like you do it only for attention anyway, or like the other anon said, to be edgy. The fact that you post about it on and on only adds to the impression.
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You realize that most women never really feel happy with their bodies? Do what you want, but you will never ever be satisfied with the way you look. While you may feel like you've progressed after changing your looks your happiness levels will always be as they are now. It's just downhill from 20 too.

I am the same but I have to accept that I'm not going become like pic related. Nor is my skinny GF. It's just more productive to focus on being cute/pretty/fashionable.
One thing that makes me feel better is practicing singing like a girl at karaoke booths. Then I feel more well-rounded gender wise.
kill yourself
>It's just more productive to focus on being cute/pretty/fashionable.

Or placing the locus of your identity not on what other people think? What am I missing?
Go to sleep Devlin, I came here to ask about my tranny problems and I can't do so if you're shitting up the board here too, senpai.That being said, I hope you're okay. Just love yourself, it doesn't matter if you're a tranny or a femboy. All that matters is self acceptance.
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Men and women age differently physically
Typically guy's will become more define, muscles larger, etc. etc.
Brush up on ya biology

see >>16789714

Responding to these would just be typing the same thing.
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>tfw you will never go back in time to grow up as the gender you felt
At a good age and passing. How I'll turn out isn't what I'm worried about, just the actual process. being right for me
>Most people are attracted to secondary features like tits, ass, scent, hair, etc. A vagina can only get you so far, and ugly cis women know this too.

Sorry, but as an older woman who's known all kinds of people from both/all genders, and seen a lot in my life, I can tell you that ugly cis women can get laid extremely easily. Having a vagina is pretty fucking important in that arena. Where do you think the whole "beer goggles" thing came from. Guys have sex wih ugly women all the fucking time, hell, women have sex with ugly women all the fucking time. Don't delude yourself.
If your thing is hooking up with black out drunk guys at the bar, I won't judge. There are guys who have also gone home with trannies because they've felt they were "drunk enough".

By "laid easily", you probably mean hit & quit, molestation, etc. Not to say personality isn't attractive but in appearance alone, you'll probably find yourself delusional. At least morally.
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