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If you give a guy a ride home and when you...
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If you give a guy a ride home and when you get there, he sits there's and talks to you for like an hour and a half (and we had been like at work all day and I know I was tired) does that mean he might like you?

Or he's just really talkative
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(There is no definite answer to your question, it could easily be either one or he's just friendly)
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Well on the way home too he king of invited me to drink with him whenever that next is and said "i actually almost asked if you wanted to come over and drink with us this last weekend but then I remember aww you had drill."

I've had a huge crush on him since around thanksgiving, I don't know how evident it is though... I said he could hit me up when it warms up too and I'll take him shooting.

Guess I could get to know him even better and decide if I really want to fuck this guy.
If I ask a girl to go for a drink and talk to her in her car for 1.5 hours then, yes, I'm probably interested in her. He will probably ask you out sometime if you imply you're interested as well.
I would think I may be implying it. I don't know though. For awhile in December I was extremely awkward around him but seemed to get over that.

I did send him a message just asking how his day was a little bit ago and he hasn't answered... but I dunno he could still be at work or busy. I'm not gonna freak out about it.

Part of me almost wants him to ignore me so I can make the crush go away... I'm a terrible girlfriend honestly and I'm scared of relationships, which is why I'm even asking most of these questions

What did he talk about? Why didn't he invite you in.. lmao grand autismo much? Don't tell me he talked about games or politics or something.

>I'm a terrible girlfriend honestly
Most guys are willing to deal with anything as long as it's not infidelity. If you are a cheater then yeah, do him a favour and stay out of his way.

>Being scared of relationships
What the fuck am I reading?

See this, OP? This is what autism is like.
Uh, yeah, pretty much whenever I end up talking to a girl for that long (unless she's a close friend who I've known for years and therefore firmly off-limits) it's because I have a major crush on her. He likes you.

> I'm a terrible girlfriend honestly
In what way?
>and I'm scared of relationships
Depends. Did you attempt to flirt with him. Were you throwing off signs of wanting him to fuck off. Did you seem interested in talking to him.
He may not be talkative, but just really enjoyed talking to you.
Well we were both in our work uniforms, he mentioned that his place was dirty and he had two cats and a chinchilla (he was referring to this I guess tho more to when I'd come over another day), but I don't know, it was like 11:30 and he had to work the next morning maybe.

The conversation kind of went all over the place, and he mostly was the one who talked. We bitched about people at work, he told me about his life before he moved here and stuff and why he moved here and other things that honestly seemed a little personal.

>why are you terrible

I mean I don't cheat. I'm just kind of... selfish maybe? I'm a big introvert and I can randomly just want to spend a lot of time alone. Or when I'm just in a bad mood I close off and can drift away and upset the guy. I just don't want to hurt him I guess he seems like a nice guy. I also keep remembering the ends of past relationships.

I don't really know if I flirted with him I'm pretty awkward, and that's another thing, fuck man he's cute and I'm not really. I have short hair and a little fat (i have lost 40 pounds though but i srill need to lose more) and I'm weird (I'm a fucking vegetarian for health reasons and he pokes fun at me for it but doesn't have a problem with it) I really tried to look interested cause I was, but I probably just came off as a giggly idiot.

not really; it might mean he used you as a person emotional tampon or that he felt talkative or was procrastinating

once I had to write 20 page essay so I stayed at my friends house and talked with his great grandma about knitting because I didn't want to go home and write this shit

It's not conclusive, hell he might have even done that to seem polite and pay you back for a ride by showing his interest and dedicating you his time

if you care about the guy ask him out that's the only way you'll know
>he is cute
>I'm an awkward fat butch

well then it's all explained.
Telling you about his pets and his life story.. Fucking terrible.. Also he lives in a mess? With a lot of animals? Talks about work OUTSIDE of work, and you still like that guy?

Based satan probably telling the truth.
>I'm a big introvert and I can randomly just want to spend a lot of time alone.
Cool, you just described my ideal relationship. You know you're not the only person in the world like that, right?
>I have short hair
So does my girlfriend. Cute as all fuck.
>a little fat
Whatever. It's just weight. I've totally fallen for somewhat overweight girls before, and I don't have a fat fetish or anything. It's just not the only factor.

I want to be clear, I'm not trying to flirt with you or flatter you; I'm very much taken. I'm just trying to inject a little realism into your worldview. From what you're telling me, it's not that you're particularly undesirable, it's that your self-esteem is in the gutter for some reason. And you haven't at all convinced me that that's where it belongs.

Cut the shit. Those aren't even particularly major flaws. I can promise you plenty of dudes would be happy to take you out on dates and jump your bones afterwards, and if this guy talked to you for an hour and a fucking half (not even at a cafe or anything, just sitting in the car with you) then that's fairly solid evidence that he's one of them.
maybe the bloke just wanna talk to someone
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I mean I've had worse.

Way worse. There's certain things that concern me about this guy yes but

Talking about work doesn't really bug me

You're kinda cool, those trivialities don't really sound like red flags indeed. At first I thought he talked about his coin collection or smth equally autistic.

Idk, do you think you could ask him out for coffee?
It might just be because of all the relationships I've ran into the ground.

I don't really do anything outside of work much too. I usually just go home and watch the same three shows on Netflix over and over. The job I have is a waitress gig so it's not like it's anything prestigious (we were at like a training thing to get like a promotion though that's why I gave him a ride home... he works on the line though)

Sure I'm in the Army reserve, I have been for 6 years and what have I done with it

I figure I don't bring anything to the plate in a relationship, although he doesn't really either and that doesn't seem to bug me, at least now
I mean the only thing that put me off was him talking about the small stint he did in jail, which I don't have a problem with itself. But he was telling me like details about it and shit that seemed personal.

The only reason it did anyway was because i was a CO for a little bit too, but I really wasn't mean enough for the job and hated it. It's weird that we can relate on that but we were in completely opposite positions.
OP you are boring and get your hopes way too high
Why ere you extremely awkward around him in December?

Also, ask him out youself, he's obviously interested.

Sharing personal stuff with you only means he trusts you.. Again, do you think you could ask him out? Do you think, given the time you two have known each other, and given all the opportunities he's had to ask you out, that he'd have done so if he liked you?
I dunno the crush was still new and shit mostly then.

Yeah but for all I know he has the same concerns as me. One being dating someone you work with lol

Y'all are treating it like you only get to pick your partner once, and they stay for life. So what if he's your coworker. Grownups should know how to 1) reject someone without holding their affection against them and without making a big deal out of it, or 2) break up with someone in a civil way without making a big deal out of it or letting it get in the way of their professional life
Aright, I think we're done here.

You know what to do! (If you are having trouble, here's a hint: read the advice on the whiteboard.) If it doesn't work out, well, isn't it nice that we invented this thing called "dating" that you get to do for a while before you decide if you want to be stuck with each other?

Best of luck. I like your odds.
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