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Why am I so bitter?
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I am a really bitter person /adv/. I am 27, never had a girlfriend, fucking bored with life.. see all my friends getting engaged and shit. I feel like I haven't even lived yet.

I am SUPER bitter about everything. Apparently I am a buzz kill too and a possible "grinch". I don't celebrate anything, not even birthdays(my own or anyone elses). I don't celebrate any holidays, I don't have any decorations on my walls. I wear plain clothes.

I just feel fucked up. My friends often wonder if anyone even lives in my apartment because I have nothing on the walls, no pictures, no ornaments etc.

I feel like shit. I feel like the world severely wounded me and wants to finish me off. However, I realize that is probably a negative thought but a part of me can't let it go.

I find it very hard to let things go.. especially when someone has emotionally.. maimed me. The only thing ever on my mind is vengeance but I never pursue these thoughts because I know being vengeful is probably not good.

Basically, I try to keep control of my mind but impulses and just general bitterness and vengefulness wear me out.

How can I improve my state of mind? Honestly, what is eating me is that it feels like I haven't lived. It feels like once someone turns 30, if they haven't done certain things.. you basically are dead at that point with no hope of improvement. I honestly feel like I will figuratively dead at 30.

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Have you tried anal?

Its illegal in michigan.
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It was only passed by the Senate. It still need to go through the House of Representatives. Which means I can come over there and help you out with your troubles. So, I'll ask again. Have you tried anal?

no fuck off! I need actually advice here you prick bastid!
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I see I've hit a nerve.

I am never talking to name fags again. Put a trip on so I can block yah.
Have you considered seeing a therapist? I mean, you're obviously unsatisfied with your life and seem to have some kind of problems adjusting to life after whatever happened to you, happened to you.


Obviously what you're doing for yourself right now isn't enough, so maybe it's time to find some outside help.

>yes I'm a namefag but at least I'm not a fucking idiot who thinks anal sex will magically make you happier
>Basically, I try to keep control of my mind but impulses and just general bitterness and vengefulness wear me out.
this is all I needed to read to see what the problem is.

You never follow your impulses, thus you are just existing instead of living.
That makes you feel like you don't experience anything, because you just exist through the days instead of living through them.
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OK, your responses
pretty much say all we need to know to make a preliminary diagnosis of you being kinda faggoty.
... and I say that with the best of intentions. You need to lighten up. A lot. You need to be able to take a little abuse here, first off because it's /adv, second because having a hissy fit is unmanly, and might explain your foreveraloneness. Most of the dingleberries here are in your shoes, anon. You're freaking out because you're being goofed on by your peers, which is about as meaningful as having a bunch of retards try to solve a Rubik's cube.
So knock that shit off. I'm assuming you didn't have a strong relationship with your father or a strong male role model as a kid. Shame.

Look, the solution to most problems in your 20's is to work harder, invest in yourself as a person and grow, build the life you want to be living the next 60 years.
Most of you 20-something fags don't have your shit together. That's fucked up, but unfortunately, you've got company. This is probably a good time for you to figure out why you're missing out in life- if you're working towards goals, and missing out because you're busy, that's actually a good thing right now. Otherwise, no, it's not good, and you need to get your shit together a little more.

If you want to change, then do it, and shut up while you're doing it. You're looking to us for answers, and, man, you've got to figure out at some point that YOU need to seek the answers- being given them doesn't help- the journey IS the mission, not the destination, if you want to get all philosophical.

Now, I get shit sometimes for not being sympathetic, but you're 27. A little too much sympathy probably contributed to you being miserable. Life hasn't even begun to fuck you yet, and until you learn how to put your head down and bull ahead regardless of the struggle, you're going to have a hard time.

I missed out on a lot of shit in my 20's too. You'll be fine.
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>projecting your failures this hard onto me
top kek
Weren't you that namefag that was shitting up /o/?
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Nah, man. I'm married with 2 kids. I'm a ship's captain. 3rd mate lives in the town we're visiting, so I'm standing his watch, goofing off, giving him time to get drunk and laid.
I wrote what I did because it's a shame you're getting left behind. I had a father who prevented me from doing what you're doing early on, and too many of my friends didn't have that, and ended up as unhappy men.
But you go ahead and reject anything I said if you like, and good luck to you.
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>being this emotionally invested in shitposting
Why don't you shit on a boring bored like /po/
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Good point- I didn't notice you're not OP right away. Congrats on shitposting, though. And for being a massive faggot, of course, too.
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>sucking cocks is a bad thing
Are your friends actually your friends? Or are they more like long-term acquaintances?
I'm sure it was not your intention, but you just basically adviced OP to go on rampage when someone treats him bad, in order to live his life to the fullest
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