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I need help /adv/. I am at my wits end with women. I have no idea what I am doing and I am 25. Never had a girlfriend. Anyway, I was going to attempt to ask this cashier out at a store I go to often. However, I have no idea how to approach it.

I was just going to be honest with her and say
"Hey, I know this sounds out of place but I want to get to know you better but I don't really know how to do it." Basically, I was just going to try FULL BLOWN HONESTY. Because its the truth. I want to get to know her but I have no fucking idea how!

So what I need from you /adv/.. Retard check me, is this a full blown retard idea? I am not the smoothest male out there and often don't realize if something in this situation is full retard or not.

Any advice? I just don't want to look dumb. I really would like to just.. get to talk to her more. I even know her name(via name tag she wears at work.)

Is it even appropriate to talk to cashiers like this?
I don't think that's a good idea. Instead, I would try to just talk to people about nothing. This isn't a joke - start conversations with people all day. You have to learn how to talk to people.

It'll feel strange at first until you learn the ropes of what works and what doesn't. After you practice, you will be able to start conversations pretty much at will with most people. THEN you talk to the cashier lady.

But the issue is that talking to cashiers or people on the job.. you gotta be quick. You can't just stand there and chat away. right?
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Full blown retard. Find a reason to go in regularly and always make small talk during checkout. Joke around, laugh etc. Buy something small daily, gum, soda, whatever and play it like this is a quick stop on the way home or to work. If she mentions it looks good, get her one too, play it off like it's no big deal when she thanks you.

After a month or two (when she recognizes you on sight) ask her name (I know it's on the nametag, it's important that she give it to you like a person instead of an employee), then ask if she'd like to get a cup of coffee after work.

Don't ever confess your feelings off the bat, that's an auto red flag.
>You can't just stand there and chat away. right?
Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't - it all depends on the situation and fate.

Which is why practice beforehand is important. You wouldn't run a race without practicing. You wouldn't take a test without studying. So why try to have an important conversation without practicing?

As far as being quick... how do you think people get quick? Practice.

have you talked at all before? cuz its really weird to just ask someone out immediately after seeing only what they look like and some 'hi's.

if htere is some specific interest you know, play on that. i met a guy who sales cheese at the store. we talked cheese but i als osaw he had pokemon stuff lying around. so i asked him about pokemon. he was geeky enough to know what a tyranitar was, and tall enough to be one.

so i left him my card after buying some amazing pepperjack and said 'if you ever want to talk pokemon, or any other pretense to ahng out, give me a call'.

now this DIDNT work, he wasn't interested i guess. but it was an easy way to connect with someone on something they like and then throw out the possibility.

there is no guarantee regardless, but going in with something like that helps. if need be, stop by a few times and ask her how shes doing, what shes up to, and then at another visit, ask her how that thing went. like

>hey whats up hows it going? about to head home and relax all weekend, what are you up to
>oh hey anon, im just going to go see that new fifty shades of grey movie this weekend
fast forward to monday
>go shopping again
>see her
>'oh hey anonnete, how was that softcore porno?'
>oh hey, anon, right? it was great, i lady jizzed everywhere
>'i know what you mean, i love jizz. we should jizz together sometime'
>'yeah i have this bucket i just collect it all in. maybe this weekend you come over and we drink from it?
>'sure that sounds really awesome'.

replace jizz wiht the realistic activity in a public setting.

I have talked with her briefly. But honestly, our interactions are so short that I don't know how to lengthen them. I go up to her register, say "Hey Anna, how are you?" She says "I am fine" and then scans my stuff and I say bye and leave.

What can even be done? I feel like I have no sway in the situation.

like i said

>hey anna hows it going
>oh hey anon im fine?

then instead of awkward silence
>looking forawrd to the weekend?

gague her reaction. if she just says 'yeah' or 'nah im working' press further. 'no fun plans?'. if absolutely nothing say. 'thats a bummer, im doing XX or YY this weekend' if she takes interest in that or anything push further. than another itme ask her to join you for XX or YY.

I will try this.. except, its not very close to the weekend so I have to think of something else. I honestly just wish I could stalk her facebook a bit. Just to know more about her. I don't know her last name though. also, stalking facebooks makes me seem unstable.

NVM! found her... This is the beginning of the end BOYS.. TAHGET ACQUIRED! The edge I need.

lol good luck
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I am actually hella salty right now. Christ.. I start all these preparations and the fucking goal is dead before it even began.

lel sorry bro. maybe a good reason not to get invested in people you know litearlly nothign about
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