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I need advice on how to best talk to this girl.
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Two Fridays ago I hooked up with this girl at a party, went to her place. Had a good time. We exchanged numbers, she kept saying how she wants me to come back the next day, etc.
Hit her up the following day, chat a bit. She said she would invite me, but is still hung over. I was kinda under the weather too, so ok.
Talk more on Sunday, she suggested that we could take a tour of a local beer brewery. I said lets do so next Saturday, she said she cant because she is going to a wedding.
So we talked about that, her buying a dress, yada, yada.

On Tuesday I hit her up saying we should see each other soon, she agreed, but no specific date was set. She said she would let me know. Flirted, and chatted about other things. Where she works, what she does, etc.
Heard nothing, so I hit her up on Friday, chatted some, asked what she was up to tonight, She responded that she is having a friend over. I said that we should hang soon, and she never responded back.

Earlier in the week we talked about her new dress, and send me some naughty pics (her words) and she hinted on getting together soon.
But I've heard nothing. Ever since I texted her my last comment, I got no reply.

At this point I feel if I text her on anything I'm gonna sound desperate, or clingy. She did say she will get back to me on hanging out, but has not yet. Next weekend is Valentines day, I was really hoping that we got together before that, and make some plans for Vday.

I need advice as to best contact her. Should I call her at all? Its hard getting a feel for a person via text. If she doesn't find interest in me, then I wish she would just tell me to fuck off. Vday coming up, and this is the only girl on my radar. I dont wanna miss out.
What should I say, and when? I need advice, and some guidelines on this conversation. Need to feel her out, and see if this is going anywhere.

Pic unrelated.
You yourself seem to recognize her noncommital attitude, but you've already got tunnel vision. Why, I can't say--you don't have any faith in her.

Forget about her or confront her in person--not aggresively, just directly. She isn't going to start things, so it's really just about sorting out your own baggage.
I dont remember where she lives, and that's creepy. I cant think of a "natural" way to run into her.

We have a mutual friend, that's about it. I can try hitting her up, and seeing if theyve been talking about me, but that seems needy.
I just like that one punch man dude in the background. U should find him again and larp together.
what do guys?

how can I pickup the conversation here?

i'm thinking of just calling her on Wednesday
I sincerely doubt she cares about you the way you seem to be caring about her, which, of course, is an issue. In my opinion, you shouldn't bother with this girl anymore. Go find somebody else to spend Valentine's with.
I dont wanna just give up. if she isnt interested or whatever, I wanna hear that from her.

nothing is worse than not knowing if I had a better chance. I rather blow it and know that nothing else will happen than having a what if hanging over me.

she sent me pics of her dogs for fuck sake. maybe im just missreading her, or she is busy, or just bad at texting back.

im looking for advice to best text her, and not feel clingy. i dont know if I am, but I feel that way right now.
Well, if you so must know, just call her. Screw your worries about sounding desperate or clingy. Tell her you wanted to check if she was all right, because she hand't responded/talked back in a while or some shit. She'll probably say she's all right. You'll get to type to her again. If she decides to ignore you knowing that you got worried the last time she did just that, then you might want to consider that she doesn't give a singular fuck about you, return to the land of the sane, and start looking for a girl who deserves your treatment and sentimentality.
You're not talking to the girl. you're talking to whatever part of yourself you see in that girl.
>inb4 ur dick

True awakening comes from realizing that you can't fuck that girl until you say. Fuck this girl.
that's some deep shit brah
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