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Long time smoker here, around 15 years, trying to quit. I heard vaping can help.

What's a good starting vape pen to pick up? Thinking I would probably need the largest nicotine dose to start with. I'm a total newbie to it, anyone have any recommendations?

Also did it help anyone here quit?
just don't, please.
no he must join the dragondom
come to the fog machine side
there are smoke rings and shit
yeee that shit works been 2 years without addiction

dont be a retard and get highest nic dose, thats so fucked up and makes the juice taste like shit, gives u such a shit buzz, get avg or above avg

Any type of pen you recommend bruh?
I recommend starting at 12mg/ml or 18mg/ml nicotine level. Depends on how heavy of a smoker you are.
As a total newbie, I suggest you go to a reputable vape shop and ask for advice. They'll probably push a kit on you, but that's what you need anyways. At least they'll talk you through it - don't be afraid to ask dumb questions! That's what they're there for. Or you can google e-cigarette forums, they have a lot of good FAQs up and I've seen many detailed threads for total beginners. That requires more effort on your part, although then you'd have a better view on your options then. Then again the vape shop one is a great springboard into the "vape world", for a lack of a better/less faggy expression.
This is hands down the best starter kit for beginners


Watch a video about how to use it. You have to let the juice soak into the coils before you try to take a hit, or you'll ruin the coil by burning the cotton. It comes with 6 coils, and you can buy more for about 2$ each.

I use www.bluedotvapors.com for juice.

If you like a throat hit/harsher vape, order juice that's 50/50 (PG/VG) PG gives you throat hit, VG gives you clouds.

If you like a smoother vape with larger clouds, get 30 PG/70VG

Bluedotvapors has the best priced juice for the quality. You can get a 100ML bottle for 16$. Usually most juice is 16$ for 30ML....

Santa Cruz and Milk of the Poppy are their best flavors. MOTP is a creamy fruity flavor, and Santa Cruz tastes like a berry mountain dew.

Remember to watch videos on how to use the Aspire Premium Kit so you don't waste any coils.
Also I wouldn't recommend getting more than 12MG nicotine. That's very high. I use 3MG.

6 MG seems to be the most popular. Not to light not too strong. don't go over 12 though.
OK thanks for the advice anon's, gonna do some research

uhh I had this, it was pretty good and worked but not sure if I'd recommend


it's been years man e-cig tech advanced a lot since, I suppose you should check reddit r/electronic_cigarette or whatever is the current vaping sub

Get a mechanical vape. like a drip tank.
its originally a $300 device, but a clone is like $60. its great. learn a but about how vapes work, etc.
its essentially a flashlight where instead of a bulb, its a coil heating up juice soaked cotton.

You can attach tons of tips to it. A drip tip is one that holds very little juice, and needs to be topped off every few puffs, making you not binge. and 3mg of nicotine, which is the lowest juice comes in, will hit you hard.
most people use like 12mg through a tank. a drip tip, you will die from a coughing fit trying to vape 12. so its better to immediately lower your nicotine levels.

itaste mvp 3.0 is another one if you want a more advance vape. selecting wattage, etc

downside to glass, batteries go fast, so you need to carry a spare. a bit cumbersome to use, but that helps in quitting.
I'd say this is too advanced for OP right now.

This Aspire kit is alright and trustworthy, used the battery for a long time before switching it for a box mod. Don't know about the clearomizer though.

This is a total waste of money nowadays.
Agreed. No beginner should start off with a mechanical mod and a drip tip. I don't even use those lol I use a temp control mod and a Uwell crown tank and I've been vaping for over five years.

The tank the Aspire kit comes with is a great starter tank. Easy to use, max airflow is actually pretty good, or if OP wants a more cig like hit he can lower the airflow for a tighter draw.

I gave it to my brother when I got the Uwell crown and he loves it.

ehh, my friend started vaping, did the beginner pens, broke like 2 of them in 3 months time, and got an itaste. those pens were a giant waste of money.

a mechanical is simple as fuck. just have a vape shop install a coil in a drip tank, or buy a nice regular tank.

No beginner wants to learn how to use RDAs and worry about their mod firing off in their pocket.

Don't get me wrong, mech mods are dope, but every beginner I know who tried them ended up being turned off from vaping because they're not very user friendly for newcomers. He's much better off just getting the aspire premium kit then figuring out what kind of vape he wants to upgrade to after he's figured out if he even likes vaping.
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