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Why and should i tell my doctor tomorrow...
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Why and should i tell my doctor tomorrow about my anxiety attacks and severe depression/suicide attempts/having nobody to love? Please reply i need to know tonight before tomorrow
Bump, this is the only time i asked for help during browsing through the board for months now. Also what do i get out of this if i tell my doctor everything? Pills? Therapy? Is it even worth it?
Another shameless bump
Suicide attempt? Anti depressants and maybe a stay at a psych ward. If you're not quite ready for all that, consider calling the suicide hotline and see what they think.

There's no way I can talk you into or out of anything but if you made an actual suicide attempt you need help. Best of luck.
Do you have any hobbies?
What's your financial situation?
Are you keeping a steady job?
In a relationship? Kids?
I just need somebody to love. I lived a life where i have nobody. Family is great but i want somebody to love i look like shit and cant get anyone. Im pathetic. If i tell my doctor would he make me go to the psych ward or what?
1. Gaming and doing fuck all
2. Student = no money at all
3. I dont have one
4. I would love to be with a girl. Its all i need to make my depression go away as stupid as that sounds
Try to put gaming aside for a while, try to find something new, photography, puzzle building, reading, vaping, cars, coding, 3D modeling, programming, something productive other than video games.

Try to grab a job.
My first and current job are at Best Buy, pays 9 an hour.

A girl might even complicate things, so try to find happiness alone before you see to make you and someone else happy.
Thanks for real advice not bullshit.
What should i do about my original question? Do i tell my doctor and why should i? Also what would happen if i mentioned an attempt? One major question is i dont want my parents to find out im depressed. Im 18 but they might not accept it

A doctor can't force you to do anything, per se . They could suggest you seek help and/or call 911 but they're not going to haul you off to a psych ward personally. Same for a psychiatrist or therapist... If they think you're a threat to yourself, they can't just do nothing.

Don't take my advice to try and hide anything from doctors though.

As for feeling lonely, maybe try /soc/ or some cam sites. You won't get a ton of friends overnight but it's a good step, maybe join some extracurricular clubs too.
Thanks again. I just want antidepressants. But i dont want to go to therapy or go to a ward. There is nothing they can do. Im only a danger if i cant get a girlfriend. I had a chance at one and blew it. I want someone to love and to tell my problems to her and she will care for me is that too much to ask for?
I've been down that road when I was in high school, I was depressed as shit and I cried every fucking day, mental breakdowns everywhere.
I spoke to my councilor thinking that shit would help, it made it worse.

You're put on fucking suicide watch, you get sent to basically a mental hospital where you're monitored 24/7. Telling any source of athority is going to fuck you over. You will be treated differently.
You do not need pills to be happy.
You need to tell yourself you are not depressed.

You don't have it that bad.
You've got 2 arms, 2 legs, and a head.
That's all you need to be happy.

You're a natural-born winner.
You were the fastest sperm, right?

Brush yourself off and get going.
There's work to be done and a life to live.

Have a casual chat with the folks at suicide hotline.
Don't say you're suicidal, just tell them you want to chat for a moment.
That's what they're paid for.

I do it when I feel a bit down.
Thank you so much for telling me your experience with this. I want to give the hotline a go but if i mention thoughts/attempts or anything like that will i be traced or something? I just want someone to love and love me back.
If you tell them that you've tried to kill yourself or are thinking about it, you can go into detail and all that stuff, they cannot legally do anything to you without you asking them to do something.

They will try to say stuff like "can I get your zip so we can look into medical treatment" or whatever, just say you'd rather not.

Reassure them that you are just wanting someone to talk to.

This is all from personal experience, and I'm pretty happy to be honest, I get in little ruts, but other than that, I'm happy overall.
Thanks again. If you have any other tips/motivation i would really appreciate it very much.
Get a hobby.
Keeping yourself busy will prevent any shitty thoughts.

Other than that, just keep moving forward.
Good luck anon.
Will do anon
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You should tell him to kick you out of his office for being a whiny baby who thinks you should try and deal with life problems with pills.

why don't you stop trying to throw a pity party for yourself and realize hard knocks happen to everyone, there is no bias in that, you just have to roll with the punches. anxiety is not real, depression is possible but its no mental disease. and suicide attempts and "no one to love" thats damn childish.

Get your head out of your ass , stop being a teenager and start applying real life solutions to you problems.

If youre insecure, work out
if youre dumb, educate yourself
if you're poor find a job
if you want love, keep looking there 8bill to pick from faggot.
They will lock you and and drug you if you are honest with or against your will.
>You're a natural-born winner.
You were the fastest sperm, right?

The fastest sperm doesnt actually fertilize the egg, it just weakens the wall for others.
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