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Best Ways To Kill Yourself
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Hey /adv/, I wanna kill myself, but I don't have any good ways to do that doesn't feel painful. Do you guys know a way to commit suicide with little to no pain?
Before I actually give you advice on the actual act, why would you want to kill yourself?
It's probably the least advisable thing to do. Ever.
Shotgun blast to the face.
Don't kill yourself.
Unless you're a unrepentant rapist or child molester.
Then kill yourself.

Every other reason to kill yourself is stupid.
99% of life's problems can just be waited out.
The rest can be helped with painkillers (or psych meds if you want to be "accepted" [not really, the stigma is way way worse]).

So just wait things out.
Pain is a natural consequence of your body dying. The purpose of pain is so that you get the fuck out of whatever situation you are in. There are few ways to do so without feeling pain.
They all involve chemicals that put you to sleep and the methods arent guaranteed and if you fail enjoy being put in the crazy house.
Hell even with those methods your brain my snap you out of it.
Guaranteed death. Get someone to shoot you in the temple while you are sleep.
Have you considered getting psychiatric help instead? Most people do not feel suicidal when they're... uh, free of symptoms of mental illness.
That's not even remotely true an is based on irrational outdated non-scientific principals cemented in personal incredulity and stereotypes.

Secondly, to state all philosophical or emotional problems are due to mental illness is completely without any intellectual merit.

You're being exceptionally naive and condescending at the same time.

You should never jump to conclusions based on your OBVIOUS limited understanding and experience.

Grow up and read up on the subject (that means at least 3 books, not articles) before you start bursting out with declarations or nonsensical implications.
Yeah, suicidal ideation is only a major symptom of several psychiatric disorders (bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, depression, borderline personality disorder...) and totally doesn't predict mental illness in any way.

Are you seriously so stupid that you think that mental health doesn't have much to do with suicide?
Seriously: suicidal behavior is so deeply thought to be related to mental illness that you literally get sectioned for it. At the very least those suffering from suicidal ideation should be seeing therapists.
Wow, you're annoying.
Hey idiot, google "false dilemma fallacy".
To give you other explanations:
1.) For a trade-off
2.) For lack of desire to keep on going
3.) Existential boredom
4.) To test religious concepts
5.) For a belief in religious duty
6.) Existential experimentation
7.) To escape a problem
8.) To escape a problem that cannot be fixed
9.) To escape a problem that can only get worse
10.) To escape a meaningless existance
11.) To escape a simple or momentary problem [weak]
12.) Due to emotional problems (not always chemical imbalances/mental illess)
13.) Random act
14.) Due to drugs
15.) To sacrifice oneself for others
16.) etc...

You show zero intellectual honesty in your beliefs on the subject.
You have a one track mind, and as such, you can't even think or conceive of being wrong or perfectly ignorant or humble.
"A mental handicap is the ONLY reason people are suicidal, or is the MAIN REASON people are... I have ZERO evidence to back this up, but I'll just mock people who disagree."

Secondly, correlation is NOT causation.
Thirdly, psychiatry doesn't include philosophical reason for suicide, or even rational reasons, such as a no-win scenario, of which there are literally an infinite number of.

So not only are you fucking ignorant and stupid, but you're pathological in your addiction to over-simplified correlations.

Do you not understand the concept or "the problem of induction" or the "false attribution error"?

Sometimes suicide is completely natural and rational, and that's a solid fact, not an opinion.

Get your facts right and read a book some time.

People like you that stick to false dilemma fallacies because they're been exposed to just once possibility and wish to cycle in circular logic are beyond frustrating.
It's because of people like you that progress rarely ever happens in society.
"First belief is the ONLY right belief"
Oh shut the fuck up.
Is this bait or are you just really autistic?
Stop samefagging.
People that use fallacies on purpose should be thrown over cliffs.
You're all useless and mindless knuckleheads.
Oh look, a troll is using an ad hominem instead of looking things up like an adult and standing corrected.
I proved you wrong with socratic polemics, and instead of enumerating a reply like a rational person, you just throw down an ad hominem.

But you're too stupid to even know what an ad hominem is, so telling you that you're using one will be fruitless since you won't even look it up.

At least I know I'm infinitely better than you are because you're an idiot that uses fallacies and can never be corrected because you're too immature to admit ignorance and therefore go on to learn something.

It would be great but I can't afford guns in my country...

I've been with problems since I was young. My life was ruined because of them. I'm tired to wait and search for help, that's why I want to end my life as fast as possible. Medicines didn't helped me in the past and won't help me today.
You're not helping it saying that 99% of the problems are less important and forgettable.

I can't afford therapy sessions, they're too expensive here and I'm low on money for now.
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