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Gave a guy friend a goodbye kiss, wondering...
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>tell friend I plan on moving away to another state and living someplace else permanent
>his initial reaction was to cry and tell me how much he'll miss me and to thank me for everything I ever done for him
>he offers to help me out with packing and making sure I'm prepared to leave this place forever
>while helping me pack, we reminiscent about our childhood and look over our old photos and mementos
>when I'm done packing, he looks at me if he wants to kiss me
>I tell him that it's okay since we're not going to see each other for a long time and that we're only doing it as friends
>end up kissing for a good couple of minutes
>next week on the day I'm moving out
>he tags along with my family as they drive me to the airport
>friend is in tears again
>he tells me he feels like he's about to have an emotional breakdown, but doesn't want to cause a scene
>he hands me a CD and says that it contains songs that remind him of me
>get to my new home and unpack and play the CD

it wasn't easy for me to say goodbye to him. I'm his only friend and pretty much the only person he can open up to. I just hope he finds a way to find confidence in himself. I always helped him out with making big decisions and helping him calm down when he has anxiety in public.

the playlist is this:
Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life
Hello Saferide - My Best Friend
Garbage - Beloved Freak
Lights - Siberia (acoustic version)
The Magnetic Fields - Book of Love
Gregory Hawk - Boats and Birds
Sara Lov - Wallflower
Deathcab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Jets to Brazil - In the Summer's You Really know
Angus and Julia Stone - Whereever you Are
Giles Corey - Spectral Bride

there's some more, but they are mostly songs that we liked back in highschool. I keep thinking about on the kiss wondering if it really was the okay thing to do. I know he likes me, but he knows I don't like him back. I still don't like him that way. I told him that it was just a friendly goodbye kiss, but I still felt like it might have lead him on.
I think it was fine. Affection is affection. Even if he's mislead, he's gone and should know a relationship would be impossible anyways. You were clear, you were honest, that's all you can do.

Except that no she wasn't fucking clear when she kissed him FOR A FEW MINUTES.

I've seen this situation multiple times. He's going to sit around and mope thinking that there's still a chance - he'll get hung up on that kiss for years. I guarantee you he's thinking something like "A kiss - that's something there after all! One day, when we meet again..."

I have heard friends say "It's ok, I'll wait for her..." and proceed to do exactly that.

A kiss on the cheek would have sufficed since it clearly demonstrates "I care about you, but we are FRIENDS." A kiss on the mouth is "I care about you... (maybe more than either of us)"
Yeah what other people said, OP you fucked up by making out with him. Don't wanna lead him on but you're good to wrestle his tongue? Retard

He clearly is way too into you and you've clearly failed to set boundaries (probably because you subconsciously or not really dig the attention that his unrequited love provides)

TLDR You a cunt. Do the right thing and cut yourself out of his life, give him chance to move on. Be blunt and honest, he deserves that

Well we didn't tongue kiss. It was more of us laying on a couch together and kissed on the lips and cheek repeatedly He didn't even try to touch my breasts or butt. We caressed each other's shoulders and backs and heads during. It didn't go anywhere near sexual.
>triggered betas
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This has to be bait.

There was no 'tongue fucking' . it wasn't even a make out session. Just repeated lip kissing. He was polite. Didn't touch my boobs. Didn't try to turn it into sex.
>Guy most likely has feelings for you
>You leaving is a perfect occasion for him to move on with his life and stop thinking about you
>You kiss him on the lips, which in USA is an exclusively romantic/sexual gesture
>"It's ok because I told him I'm only doing it as a friend"
I know you had good intentions, but you seriously fucked up.
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>Decides to kiss best guy friend
>Kisses him for MINUTES AKA Made out with him
>Makes out with her forever alone guy friend before she moves away forever and wonders if she did a bad thing.

OP, you are a bad person.
It wasn't a bad thing OP. Let it go, he'll have the memory since you will never see him again.
Let's say what I did was a bad thing.

In what way can I redeem myself while also salvaging our friendship? I don't want to lose him as a friend.
yeah op, you fucked up real bad
You could fuck/marry him I guess.

Yah, at this point there's nothing you can do. The damage has been done. Unless you plan to fuck or marry him, your best option is to stop talking to him and not give him a false sense of hope.
Wow ur such a ***
Why would you do that?
You better check if he's still alive

I just wanted to give him a little parting gift.
Get some real problems
Here's what you do. The decent thing to do, anyway.

Send him a message, saying, basically, in no-bullshit language (fight your natural instinct to soften the blow because he's your friend), "Look, I don't want this to hurt, but I want to be really clear right now because I don't want to lead you on: I kissed you like that because I was feeling emotional about leaving, but it wasn't really a romantic thing. I love you, but as a friend. It's never going to happen again.

I'm sorry if I sent really mixed signals. Good luck."

this is very sound advice
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