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When a stranger is being mean to you on the...
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When a stranger is being mean to you on the streets or on the public transport, what do you do?

I'm an average-built guy, some basic martial arts training, zero fighting practice, a white-collar job. So, I really don't want to fight the mean person. However, I also get really angry inside and especially when I don't know what to reply back, I feel like a little bitch. I've been bullied in high-school, so now, when I'm "grown-up", I still react in my head to bullies.

For example, some ganster-looking guy says to you, 'What are fucking looking at? Get the fuck out of here?'.

Do you reply back? If so, then what?
Do you ignore?
Do you comply? If so, how not to feel like a little bitch?

Thanks for advice!
It is usually best just to comply and get out of there. At least it is the safest option, but obviously not the proudest or most comfortable one.

I usually just toss some insults back at the guy, or plain ignore him, and if he wants to make more out of it, then he is the one getting assraped by the police. However I would not advice to antagonize someone who is obviously drunk or under the influence of something. They don't listen to common sense.
I leave subhumans to their own devices, and only take action if physically confronted.
It's the logical choice.
I don't see anything to be ashamed of. Do you also get psychhological issues when you see an irate dog and avoid it instead of kicking it?
Ignore them as much as possible. They say things hoping you'll react, trash can actually be smart, they might be planning something. You never know if they have backup waiting around the corner.
I work security on Public Transport,

If there is security on board, walk away and let them know what happened. Don't bother trying to deal with scum fucks
Well, i've never been bothered by thoses kind of behavior before.
Now the only thing i watch is if the guy is alone or not. If he's alone and insult me when i did nothing, i just don't talk and punch him.

When you reply back, the tension goes up and he mentally "prepare" himself to a fight so he wont be taken by surprise, but if you punch him out of the blue you take the advantage...

I don't recommend fighting, it's useless, but i can't stand the lack of respect and now as i'm getting older i'm starting to think less and act more, i have nothing to lose anyway so i don't care taking some risk now...
>'What are fucking looking at? Get the fuck out of here?'.
If he looks deranged like he's going to actually try something, I don't respond at all except to continue staring as I walk calmly away. If he makes a move toward me, it's time to fight. I try to be as ready to fight as possible whenever I'm staring people down in the streets... I don't know why you would be staring at people confrontationally if you aren't ready to throw down.

If I'm legitimately staring at something interesting or I don't want to fight, I'll answer honestly
>I'm staring at you etc.
I was in jail once and this tatted out mexican saw me looking and said the exact same thing:
>The fuck you looking at white boy?
I was one of like three white kids in the jail. I looked him dead in the eye and said:
>Are those tats of your family?
Because that was what I was staring at. Mexican thug turned into Oprah and spent the next two hours telling me about the tattoos of his familia. The rest of the mexicans were all cool with me after that.

So, in general, I respond with authenticity. If I'm staring at something, I'll say it. If I think it's a threatening situation I go very quiet and try to exist quickly. If he comes at me, I beat his fucking face in, go for the eyes, go for the throat, and try to hit the hardest, fastest, firstest, and mostest.

If that mexican had come at me, he would have at least lost his eyes. Both of them.

Ignoring tards is the smartest course of action. Beware, some of them might use that as an excuse to escalate things. Don't feel bad about avoiding conflict in such situations. Street fights can turn real ugly real fast. I've unfortunately been in a few.

>how not to feel like a little bitch?
Simple. There is no honor to be gained nor lost in a street fight, bar brawl, fight on public transport... Even if you win, you lost. Especially if you have to deal with po po and be in a situation where someone might accuse you of dealing more damage than was needed for self defense.

If being smart enough to avoid trouble and possible consequences of a fight bothers you, grow a pair and man the fuck up.
Honestly if it looks like you can kick their ass tell them to shut the fuck up in an angry tone. Also if they look easily intimidated. On the other hand if they can kick your ass or look completely wacko and would get aggressive I suggest don't. Public physical disbutes are unnecessary really especially over words.

I am not a previous part of this thread but holy fuck is that funny.
Buddhist monks believe you can only win a fight if you come from a place of strength.

Immediately reacting to an insult with violence is coming from a place of insecurity and weakness.

But if a guy shoves you, you'll feel your blood start to boil. That's when it's okay to respond with violence, when you get that huge rush of adrenaline and your mind is shouting at you "destroy this dude."

Your mind doesn't fight, your body does. Only react with violence if it comes from a place of strength and righteousness.

So if a guy insults you, ignore him and walk away. "don't be a hero."

But if your well being is being threatened, you'll know when to react.

Street fights can get really dirty really fast. There is no rules. Always carry a gun or a knife on you in case your opponent decides to take things too far. Better to have and not need.
Michael Jackson has some really great advice for you.
Someone tried to start trouble with me on the bus a long while back. I looked them in the eye and said "I own animals with more self control than you." then got off the bus to catch another one.
Make it clear that I'm carrying and that if he doesn't stop I won't hesitate to defend myself.
If in the UK, harming your attacker is illegal.

Punching and pushing is a harmful act so those are illegal too.

To be honest, even the rape alarms could harm your rapist since he might go deaf, so don't buy those either. Jesus christ do you know what the medical bills will be like when your rapist gets out? You have to pay them for fucks sake.

Just let them rape you/kill you off. We have enough people enough as it is.
I don't reply. Not completely ignoring them.
Showing them that I don't care with how I behave, without showing attitude or anything that could be seen as aggressive.
If they insist, then I word it "I don't care about what you're doing. I leave you alone, and you leave me alone." That's neither a question, nor a choice. No need for an "ok?" in the end of my sentence.
If the keep on pushing and go physical, it'll depends on where I am. It's not wise to start fighting with people if they outnumber me, or if I'm far from any place I could go for safety.
Most don't want attention. If you're loud, and call for help or just shout, most will flee. It's not the best for your self esteem, but it's better than complying "like a little bitch", and being unharmed is what matters in the end of the day.
You can flee too, unless you prefer physical injuries over a blast to your ego.
You can call their bluff "I won't leave. What will you do about it?" or any cliché line you'll think about on the spot. Oddly enough, it doesn't really work if you're half their size and weight", but it works sometimes if you look confident enough.
You can fight.
While I was in the UK, three guys menaced to tase me. I called their bluff, they backed off only to give a call and get more of their friends there. I tried to get a cab passing by. He didn't want to take me, so I left when they focused on people going out of a nearby shop to see what was going on. They turned back to see I was already far from them, didn't pursue me and left the other way. It might have been for the best. There's too much Polish hooligans in UK.

Another time, there was this guy who started harassing me and the two girl friends I was with. I told him to back the fuck off, he started rushing towards them. I punched him until he ended up on the ground, and went my way with my friends. We then stopped in a pub down the road, and he showed up 5mn later, at the exact same time as a team of policemen. I told them what happened, they told me I shouldn't hit people, told me the same things you said, I told them I didn't care. They controlled him to see if he had a knife, checked his ID and let him go. He didn't come back.

I said I didn't care because I'm French. At worse, if I were judged at fault for giving him some flesh wounds, they'd make me leave the country for a year or so.
In France, you can defend yourself as long as you use "proportional means". Anything goes as long as there's no harm done and you're not overpowered compared to your attacker.
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