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>transgender and gay but not buying into...
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>transgender and gay but not buying into tumblr nonsense about nonbinary genders
>believes peaceful islam and educating brown people is possible, but still aware that middle-eastern culture has to be snuffed out or at least stopped from spreading

The world I live in has become polarized and you either have to accept literally absolutely everything, or hate everyone who is not a straight white cis man. I just want to live my life and do people things but the more I look at it the more it's starting to look like there's a civil war brewing.

Whose side are you on when nobody's on your side?
Your own.

You're so close to breaking through the surface and getting a breath of air. All you have to do now is embrace your independence and have confidence in yourself. You can do it, no matter how bad it gets around you. You won't let yourself starve if the shelves start going empty. You won't freeze to death if the power goes out. You are not beholden to anyone or anything which doesn't sit well with you. You'll find good people, come together to pool your resources and do your own thing. Life will go on. I'm not talking about being a nutter and running off innawoods with 12K rounds of ammo either. I just mean being your own person in the context of a turbulent world. You'll find your way to take care of yourself.
Those are all very warming and encouraging thoughts, but I don't think the lynch mob is going to care. I don't know if I have the chance to be on HRT for long enough to actually pass by the time these white pride dumbasses remember that the gays still exist.
If there's trouble brewing, you'll just leave. You'll keep moving for a while until you get a better grasp on where to go and how to live peacefully there. It may not be easy but, among the other lessons you're soon to learn, life really isn't naturally easy anyway. The way you're used to living is unusually convenient. The keystone to these interconnected ideas is that so much of what ills our world grows in the fertility of that convenience. But it's okay if things go back to being a little harder. You'll be fine. You have the inborn capacity to endure. You also have the intellect to prepare for things once the writing is on the wall. (Again, not to a crazy extent. Just reasonable reactions to reasonable assessments.) You're not going to get surprised by a pack of crazies outside of your home tonight. Assess where you're at right now, plan for the future and take charge of that course in a confident manner. You've got this. Don't be paralyzed by the thought of having to rely on yourself.
Where am I supposed to go? What kind of place can I even live safely in?

At the moment, my worst problem that doesn't have a solution in sight is lack of friends, and I don't know where to go for safety and reassurance.
Maybe it's a good time to start looking into that now. Not by asking me or anyone else, but by availing yourself to raw information and using your head to analyze it.

Friends are a big help but they're not the right place to put your focus right now. You can't start thinking about personal responsibility with the question of other people. You look to yourself and the tools you acquire for your safety. You turn to confidence in your skills and resolve to find reassurance. Especially with so many people around you suffering from views that could one day work against you, you can't keep pounding the drum of society to keep yourself standing. Those people are going to have to look out for themselves first, too. Same with you. Get real about your needs and learn how to satisfy them on your own.
As far as I've understood, I already live in the safest possible country.

I have been alone ever since I was 8 years old and the other kids started picking on me for my asperger's, and I've learnt to be solitary, but it's only a half life. I have survived 21 years without killing myself, but I keep hearing life should be more than marginally better than going through with putting an end to it.
Sure, there's a lot more out there to be enjoyed. But I'm entertaining this prediction of yours that shit is about to hit the fan like a fucking train. In that scenario, there is no other half to life. There is either the most meager satisfaction of survival and security or there is getting fucked. In your case, maybe even getting killed. In that world I'm saying that there is no one on your side except for you. If that's the world for which you want to prepare then it's time to get real about how prepared you really are for it.

If on the other hand you want to bank on the world staying fairly stable, act a dope. Pretend like you buy into the whole black-or-white state of the world and play along. Fake it until you fit in.
>there is no other half to life
So blind survival is all I can hope for? There is no purpose in trying to feel better, or strive to be happy or loved?

>Fake it until you fit in.
But I don't want to believe in nonbinary genders. Those are all just fat cis girls appropriating LGBT culture to feel special.
From a historical stand point, islam will eventually over take the west. Christians and Jews aren't anywhere near as zealous as they once were. Islamic families really push the religion on their children. This will likely take quite a few decades, so it is nothing we need to worry about in our lives. Islam is just the fastest growing religion the world has ever seen.
Our only hope is that the zika virus makes it to the middle-east ASAP.
>Islamic families really push the religion on their children.
but if we can get the women out

Get their girls into public school, teach them western values. I'm sure they'll prefer the idea of seeing themselves as free and autonomous human beings instead of best-as-invisible brood mares and do all in their power to flee their roots.

They'll fill up women's centres in no time, sure, but their children won't be raised like they were.
That won't happen western countries respect religious freedoms to where some European countries no longer teach the holocaust. The time to do anything about this is long passed, it will take a large and horrifying event for the west to wake up before it falls to Islam. The 'moderate' muslim is a myth, there are a few public policy polls taken in Islamic countries if you are lucky on 20% of the country would kill someone if they left islam, often its more around 60%. Demonizing Christians was foolish by their own ethics, they do not kill homosexuals...they may not like them but they won't kill them. When you strip the values from a country they are easily replaced...much like how you bleach hair before you dye it vibrant colors. I hate that our world has come to this but there is no way I can see to change it.
Human beings always take the path of least resistance, and women are naturally hardwired to make shit function. If you make westernization easier than continuing to live in barbarism, many will take that route, and the key to redeeming a culture is starting with the women.

It doesn't matter if the moderate muslim is a myth. It's a myth we must convince them to believe in. Living in a state of constant war is exhausting. We have to give them the option of letting go of it without deserting their identity entirely.

I don't want to believe they have to be exterminated like cockroaches.
No one in the civilized world has the appetite for genocide, it will never happen. Seeing as in England muslim girls are often time kept home rather than being allowed to attend public school, I am not sure how you intend to indoctrinate them before their family indoctrinates them.
Easy. Treat them exactly the same as you'd treat the local population.

If they forbid their children from going to school, you get the child services involved.
You're certainly not alone, there's plenty of Moderates out there, but we're a lot more quiet then the extremists.

When the The War comes, and you and I both know that it's going to come, we'll eventually all get together, and it's going to be us that when the ashes settle, we're going to be the ones to rebuild.

For the moment, I'm not sure what to tell you, though. Most people live and die by ingrained beliefs, the concept that those who disagree must be destroyed. Get a gun, legally, and learn how to use it safely,then...do whatever you want to do. You've got an open mind, use it.
Easier said than done, you would need to undo the belief of religious freedom, I get what you are saying we need to do, but the action of doing so is not something the west still has in it. Unless somehow Geert Wilders gets put in charge of the EU. Not bloodly likely.
>Get a gun, legally
I'm in Finland.

I don't care if it's not possible. The thought of having to wipe out an entire people to stop an ideology makes me sad and I don't like having any more sad thoughts than my depression and anxiety already dish out.

If I have to choose between being able to function enough to keep looking for a job, and being realistic about the muslim problem, I am going to choose being functioning.
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