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>got new job in november, webshop administrator and such
>my boss is a qt3.14 brunette, a year older than me, really kind, always smiling
>shortie, hot body, 11/10
>get to know her better, she's hardworking, loyal, really intelligent
>got to quit in order to have time for my own projects and start working on being an entrepreneur
>she's really sad, tells me how she'll miss me
>last day in work, i can see she holds back crying all day, in the end she starts crying
>i'm damn straight about getting my life together and fighting for my dreams and goals
>i talk to her, we kinda laugh it off, bit awkward but she understands the reason why i'm quitting
>i realized a month ago that i'm in love with her
>i held it all back, because future reasons
>she just wrote an email to me, it's basically a love letter
>my fucking heart is about to break, but i can't let my life get caught with this right now

I'm still going for my goals. Please just tell me how to bear with all this shit, until I get things done.

pic unrelated, but she's got the same perfect body.
You're going to regret not staying with her. You're afraid of committing to something that can quit on you for no fault of your own, but what you don't realize is that being an entrepreneur is much less likely to work out than a relationship with her, and not only that, it's less rewarding than being with her

Money is just a thing op
Fucking hit her up OP, you can date a hot chick while still working on your life bro.
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>wanting to get life together
>not securing a qtpie GF on the way

u stoopid nigga?
It's hard as fuck, not even Cyrus the Great could do it, but this.
Uh, what part of losing for another job requires that you not get together with her?
What on earth could be more important than finding someone you love? All things we do in life is irrelevant because we will die, our only true goal is to continue our heritage and legacy through reproduction.
You beat the end game and let it slip, all for what?
Quit being a drama queen. Of course you can do both. Not one single reason not to. People get married while they're in medical school, while they're starting and running businesses, while they're juggling multiple complex projects.
You can lie to yourself if you want. It's OK to admit you're being a pussy. Right now, she's a 10, and is into you. The second you let her in, she becomes humanized, and you're no longer the man you projected yourself to be, either. You're just you.

You ain't fooling anyone. Yourself included. Of all delusions, self-delusions are the dumbest.

"op kun i luv u pls go out w me"



"my bad. i wanna concentrate on baseball"
If you're both busy with work but still fell for eachother, you can date and still keep other projects going.
You are an autistic loser, and even if you are financially successful, you will never leave a lasting mark on this world.

Years from now, you'll be sitting in your nice home, surrounded by nice things, wondering why you are unhappy.

Remember my post, then, and then remember her. I revel in your pain, then and now, as you so foolishly toss this aside.
get the girl, you'll regret it everyday of your life if you don't
Money is more than just a thing. Money can buy everything.

This... You probably just missed your one chance to get a quality women in your life. A good woman is a partner, not a liability.

Don't you dare come back here when you're older crying about how all women have kids and are loose sluts like all the other spergs on /adv/.
also stop trying to talk yourself out of being with her, get your shit straight and secure your lady friend, you fucking troglodyte
What makes you think she is going to hold you back? SERIOUSLY?
Loyal, Hardworking, Intelligent?

YOU NEED TO GET HER NOW, she is a once in a lifetime chance, you can always continue other matters later, but once she's gone... she's gone bro. Don't make that mistake, you will hate yourself for it.
My God, I hate when people use the shitty excuse "but my career!!" for passing up someone who's great for them. Why can't you achieve your goals with someone who would support you by your side?

He probably spends too much time on 4chan, completely bought into the whole women = bad thing.
Thread replies: 18
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