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We have Gender and Relationship Generals, why not a Job General?

>Becoming a wageslave
>Finding and Applying to Jobs
>Interview Advice
>Resume and Cover Letter Advice
>Writing or calling with follow-ups
>Negotiating wages and raises
>Promotions and transfers
>Job stories
I've worked at a Steak n Shake on and off for about 4 years total mostly on service, but I've managed the store before and know how to do everything.... I'm going to a trainer class on Monday and I'm not looking forward to it...

I'm also an army reservist, and have been an EMT and a CO. The last two times I went back to SnS the manager didn't even interview me she just was like "Yes! You can come back!"

I guess you can ask this failed wageslave anything.
I quit my first job as a fast food cashier because they were going to make me move stores into a ghetto part of town. Now I am having a hard time getting a job again. It took me applying to about 50 places before I got that one. I have had two people (brother and boyfriend) saying the got me jobs at these two places but no calls or emails or anything.

Even with experience I can't get a fucking easy ass job. What the fuck.
Same. I worked on campus in an administrative/HR role and I can't find work. Been applying to 3 - 5 jobs per day since i graduated in August and I can count the number of callbacks/interviews I've received on one hand.

I guess I've been operating on the false premise that I am entitled to a job that pays 20 to 30 thousand a year and I can't even find retail or cashier jobs.

I am going to starve
Worked for a soulless corporate software firm as a developer right out of college. They hired recent college grads en masse, trained them, and made them work 12+ hours days for relatively shit pay. I was one of those people. The team I got stuck on treated me like shit. They'd give me requirements, I'd do them, then during code review they'd change the requirements and tell me I have to redo the entire project. This happened four times in a row. In my performance review they marked that against me as a reason why I wasn't getting a bigger pay raise since I "wasted everyone's time".

They threatened to fire me and gave me a set of tasks that were impossible to complete in the time frame given if I was to keep my job. The stipulation was that they could fire me at any point during the project if they didn't like how my work was turning out. I quit the next day. Fuck them, fuck my ex boss, and fuck my ex coworkers. Then they tried to sue me because they lost my address and couldn't bill me to repay my relocation costs. Unfuckingbelievable.
I'm applying to be a paramedic, people say volunteer experience in the medical field helps with getting accepted into the program (going to humber)
Is volunteer experience in a chiropractor and old people's home gonna help?
I don't see how it would hurt.
People say you should shadow doctors and shit, I don't know how you would do that but your plan sounds good too, especially if you're already doing that.
Get your emt and do that man.

Start in transport and then try for 911, that really is the best way.

The pay fucking sucks but I was in a paramedic program and I wish I would have just been working as a emt around other medics.

They love teaching and shit and they'll drill you about your shit at work and yeah it's annoying but so damn helpful, plus they might let you do shit on the truck with them.
>Dropped out of college
>making $12/hr + commission
>just got offered additional responsibilities
>room for advancement
>debt free
Feelsalrightman, couldbeworse.jpeg
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Is LinkedIn a meme or what?

I'm on the free trial and it's 5 messages per month, sending an additional message is 10 dollars and there is no guarantee they'll see it since it doesn't get forwarded to their e-mail unless they enable that.

Premium apparently puts your application at the top of the stack but there's no indication that there aren't hundred of other people with premium doing the same thing too.

I've messaged 3 recruiters so far (one of them didn't use one of my message credits for some reason) and none have gotten back to me. It's a low sample size but I expect at least a fucking "hey, got your message" for a service that fucking costs 30 dollars minimum a month.

tl;dr: Is LinkedIn a meme or is actually worthwhile?
I don't get all these stupid Socialists whining about people not paying them enough. It's insane. The employers are already paying you way more than you are worth, and you're still whining?
I worked a minimal wage job for 3 years and I have over 15 thousand in my bank. I left the job and have been sitting on my ass for 3 months. You know who has problems with money? My fucking ex-employers. They to fire a bunch of people and downsize the business, all while I am living comfortably on money I don't even deserve for the ''work'' I did.
Neat, thanks
The idea is minimum wage employees won't have to worry about rent and shit and will spend more on middle class owned businesses and stimulate the economy

The other idea is that minimum wagers who are unskilled can't afford to go to trade schools, colleges, etc to become skilled because the opportunity cost of having no income is too great and your personal anecdote is not the norm
There's also volunteer departments that are easier to get on at but don't pay, but look good on a resume and are good for experience on a truck too.

Also easier to fit around a work schedule
LinkedIn is totally worthwhile, bud, if you have a strong portfolio and work history. I switched jobs this Jan and I'm still getting views and the occasional headhunter messaging me
God fucking damn it! Why does every fucking job I apply for want you to make an account with them? It's 1 fucking job that I probably won't even get an interview for!

And another thing, why the fuck do so many people want references? It's fucking stupid. All anyone ever does is put people who will sing their praises to the moon and back, so why bother? It partially screws me over because I am introverted as fuck and hardly made any relationships at my past jobs.

>actual advice requesting
So I interviewed for a job on Tuesday and they said they would contact people on Friday (today). The day has ended, and I got no call. They heavily implied they would contact people even if they didn't make it. Should I call them on Monday or should I call this a loss?
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>God fucking damn it! Why does every fucking job I apply for want you to make an account with them? It's 1 fucking job that I probably won't even get an interview for!

>Make an account
>Attach resume
>"Now that you've attached your resume, would you like to fill in all these fucking fields made irrelevant by the fact that you attached all your fucking information?"
>I have saved 15k on a minimum wage job

Your life must suck. I'm not saying that as a joke, I mean, you must lead a boring and dry life to be able to save that much on a wageslave salary.
Do you really not know why? If you can't figure it out I'll tell you, but think about it for a minute.
Someone confirm or deny my reasoning here:
>Apply for job
>Wait a week for response
>Call and e-mail 2 or so times a week at least

I figure if they didn't want to hire me or interview me to begin with, I lose nothing because they won't. The alternative is they consider bringing me into an interview or schedule a phone interview or something. I used to be afraid of coming across as too forward or annoying but I can't think of a single reason why I should care?
>I can't think of a single reason why I should care?
What about all the time wasted on your part?
I don't see how calling hiring managers is wasting my time any more than using a soviet propaganda film forum. It's not like i have autismbux to spend.
26yo socially inept loser here, in a wageslave menial job that is killing my mind and body.

Got a lower 2nd Maths degree that hasn't been used since I got it 5 years ago and no professional experience in any field.

I got £10k saved up , cos I don't do shit.

All the people know of that are in careers got in by being high achievers or having connections or just having silver tongues.

I have nothing like that.

So where do I go from here? People tell me to go into IT since I have a maths background but how long it take to learn coding to an employable level?
You can try a coding bootcamp, some of them don't charge unless you get a job in the field. You're on your own in terms of research because I don't know of any off the top of my head but some googling should put you in the right direction.
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got a degree in physics and can't find shit jobwise lol
>coding bootcamp

Costs about £5k, that's a lot to invest. I'll have to think about it. Isn't possible to learn code by yourself? I mean, I'm pretty bright (but that's debatable at this point.)

Is there nothing I could directly apply to with my (lower 2nd) maths degree?
You could've taught yourself Math but what sounds better:
>I have a college degree in mathematcis
>I picked up some math, so I'm pretty good
>Should I call them on Monday or should I call this a loss?
Yes. Interviewers can forget to call people back (even to offer a job) for a multitude of reasons. If you have a number (or email if no number) then contact them and see if they have an update.

Same thing just happened to me this week. The manager had told me she'd get back to me the following Monday at latest. That Monday came and went. The following Monday, I called her back and apparently she had been sick and had forgotten to call me back to offer me the position.
I finally got my foot in the door as a teller at a credit union after food service jobs. They paid fairly shitty, but because it was a 'small' operation, I was able to claim more shit on my resume than your average teller. I worked there for 2 years. I knew I wanted to get into fraud.

Then I got hired by a major credit card for... AN INBOUND CALL CENTER (fraud prevention). Fortunately, I had the ability to be able to turn my brain off and blow through the day, check all my boxes and make it sound genuine; and I put in my year there.

Same credit card company, but now I got into fraud investigations, and worked my way up through their tiers. THAT job was awesome. Calling people on their shitty lies about "fraud" charges, having dickhead grandchildren arrested, good bonuses. Also, because I worked that inbound call center shit, I was cool with whatever was thrown at me; it makes you appreciate a cushy gig.

Now I'm an anti-money laundering investigator with the same company, making about 28/hr. No phones, super cushy, work-from-home days, unlimited OT.

Bottom line: All my interviews have involved me being easy-going. I'm adaptable, and I like most jobs I've had, even the shitty ones. I always speak well of co-workers and bosses, and I've been told it reflects really well on me. If you want in to an office gig, you likely have to take your beatings with some kind of semi-call center shit.
Is LinkedIn worth it if I only have a few friends, none of whom have one? I've never had any form of social media and I'm 24. Not socially awkward, but I just avoided social media, but now I've realized I've got no connections or ability to network.
What kind of field are you in?

Also, people want their network as big as possible, so add whoever- it can't hurt.
That's the thing, I'm working as a security guard right now, trying to figure out where I should go from here. I got a bachelor's in history, but I actively hate teaching and law doesn't appeal to me. So I'm trying to figure out what sort of field I should pursue/masters I should get.

As for the LinkedIn I guess it really couldn't hurt to do it. Just gotta find out what is something I can do that isn't going to be irrelevant. Maybe go into a business masters or some type of tech
I have only ever gone to one interview, and the interviewer ended it early because I answered honestly when they asked how I felt about interacting with customers.

Linkedin is worth it, but you have to know how to use it. I don't use to to "apply" for jobs, at least not the way you apply for jobs on Monster or Indeed or whatever. It's a networking site. It provides a good way to keep up with your business contacts (I suggest both partners and clients, but it depends on your field and level), and it's also a great way to meet new people with similar career interests if you take part in their "Groups." I got my last job through networking within a group.

I've never heard the "five messages per month" thing, and I've never paid for LinkedIn (and I never plan to). As for recruiters, there's a lot of scamy ones out there. I try my best not to involve myself with them because they're usually more of a pain than they're worth. I would suggest not wasting your time on them.

Overall, if you're just doing job applications, LinkedIn isn't any better than other job app sites. It's there to use as a networking tool.

>Then I got hired by a major credit card for... AN INBOUND CALL CENTER
Had a job like that once (customer service in pharma industry). It was awful, but I agree that it makes you appreciate better jobs. It also gives you mad communication skills.
Take a good picture. Look at other business portraits for ideas.

I just hung up a grey jersey knit sheet on a door, put on a little makeup and a blazer, and shot some business portraits at 3:30am because I couldn't sleep. Came out supergood, especially considering I'm not wearing pants.

Degrees are all gravy, but I'd likely try to get in to a good company before pursuing all that.
assuming your employer allowed you to work maximum time every single week with no time off:

>$7.25 * 40 hours a week * 52 weeks a year = $15,080
>minus taxes = ~13,088
>times three years = 39.264

this means that in three years you spent about $24,264 on living expenses to have 15k saved up. That averages out to $674 per month for the following: rent, bills such as electricity, water, garbage, all of your food expenses, your car/insurance/gas for commuting (or public transit), medical insurance, renter's insurance, phone plan, internet (which obviously you have), educational loans, and all other unexpected purchases, and $0 spend on anything frivolous like clothes, cleaning supplies, television, a gun to kill yourself with, etc.

I live in a shitty apartment in a shitty neighborhood and I spend 850 in rent alone (but I make more than you) so I don't know how it's possible for the minimum wagers to do it.

In short, you can go ahead and get fucked. You're living off someone else's teat somewhere you lazy faggot.
That's what some people have said to me as well; that I should get the masters only after the entering the field. Of course the finding and entering seems to be the hardest part. But I gotta do it
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