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Premature Ejaculation
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Does anyone have any experience with approaching a doctor about PE? I'm really fucking embarrassed to go and see someone...
>go to doctor.
>tell them "i blow it quickly"
>the end.

It's a doctor. They literally deal with dozens of cases 10x more embarrassing, or exactly the same, every single day. I've worked in the medical field. Nobody gives a shit.

what the hell could be more embarrassing?
>i can't get erect at all.
>it burns when i pee.
>check out these warts.
>check out this cock rash.
>there's a banana in my ass.

Don't sweat blasting your chowder early. It's much more common than you imagine.
Just don't stop?

I blow my first load within 5 minutes if I'm not careful. I just tell my partner beforehand. When I'm about to engage in sex, just after things get hot and heavy and the foreplay starts I tell them "oh btw, my first load is usually pretty fast so how about you suck my dick or give me an HJ until I cum, then after I continue going down on you/do whatever you like and then after a couple of minutes we go for the main course"

No woman has ever given me problems with this, and why would they? You still say you want to get THEM off and you do your best at what you can do.

My last NSA encounter went this way:
Get dick sucked: blow load
Eat her out, get hard again, fuck her for a good 10 minutes, blow load 2
cuddle a bit
Start fingering her and eating her out again
get hard as I make her cum
fuck her for another 15 minutes, blow load number 3
After some more cuddling I fingered her again until she came a couple more times and then I made her suck my dick for 20 minutes until I blew my final load.

It was fantastic, she got off multiple times, I got off multiple times and in the end we had a little under 2 hours of lovemaking. How is PE an issue when that happens?

You can do it OP. Just believe in your cum.
4th year medical student here
Have dealt with this complaint several times. Not even in top ten list of embarrassing things.
Plus, it's like the easiest thing to treat. We just put you on antidepressants, because the biggest side effect is difficulty reaching orgasm.
It's like soft pitch home run for docs.

We all win. It's a beautiful life
bruh, doctors deal with a lot of shit. you coming in for PE is a fucking Tuesday.

i wouldn't jump on a fucking ssri cause i shoot too fast. have your partner get you off once (or you jerk off beforehand) and then move on to round two when your refractory period has elapsed. during your refractory period you should focus on the girl like the other anon said.

there are other options such as numbing creams/sprays, deathgrip masturbation to decrease sensitivity, and etc. increased frequency of sex also helps. take breaks when you feel yourself getting close, switch to fingering her/eating her out/using a toy while you calm down. control your breathing and try to allow your thoughts to wander away from sex and see if that helps.
Just take the pill, bro
Okay first of all, PE is normal.

What happens is if you don't cum for a while, your dick gets super sensitive. "Loaded gun syndrome."

The trick is to build up your energy by not fapping, then right before sex have your girl give you a quick bj or hj, then eat her out while stroking yourself, then soon you'll be hard again and be anle to last 10x longer.

Practice this and you'll become a master of sex. The key is to breathe, stop worrying, get out of your head, and communicate.

Read the multi orgasmic man: sex secrets every man should know. Google the pdf, it changed my life
Or just take the pill, bro
Shitty solution. Sex sucks on anti-depressants, and there's a load of side effects.

OP: do not put yourself on medication to fix a minor issue that every man experiences.
Hands down best advice.

I've been having PE since like ever, and it was my greatest worry in the whole goddamn world! Just like many guys here suggest: start off blowing your first load at the very beginning. After that go and pleasure her (oral, fingering,...).
After 5-10min you'll slowly get your erection back. You can actually achieve multiple erections and orgasms, it all depends on your refractory period (it usually prolongs with every subsequent orgasm by approx 5min).

Following things also worked for me:
- Keg exercises: allows you to actually hold in your load, and strangely doesn't really ruin the orgasm. Great thing, but you gotta keep up with periodic and daily exercises.
- Numbing lubes/condoms: only good if you wanna give it good to your gf or impress someone on your first date. You on the other hand, won't feel a thing (literally, nothing, not even an orgasm)
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