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I've got a girlfriend who I think is...
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I've got a girlfriend who I think is wife material. We've been dating for three years, we're both 23.

However, when Im out with friends or family and she's not there, I get a huge rush when women flirt with me, and I flirt back. I've never cheated, though the whole addictive rush of attracting beautiful women really makes me contemplate it, though I know how guilty I'd feel which is why I havent.

I could break up with her, but like I said, she's wife material and I dont want to. Anyone else have similar dilemmas? Did you end up figuring things out or are situations like these disasters waiting to happen?
People like being complemented and paid attention to. The important part is to not put your dick inside of these very nice people while you're in a committed relationship.

If you love this person, stay with them. If you don't, and you just think she'd be a good wife instead of someone you feel genuine affection for, break up and save yourselves the trouble down the line.
This. I get the same. Don't let the confidence boost of having an awesome QT get to either of your heads. I check chick out sometimes cause it's in my lizard brain and I've thought about screwing some of those chicks but that's as far as it goes. I love my QT.
I know the lure of other women. It will never stop, it may go away briefly but that is it.

Pay attention to the feelings. Compare the women to yours. Most of the time it is just a 'grass is greener' effect. Also being young, going "out" is usually around bars and whatever, which is just a hive for guys to look at girls and to think that they are gonna get laid. It's in the air.

Take a scenario to the extreme. Pretend you are single in your last encounter. Yolu would get all those bubbly feelings about what could be and now can act on them. So you either just screw a new girl, or end up talking to one and getting a new girlfriend. If it was just sex, what happens afterwards? Nothing unless it turns into a GF. If you got a new girlfriend, would the cycle just start back up?

Bottom line. Keep it under control. If this is "wife material" you have to start treating it that way and get ready to build your life together. The lure will never go away, but you can keep it under wraps. Make sure you get what you need from your lady, and vice versa. IT can be tamed. Chill.

16766504 again. just spouting shit that comes to my head. this is actually one of the bigger things I deal with lately.

"You can get your appetite elsewhere, as long as you eat at home"

Woman interested in you? Nothing wrong with a tiny brush of flirting if it won't backfire. But keep it light. Use it. Make yourself feel like The Shit but they can't have you. Use that power to motivate yourself to become more "The Shit" for you and your loved ones. Build it up. Then burst it into your wife,

Flirting is better than going at it 100%. It's a masturbation session but drawn out over hours. But no happy ending. If you did go 100% and screwed a girl to get that happy ending, you would return to reality and it'd be like it never happend. Just like jerking.
a drawn out masturbation session with no happy ending is a great way of putting it. That's exactly how it feels.
Some may not agree with this advice, but here goes.

Part of having a relationship is accepting that there are certain things that you don't tell your partner. Can your girlfriend stop other girls from flirting with you? She can't, and she can't stop you from flirting back. And honestly, she won't know that you flirt back. She shouldn't though. In all relationships there are naturally things you keep secret from each other, those things can range from tiny indiscretions to full blown affairs. People have affairs in the real adult world all the time. Constantly. It's very very common. There are just some things that you shouldn't or can't share with partners and that's okay. We rely on small lies or withholding of information to keep us going. Just like everyone needs to vent their emotions sometimes when a partner gets on their nerves, well, so too do they need that for sexual urges.

What I'm saying is what is you shouldn't feel bad about flirting, or even a little light grab ass with another girl. And if you get drunk one night and do something you didn't mean to, sack up and bury those guilty feelings like a man. There's no reason to tell your girlfriend about a fuck up like that. It doesn't pay to dwell on guilt or doubt about your relationship. You have to do what's best to make things work with the girl you love. so what you do, that's not her business, not society's, that's your business. I'm not saying cheat on your girlfriend. What I'm saying is that infidelity is a natural temptation and part of growing up is managing it at a level that you think is responsible. It is impossible to eliminate it altogether.

So you have the power to either stifle those feelings, act on them in a way she won't know about, or give yourself temporary release from time to time. They aren't gonna go away. You're also 23 in a serious relationship. That's young. You have to ask yourself what you're trading off by being in a relationship. You won't be able to relive these years.
That why men Re gross.

I catch my boy checking out like 15 or 16 year olds and its disgusting and he claims he wasnt doing it.
nigga, if you say she is wife material but you get a rush to flirt with other hoes then something aint right in your relationship. your not satisfied enough, anyone can take compliments and move the fuck on, girls do it all the fucking time and they go home to their boy, check yourself pimp.
this. I would argue that, outside of her being wife material or not, it sounds like you also aren't necessarily husband material.

What I mean to say is, the question itself is very immature. It's not a bad thing, but if you're thinking about spending the REST OF YOUR LIFE with someone you don't ask questions like this.
Is she chill?
Is she sane?
Is she loyal?
Will she suck your dick?

If yes. Marry her you dumbass
Holy shit help.

I'm 21 and a virgin until recently. Got a girlfriend and we've been dating 8 months. I think she's really committed and she invests a lot in me and I like our relationship to a point. there are small things that I dislike about her but I wouldn't want anyone to change who they are.

rewind to two days ago where a really cute (and younger) chick starts hanging around where I work everyday and eventually asks for my number and we've been texting about ourselves.

I had second thoughts about my relationship and thought, "this is my first relationship. Do I really think she's the one, am I ready for that?"

I was thinking I could just tell my current gf that I'm not sure if a relationship is what I want/that I want to see other people and say that this is my first relationship and I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with seeing one girl and settling down.

the fuck should I do without being a total fuckboi and a douchbag? I don't want to hurt my gf but I realize that I've trapped myself by not realizing this sooner.
Is it wrong to think like that? Is wanting to experience other relationships and people wrong?

I feel like I'm cheating a little to a point where I'm starting to feel bad
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