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Valentine's Gifts for Him
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I am dating a guy. I want to do something nice for him on Valentine's Day. Problem is, I've only known him since December of last year. I would like guy's opinions on this because I feel gifts for men are the most difficult and I'm very peculiar with what I will gift.

Also general Valentine's Day Gift advice thread for those who would like help as well!

I have a few ideas for my future boyfriend but they're all bringing dilemmas.

Idea 1: Alcohol and alcohol accessories. He likes to drink socially and so this would be a great gift.
Problem: I have no clue what he likes to drink and I have also never drank alcohol in my life because I'm a law-abiding citizen and in America it would have been illegal for me to drink. Now I just moved here to Europe and suddenly drinking is fine. This means I have NO CLUE what good alcohol is like or how to tell the difference, etc.

Idea 2: Homemade Sweets.
Problem: Unlike me, he doesn't really care for sweets much and eats them rarely. He's the kind of guy who thinks that fucking lemon-flavoured icecream is the best flavor. So he's definitely not much of a sweet tooth. I also have no clue what kind of sweets he does prefer besides lemon ones and I hate lemon and have never made those kinds of sweets before.

And....that's all I have so far. He's a computer programmer but I doubt he even knows what 4chan is. He has nerdy interests but not enough to obsess over them//want a gift related to them. Doesn't seem to care much for sports. I want to give him something that he will really like that's not TOO extravagant.

Also for those men who suggest cooking, nope. Spanish food is completely different than American food and he also is an amazing cook. Both of us live with others so cooking at our places isn't an option. To those who suggest sex, we have not progressed that far yet and according to my calendar I should be on my period during that time.
Everyone likes a bottle of baileys, tastes great with coffee.
What kind of alcohol is it? Is it expensive? Does it scream "oh yeah this girl is super thoughtful for Valentine's day, I found a keeper"
It's a sweet, creamy liqueur: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baileys_Irish_Cream
But like you said, he might not like it. Maybe you could ask one of his friends what he likes to drink.

How about some cologne?
I don't know a single one of his friends yet because we've just gone on tons of dates alone. I also do not know much Spanish (pero estoy estudio!) and unfortunately, while he is trilingual, his friends are all monolingual.

His friend group is also all mutual friends with his recent ex-girlfriend that he was with over two years because Spain is a small place and he was born and raised in the same town outside the city we're in now. Thus, his friends are pretty much useless for these things what with the language barrier along with them having known his ex-gf many years.

And cologne was a good idea that I thought of as well. Smells are a bit difficult, however, as we have different tastes. Also he had a single thing of cologne in his room and when I asked him about it, he said "I don't much care for perfume, I rarely use it." He smells good naturally, I don't think he'd appreciate cologne much after having told me he doesn't use it often. Gifting him cologne would seem careless and unthoughtful. Thus it's not an option.
>future boyfriend

lol just ask him out
use one of those vagina mold kits and put the molded fleshlight inside of a chalice and put a taxidermy jaw set of a coyote inside and fill it with baileys irish cream. present it to him as a heartfelt gift but not before bedazzling the clitoris with a rhinestone
We discussed our relationship at a cute Japanese restaurant a last week. I asked him if we were dating and he told me that he thought I would ask soon. He then, in his cute accent and slightly broken English told me that he is unsure about getting into a relationship when we have known each other for such a short period of time.

I travel a lot so I am used to attaching quickly, he infrequently travels for a European outside of his hometown/this city we live in, thus he values time a lot more favorably in interpersonal relationships.

He pretty much told me/was suggesting that when he felt he was ready, he'd ask me to be his girlfriend, but for right now he wants to get to know me better and to see where things lead. I feel it's reasonable and fine.

We're getting along splendidly, no need to rush things. Both of us take relationships seriously so it's OK that we're just dating now.
thats the perfect gift op simple, practical, and delicious. don't go overboard with the gift.
What about clothing, then?
Okay, I'll have to find out what kind of alcohol he likes then.

I'm thinking you guys are right, alcohol is the best choice. I'll ask him casually in a conversation what kind of alcohol he likes specifically (I think he said scotch before but I am not sure) and then I will ask /ck/ while I am at the store what the best scotch would be.

Then I'll practice some cute cheesy valentine's saying in Spanish and have a Valentine's card to go along with the alcohol. Should be simple, thoughtful, sentimental and cute.

Thanks friends. Anyone else who needs gift /adv/ welcome btw. I usually see a shitload of threads about it around these types of holidays.
What am I, his mother?

Clothing gifts are the worst. Not only do I not have any clue as to what his size for anything might be, but the sizing here in Europe is different than America and I don't even know my own sizes right now, that shit's way too complex.

On top of that, people are so picky with clothing that it's very hit-and-miss. Men tend to not care much about extra clothes as well, and it's not like I can get him a fine tailored suit. Tees expressing hobbies seem rare here as most Europeans aside from ones in school dress very nicely.

I mean clothing is just so...grandmother like. Socks are the epitome of the worst gift, t-shirts/pants would be oddly sized and just no, I don't know if he prefers boxers or boxer-briefs and underwear would be inappropriate, I mean I plan on buying MYSELF valentine's lingerie maybe to show him but past that, nope. And jammies/robes again are just mom-like. It's the most unsexy gift ever. Clothes. Eugh.
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