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I think i put my dick in crazy.
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I think i may have deliberately jumped into a snake pit /adv/ please help.
>3 months ago
>be me 22 yo virigin, got back to college after screwing over 2y of college and working for a year.
>Get "university dorm room" not far from my college, people there seem nice.
>One chick, 7/10, 19yo , studies physics, the jolly type (this type normally get's on my nerves pretty hard, she does too but in moderation).
>get the feeling that either she likes to babble or she's into me.
>Asks me several times to go out with her and friends.
>She's the i have 1 million friends type.
>One of the friends is a cute, yet slightly chubby 7/10 blonde from my class whom i talk with from time to time.
>For some reason she tells me that physics chick isn't the "good girl" she looks like (she looks rather nerdy) and that i should not underestimate her.
>"That guy she's talking to at the moment, yeah you can say stuff happened."
>Blonde chick is wasted af but i thank her for her tips anyway.
>Last month, exams, see physics chick occasionally on dorm or in library and due to the fact that i'm on ritalin 24/7 i always seem to chat with her (is it weird that this stuff makes me crazy social btw? Normally i weigh up people for at least an hour before i start extensive conversation with them.)
>She has started sending me the occasional text, I look at my cellphone three times a day max. so except for the funny remark here and there we don't really get into long texting.
Day before yesterday :
Sends me a text to ask me when i'm back at dorm ( it's a weeklong break after exams). Long story short i was going to go out with friends yet she tought that i would come with her and other girl from dorm to watch some comedy show.
>oh it's ok, just text me when you're here.
>yesterday, 22o clock, playing WC III. Get a text from chick asking if i'm not coming today after all.
>Oh i'm actually here just chilling.
>Knock on door, hey anon "small talk small talk" I'm watching the Matrix you should come and watch too"
>Ok, she leaves
>Is this a hint? I'm so bad at this, i just want to play WC III, this undead campaign is cash.
>she texts me during her movie, i decide to go take a look (this is where i fucked up guys)
>watch Matrix one, she blabbers through whole movie, i get extremely nervous from it so blabber along.
>she says she's tired so i tell her it's ok i'll go back to my room.
>No wait Anon stop we should watch the second one
>15 mins into second one, she falls asleep on lap. WTF is happening.
>slowly move pillow with her head on away and try to close her laptop.
>she wakes up and asks me to stay the night
> I freak out and tell her i've never done this before, she laughs at how awkward i make it.
>Decide to stay anyway, i'm 22 it's about time i lose this shit.
>5 mins in her bed she's just stroking my chest. Fuckit.jpg . i start making out with her.
>sucks my dick ,rides me then sucks my dick again for about 10 mins ( she sucked at sucking dick), decide to do my part too,i have no idea what i'm doing but she seems to like it. She gets crazy horny and decides it's a good idea to ride me without condom, stops in the middle of it and just jerks me.
>in between the sex she makes weird comments like : "wow we're going to have such amazing sex"
>This wasn't as good as i expected it to be.
>gives me random compliments, i reply with some slightly forced compliments too.
>She falls asleep next to me but never stops clinging to me until the morning when she had work.
>randomly kisses me and gently strokes me when she wakes up at random times in the night, i have no idea if she knows i'm awake, but she's giggling while doing that.
>i didn't sleep the entire night, just realize that this chick may be crazy in love with me while i don't really feel anything.
>6 am i go to my room because i'm burning up and i may have a fever. (a sign from whatever deity you like) I say goodbye but this part seems a little rusty.
>What do i do /adv/? This chick seems nice but i don't feel anything for her and i'm afraid she's in love with me. Do i just ask her?
So she lives with you and you fucked her. ok.

Option 1, keep fucking her

Option 2, say no to her advances and...I don't know, dont do that again dude

Option 3, dunno, think something dipshit.
Don't do anything. Just let it play out man. From the way you're describing her.. yeah she sounds a bit crazy. I'm not sure if she's in love with you though. Sounds like you don't have much experiance with girls anon. I'd say keep it going for now, but when she has that first pregnacy scare, you better cut her off.
Anon, just because a girl had sex with you and likes to do naughty stuff when she thinks you're asleep doesn't mean she loves you.

Believe me, i'm an experienced man, you're overthinking this too much and jumping to exaggerated conclusions. We men are horny and like sex, women too, she probably just wants to fuck and have fun with you, GO FOR IT or you'll regret terribly not fooling around with her after she loses interest in fucking you.

Fuck her whenever you can, use her to gain experience in bed and become better and at the same time she will become better too, if she makes romantic advances just tell her you're not interested in relationships with anyone and just want to have fun, but unless she actually says she wants to have something more with you, don't be a fool and say anything about this.

Smash that pussy and have fun, just don't forget to be responsible and wear protection everytime to avoid diseases and unwanted pregnancies, also don't overthink on women, you'll have a much easier life.

This guy gets it. Don't start profiling people - especially the ones you're having sex with - unless you seriously after a relationship.

Whether she's a good girl or whatever is irrelevant - you watch some movies, you fuck, you're done. Chubby was probably just a little salty.

Hey who knows man? Maybe after a while your virgin insecurities may wash away from you and may fall for her.
Who the fuck knows?
You're 22, got out there and fuck.

FYI, the first time is never really that good. Like anything in life, sex gets better with practice.
is she asian?
In love with you? Nah. Infatuated? Probably. Relationships in education mostly won't last, enjoy the ride and try and avoid fallout as much as possible if things go south.
So you stuck it to the chubby blond okay personally I would of gone after the one that lives with you(unless I'm mistaken and you did stick it in the jolly one)
As for if she's crazy. Maybe but you should probably wait a day and notice how she interacts with you but most likely she's probably just horny. How ever if she does start acting creepy then yeah do something about that.

He's fucking the jolly one who's living on the same dorm. Chubby was the one who told him she was a slut.
Run away nigger. You're fucked for good, if you get into sth serious with that type of chick.
Chubby is probably salty she's not the one getting dick.

OP, listen to this wise man >>16760190
Enjoy the damn ride and stop overthinking or you'll regret not doing it later.
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