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>Known girl since September
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>Known girl since September
>She's a 9/10, smart as fuck, and shares my humor
>At first I didn't like her romantically cause I was dating someone else at the time
>She also had a boyfriend
>Became good friends and kept it at that
>Girlfriend cheats on me with eye candy douchebag frat dude
>She (friend) helps me cut ex out of my life so I'm not as much of a pushover
>We start talking more, nothing romantic yet though
>She's still dating her boyfriend
>She starts getting unhappy with her relationship
>I give her basic advice like "Just talk it over with him, you'll be fine" blah blah blah
>A couple months pass, it's now December
>Her relationship gets worse and worse
>We're still talking more and more but I don't really see her as someone to date cause she's with someone else
>Over winter break she tells me she thinks she's going to break up with her bf soon
>She tells me we should stop talking for a while cause she's starting to see me as a better boyfriend than her current boyfriend
>I agree, tell her to get things sorted out
>Two days later, she starts talking to me like nothing happened
>I go along with it, I'm an asshat who wanted to talk to her, yeah yeah
>Start developing feelings for her after the confession
>A couple weeks later, she tells me that her and her boyfriend agree that they won't stay together much longer but they'll stay together to see what happens
>What the fuck, that's really dumb IMO
>I tell her "Wait, you've half-broken up with each other? The point of breaking up is realizing you're not fit for each other and separating because of that and you've done half of that"
>She has an "Oh shit" moment and says she didn't think about it that way
>She tells me she's going to break up with him and calls him over to her place to do it
>They're broken up for two days, I keep telling her that she should spend some time being single to get her feelings in order cause she's kinda a confused mess at the time
Holy shit this is long
what exactly is your question?
>Her ex approaches her in class the day after their split and asks her to talk at a cafe
>She agrees, tells me that she just wants to get a clean break because she just rushed her breakup
>Fuck yeah I know that's a lie, she still wants to be with him
>I tell her "You know that if you meet him, you'll just get back together with him"
>She says no no no, it's not gonna happen
>They go to the cafe, she said it'll take like 10 minutes
>3 hours later, she messages me saying they got back together
>Even though they know they're "not the ones for each other, they want they're relationship to have a good, natural end" where they both stand up one day and say "Y'know, I just want to be your friend, not your SO"
>She says that the reason she broke up with him that she was in denial for was that she liked me too much and broke up because I told her to
>oh god damn it
>I tell her off saying I've been trying to support their relationship for months and gave her advice on how to do so, and I can't really say that her boyfriend is a good fit for her because she's only told me the bad shit about him
>She folds and says it's her problem, blah blah blah, I've been her best friend in college so far
>I tell her to give me a week of separation to "think about things" (I wanted her to have that week to get her relationship together without me)
>She say's she doesn't want to lose me as a friend, I tell her that's not what's happening, I just want time away
>She reluctantly agrees, we don't talk for like 18 fuckin hours until class the next day
>She messages me "Is sitting next to me too much contact?" (We have two classes together so I sat away from her in both)
>I read it but planned on replying after class
>Before I can, she runs up to me and says "Hey"
>I tell her that this is against what I said and that it's just a week
>She gets upset and walks away
Holy shit this is a lot longer than I thought, part 3 I guess
>telling her to spend time alone

nah nigga you hop in that pussy asap because either way she wont want you in the end. Shell go back to him. Get the pussy while its available.

Youll kick yourself in the ass later if you dont. Trust me. Never wait for women. and DONT EVER GIVE THEM THE OPPORITUNITY TO WAIT.
are you trying to bed her or not?
" I like you more as a friend and if you don't feel the same way then I cannot talk to you anymore. this is not fair to me. We both want different things. Thanks for understanding"

Literally just fucking center of that and wait about a week. Shell come crawling just like every other girl that I've sent this to.

And if she doesn't come back she didn't really like you anyway. There is no losing in this situation you just need to put the blame on her. That's why you say to her its not fair to me.
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Shitty blog part 3
>I ask my friends what to do
>They say just get it over with, talk to her tonight
>We meet to talk that night
>I tell her that she can't keep this up of becoming attracted to me and ruining her current relationship because of it
>She says that she still likes me but is committed to her boyfriend and won't fall through this time
>Also says that they won't last very long at all
>She says "If there's any time in life to have a reckless relationship, it's now"
>I tell her how I think that's a horrible way to go about serious, committed relationships
>We agree that we'll stay friends but she should seek relationship advice from other people
>I'm still attracted to her, we still talk about half as much as we used to
So the big question is: Is it even worth it to go after her when she breaks up with her boyfriend? She's guaranteed that she wants to date me but I dunno if I really trust her commitment strength. What's stopping her from liking someone else if she gets with me? Also, the romanticized "reckless relationship" thing is really fucking stupid to me, why is that even an attractive option? On the other hand, her current relationship started after around a week so it's no wonder it's not really that strong. We've been great friends for around 6 months now so we have a much better basis to keep a relationship going.
Should I just walk away from the whole thing or just wait it out? I'm in a bunch of classes where it's really hard to meet women so this is kinda a windfall to find someone that great to be attracted to me.
>"If there's any time in life to have a reckless relationship, it's now"
if you didn't understand that she was coming on to you here then I can't help you.
Naw bruh, I'm a committed family man who wants sappy shit like a relationship that lasts years
I think I'll do that if worst comes to worst, it'd be kinda out of the blue cause things have been pretty normal for the last 2 weeks
That was her reason for continuing her current relationship cause she thinks the idea of her and her boyfriend having a failing relationship where they slowly lose interest in each other is attractive and romantic for some reason
I'm not gonna just jump in and try to steal her away from her boyfriend, I'm not Chad Thundercock
>my boyfriend and I both agreed that we're a terrible fit for each other and our relationship sucks, but we're going to stick it out because LOL IDUNNO XD YOLO!!!!!

She sounds retarded. I recommend keeping her in the friend zone and finding a woman who isn't a dumbass child to date
>find a woman who doesn't have some childish flaw or fantasy
Where? Do those people even exist?
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