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What the fuck do bfs/gfs do all the time...
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What the fuck do bfs/gfs do all the time once they start living together? I'm not in a relationship yet, though I am dating someone, but just the thought of actually being married and having to spend all day with someone is insane to me. What do you do when you're living with someone who you're attracted to of the opposite sex, wouldn't that get old after a while? You can only have so much sex, I'm just afraid there would be nothing but awkward silence after a while of living with someone who you're dating.

I've also never been in a relationship where we've been living together either, so there's that.

So anons who have lived with bfs/gfs, what the fuck do you all do all day to keep off the awkward silences and boredom??

But hang out with my buddy here and there who lives with his gf.

You still have your interests and do your own things if you want.

Watch movies/shows etc.
I've been living with my boyfriend for 3 years.
First, you don't spend all your time with them. We spend 5-6 hours together at best.

We have sex every day. We clean the house and cook together a lot. which is kinda fun. We watch movies, listen to music, watch tv shows, play videogames. We talk about our day, or comment the news together. We also spend time on our own or with friends.
And even when we're silent, it's not awkward. I like being in silence with him. We often just lay on the couch, he works on his laptop, I read a book, and things are fine.
It's about your connection with her, OP.

You can only live with a woman with whom you're content doing taxes and watching TV. It's a lot like a really strong friendship.
You cook and eat delicious homemade meals together. You workout together because your qt is the best accountability buddy. Relax together after a long day at work. Watch netflix. Play games together. Invite friends over. Parties are always bigger and more fun when it involves both of your friends. We go out to do things together like hiking, shopping, playing games, etc. There's always plenty to talk about. The best part about it is crawling into a warm bed, curling up with your most favorite person, and losing sleep because you've stayed up until 3am just laying there talking about nothing in particular, just trailing your fingers up and down each others backs.
I've lived with my boyfriend for 3 years.

We both work at least 40 hour weeks. He generally works in the morning until the afternoon, and I work in the afternoon until 11pm.

People have commented on how our relationship is weird. We usually sleep in separate beds, as he goes to bed before I'm even home, and I want to stay up for a few hours when I get home. Play games and talk on Skype and such. Half the time he wakes up to piss in the middle of the night and crawls into bed with me.

We usually spend either Saturday or Sunday together. Even then, we just go out to eat and hang out for a few hours afterwards and go to bed together.

It's not a strained relationship, either. We love each other to gross degrees and are planning on getting married. We miss each other sometimes but that's not a bad thing
My live-in boyfriend and I were best friends too. We never really got sick of each other in 3 years, and we pretty much did everything together. The thing is, I didn't mind being with him 24/7. I think there's an issue when couples HAVE to be with each other 24/7.

There was never a lull, or awkward silence. Sometimes he'd play xbox and I'd watch a shitty tv show on my laptop on headphones in the living room together. Sometimes we'd do separate things. But mostly, we just liked existing around each other, and did whatever we felt like.
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OP here, that sounds like my dream relationship.

I guess the girl I'm dating right now are in the "honeymoon" phase where everything seems new and we're still getting to know each other, I'd just be worried if we were to take that next step, that something would change and we'd get bored of each other.

Im >>16758915
We actually moved in together before we started dating. We hung out a ton in the beginning because of the honeymoon phase. Then there was this short period of time where we both thought the other was upset that we didn't want to hang out as much, until we explained to each other that it wasnt the case. We're generally introverted people, and while we enjoy our time out together, we also enjoy our alone time. We both understand that just because we don't want to chill together all of the time, doesnt mean we care any less.

Sometimes he'll even make me lunch for work the next day/dinner if he cooks when he gets home
That sounds just like me to be honest.
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