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Roomies crush
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>in college
>roomie talking about this girl he likes
>invites her over
>she hates me immediately
>constantly tease her regardless
>starts hanging out with our friend group everyday
>roomie makes a move
>gets friend zoned
>gets used as an emotional sponge
>is caring and deeply concerned about her issues
>she comes and tells me the same thing
>I just point out that shes overreacting and start teasing her again
>now shes constantly sitting in my lap
How fucked up is this situation. She got drunk on day and was all over me. She apparently doesnt like me but feels comfortable enough around me to kiss me and let me touch her.
Now I dont like her romantically but Im not gay and shes hot. But I do feel bad that she isnt directing this level of comfort to my roomie since hes kinda crushed by it.
That being said I doubt he would have the balls to touch her.
Fuck her but secretly film it and give your roomate the vid so he can jack off to it.

sounds to me like she is just being tsundere. it happens. a surprisingly large amount. i thought it was just an animeme but ill often meet someone who seems totally not itno me and by the end of the night my penis has been in several of their orifices.

sounds to me like she had eyes for you from the start and when you started teasing her, it became a love hate relationship type deal
That's an option.
Some women just love being teased and treated "horribly". It's a complicated.
I dont think he knows how far weve gone. Like I was being as asshole one day and telling her women are better off unclothed and she actually let me undress her down to just her panties. I probably could have gone further but there was always the chance that my roomie was going to come back.
Would never tell him though unless he came to me with some sob story and feelings.
I just feel really bad for him. Hes like 5'8 and always complaining women wont like him for his height.
Im pretty sure she genuinely hated me. She often compared me to how nice he is. Just didnt go for him.
Maybe I should tell him to be a dick to her more. But shes already cemented him as a nice guy in her mind and he probably couldnt tease a girl without looking like an evil bully.
If you care about your room mate don't fuck around with her.

Breh you have to see her to understand.
And hes already been friendzoned.
Dude there's nothing to understand. If you don't want to hurt your roommate's feelings, don't fuck with her.

If putting your dick into her is more important to you, keep on going.
You just havent seen her.
Shouldnt he be understanding since he cant have her. Not like Im going to date her.
post pic of her OP
Ideally I could bring them closer together. But if thats not happening then this is the next best thing.
yeah, i'm sure your roommate will understand that you fucking her not 20 feet from his door was the best that you could do in this situation.

if you're not close with the roommate or just don't give a fuck, then keep playing with this girl and fuck her on the regular. she would be suck on your dick right now if you weren't a pussy and made a move already.

as for your betacuck roomie? he'll learn a valuable lesson. firstly, you're a fucking dick. secondly, he can't get hung up on dime a dozen bitches anymore.
You honestly don't care about your room mate, you just feel bad for him. Does that make you a shitty person? Not at all, but it doesn't mean you're a good person either.

It appears you're looking for someone to give you the green light you can achieve that yourself through this mentality: If you aren't gonna fuck her some other guy will so it might as well be you - because it sure as shit is not gonna be your "Friend".
Nah I care about him. Im not looking for a green light lol.
My roomie has typical nice guy problems and Id like to help. backing off does not help his problem.
>backing off does not help his problem.
But constantly rubbing it in his face that you have connection with the girl he likes does?

You honestly don't give a shit about him.
seems you're pretty set on fucking this girl already. your roommate will not be your roommate once this lease is over.
Im not even thinking of fucking her. More like when a hot girl is trying to sit on my lap and kiss me Im not about to reject her.
So if you have a way of helping him ill listen. But it doesnt seem you do.
Yeah you can start by not flirting with the girl in front of him so that he can at least know that you have his back you mongoloid fuck.
>not flirting with the girl in front of him
Not seeing how this helps his situation. Im not about the fuck her in front of him if thats what youre so worried about.
>Im not about the fuck her in front of him if thats what youre so worried about

you may as well at this point nigga.
lol you don't care about your friend so just fuck her already and then tell you friend you fucked her so that he can move on.

You're not the one to play Cupid at all, since you obviously can't analyze your own actions and their effects on others.
If I didnt care I wouldnt be trying to help.
You dont seem to be able to come up with a way of helping him.
Thats indecent.
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>trying to help
>"bro you have to understand that while i was pounding away and cumming in her mouth that i was only thinking of how to best help you."

>Thats indecent

help your friend find another girl if you honestly care about him. It will be easier because escaping the friend zone is impossible with you at the wheel and him in the back seat.
This thread is easy. Just fuck her.

If you get caught, just keep saying "ITS JUST A PRANK BRO"

You practically become invincible.
Do you have an alternative way of helping him. If not Im then theres no valid complaint.
You know its hard. Hes like
>I only love 1 girl at a time
>when I love I love hard
>I only want to be loved
>Im too short to be loved
If he didnt act like this it would be so much easier to find him a girl.

Stop implying that you are trying to help him, you're just sounding retarded.
nigga, you sound like one of those guys that's so far up his own ass that he can't hear anything besides his own rambling. the type of dude that's convinced he's always right.

you're already dead set on fucking his girl. just fuck her.

your roommate is going to despise you. you don't care. so why keep fucking asking about this? you clearly don't want to hear that this is a bad idea which is why you keep retorting with "well, what am i supposed to do besides fuck her in this situation? does anyone have a solution?" the solution has been said over and over, just don't do it if you value your roommate.

so what you're really looking for is someone to pat you on the back and tell you it's okay. to get your autistic ass to shut the fuck up then i'll do it.

your roommate will be fine. you're doing him a favor. he never has a shot with this girl anyway and who the fuck is going to pass up easy pussy with a 9/10? he'll understand once you explain it to him. it'll be okay. you're not doing anything wrong.
So trying to help someone is retarded now.
Thanks, I can disregard your opinion now.

>Can't even interpret correctly

Literally retarded
>you're already dead set on fucking his girl
Can you explain where I said I wanted to fuck her.
This level of projection is so sad but hilarious at the same time.
>the solution has been said over and over
Im sorry, I must have missed the solution. Where exactly did someone post a way to help him
>tell you it's okay
I never asked if it was okay. Youre projecting so hard. YOU want me to ask if its okay.
>you're not doing anything wrong.
I know. But it sucks not being able to help someone.
She's crazy. A lot of busted chicks like to be treated like shit because they think they don't deserve to be treated well. Her dad probably teased her growing up and nothing she did was ever good enough for him.
She passes the hot to crazy ratio so its fine.
Why is everyone on this board into cucking.
He's pulling away, I need to do something! Quickly let me have sex with you! Anything to keep you around!
Someone outside or your situation cannot project into your situation. Do you even know what projection is?
>Someone outside or your situation cannot project into your situation
you're to pussy to fuck her you
Fuck her. Maybe even date her. Push her away from all her friends and family except for you and him.

Then destroy her, completely wreck her and let him pick her up and be a white Knight saving her from you.

You loose him and her, and your own happiness for his sake.

This or a similar plan is the only way to make this work the way you want it.

Manipulation only comes in one color, and I bet it'd look good on you.
Nah Im not about to sacrifice my happiness to give him a shot. Would sooner send him the video lol.
You dont know how far we've gone lol. I only stop out of consideration for him having a shot with her.
He hasn't ever had a shot.

Take what you desire.

Succumb to the carnality of the flesh.

Release what ever foolish niceties you are holding on to.

You've known what to do from the start.
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>I only stop out of consideration for him having a shot with her.

OP reeks of some beta autist that's lying through his teeth and allowing his imagination to run wild about some 6/10 slut that's showing him a small amount of attention
Its not like she hates him. Itd be nice to push her towards him but I dont know how.
Theyre really good friends and she talks highly of him and thinks hed be a great bf to some girl.
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