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Ok, so I’ve been meeting a lot of girls...
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Ok, so I’ve been meeting a lot of girls recently, hitting on them in random places like subway, lunch places, university and so on...

I always manage to get their numbers and go on a few dates after that.

The main thing is, when I’m making a move (usually on the second date), I get rejected for varying reasons I can’t get.

That’s when I switch targets.

I don’t know what to do about it, and it is really frustrating.

I’ve been single for 6 months now, I’ve met around 20 girls and it is always the same thing.

So I think I need advice when it comes to go further on.

Here are some traits I have already been working on, but not necessarily for the girls perspective :

> I can dress, I shave (my face).
> I lift
> I read a lot of different things, and I would say that I am pretty educated about different fields, event if I major in Machine Learning (Maths - Computer Science)
> I am invested in my studies and have some plans on my own
> I have a good circle of close friends that I can count on
> I tend to always have something going on, and I would usually say no to a date if I already have plans
> I don’t text.

Here are some characteristics of my personality that might not help me, but I won’t give up on them for anybody:

> I don’t like bullshit and hesitation, and more when it comes to me. I can get someone that explain a situation and try to find a solution to it. But not people hesitating because of their insecurities.
> I would usually multi-task if someone is doing something barely interesting or if I feel like wasting my time
> In a debate, I would always defend the opinion that oppose the majority even thoughh that’s doesn’t meet my conviction.
> I tend to be really specific about the music I am listening to and I can’t connect for the generic “We’re having fun tonight songs”. I can dance though.
>I like people being organised and to have an opinion about things that are going on in the world.

As I said earlier, I would like some advice to get some action.

I know that some traits of my personality can be pain in the ass from time to time, but that’s not a good reason to miss the first base every time, with different kind of demographic (from physicians to freshly graduated high school girls).

I am not perfect, nobody is, but I have some things going on for me. I am asking you for a favour /adv, what is wrong with me ?
See wtf, all the women on here say 'dont hit on me in public' and yet this guy is a runaway success with it. Why do the girls on here just lie all the time?

Man, did you even read what I posted ?
nobody except that guy ?
maybe try again after they reject you

got pics? this isnt to confirm nor deny your attractiveness, cuz regardless of embellishments you're getting to dates with women so thats irrelevant.

i simply ask because photos can help us tailor your approach a little better.
looks like you're thinking too much

two ideas
>you're a great first impression, bad after that
>you're not giving them enough time.

men often have a type and the kind of girl you are reaching for isn't on tinder, or at a club. you're approaching girls in random places in real life and the girls are likely responding positively becuase its not a cliche modern 'hey bb lets bang' type of location (like tinder or a bar).

so when you try to 'make a move' after only the second date, that illusion is dropped. you are no longer that handsome man who was brave yet sweet enough to approach them in public and ask them on a date. you're now just one of the many dozens of men trying to get into their pants asap.

even these girls have many gentleman callers. a date isnt agreed upon becuase they are legitimately interested. a date basically means you are good enough to get an 'interview' with them.

these women arent hanging in slut locations, so they are looking for a real partner. general rule is waiting til at least the third date. many may wait until you are officially dating.
>I get rejected for varying reasons I can’t get.
What were those reasons?
No I'm not posting pics of myself online.

I don't even got a facebook.
Might have something to do with you seeing girls as targets. Maybe they're picking up on that.

Also, stop being a contrarian piece of shit.

i dont either, which is why i dont feel bad about posting my pics on 4chan. not really worried about them ebing traced back to me in any way.

Most of the time they are lot really relevant.

The most recent one was yesterday : "I have a boyfriend".

But the thing is, we've been on 3 dates since I have met her and she was always initiating things.

She texted me today excusing herself about the hints she gave me, and that she wants to be my friend.

I am not angry at her or anything but I am not putting my intentions on stealth mode to get closer to her either.

Most of the advice here makes senses, but there's a part I don't want to get into that game.
Other reasons why you get rejected?
Because they know you just want a girl, not specifically them.

I think they might think so.

But I've rejected girls two days ago, at a party.

And if I am spending my time with someone, going out of my way to engage a conversation and not just read my book and working on stuff that matters to me and that I have control on then trust me I think they might be something on my side.
I'm feelin a girls tits in the movies. First date btw.

Just kiss them bro. They will stop you if its too much
>But the thing is, we've been on 3 dates since I have met her and she was always initiating things.

Sounds like she didn't consider them dates. Another possibility is that the girls you're going after need a lot more time to feel comfortable around you. Consider >>16756997.

Also, I'm typically not a fan of the "three dates" rule. It takes me at least half a year to get comfortable enough with a guy I didn't know before to go on an actual date. Maybe these girls have that kind of mindset. Remember, you're trying to go from complete stranger to sexual relationship. That's a hell of a bridge to gap, especially if you're looking for a more long term relationship instead of a purely sexual one.
>Here are some characteristics of my personality

Girls don't like people with strong opinions. Pretend to be relaxed and super casual about everything. Dont talk about politics or world events with people you don't know very well. It may be fun for you but normal people really don't give a shit. The few people who do give a shit will be upset with you if your opinion even slightly differs from theirs.

Don't debate things with girls you're trying to date. They hate it.

> In a debate, I would always defend the opinion that oppose the majority even thoughh that’s doesn’t meet my conviction.

Don't do that. People cant understand this and will just assume you're an ass-hole or something.

Trust me bro, I'm telling you this from experience.

> Half a year.

I think this place is a bit special, and I am re considering its ability to provide good advice.
You did it m8!

You found the answer!

Never ask for dating advice from autistic retards. It just doesn't work.

> but normal people really don't give a shit

In what way are you abnormal ?

Thanks for your advice. I just feel like I will just hit on any girl and let the number game talk.

I just can't respect someone I can't talk with.

This is disappointing.
I go through similar things to you. If the same thing always happens, it means you have to switch things around a bit, experiment, and see what reactions you get.

My guess would be you're moving too slow. If you approach them on the street like that (pretty ballsy, not many guys do it) they expect you to make a move on them much faster, i.e. on the first date.
Although if that were the case, then maybe they wouldn't even agree to a second date. So I'm not sure.

I don't know, what do you do/talk about on your dates? Is there a sexual vibe?

What the actual fuck is wrong with that picture?

That is utter bullshit.
>I don't like bullshit

The people who say this always tend to be the most bullshit people.
I don't know what to tell you.

I have been on a lot of dates and i always kiss them on the first.

Maybe you are to "intense" about what you say to them on dates?
tell me 3 topics you ALWAYS talk about on your dates.
>That’s when I switch targets.

That's why you're failing, you're a creepy predator who's treating women like objects to stalk rather than people to interact with, what are you 14?

>Here are some characteristics of my personality that might not help me, but I won’t give up on them for anybody:

So what you're saying is not only are you an entitled piece of shit, but you expect people to come on board with who you are while you make absolutely no moves to meet them halfway?

Seriously though, stop trying too hard and stop being /that guy/. If someone doesn't want to sleep with you be okay with that and don't be an entitled dick about it. Be aware of what others' need are rather than your own

Women have to worry about shit like rape when meeting strangers, just because you've hung out with them a few times doesn't mean you've proven you won't sexually assault them.

>how many people are actually giving you their number so you'll stop pestering them?

Being single isn't the worst, just because society is telling you that doesn't mean you have to listen. Enjoy being single. Why should someone want to hook up with you if you're desperately trying to get some. Course there are people like that out there who are DTF, but likely you hold yourself in too high standard to chase that, sorry for assuming though, bro.

>I would like some advice to get some action.

For God's sake, action is such a creepy term to use for sexytimes, Switching targets, action is really just showing that you're not mentally mature enough to engage with someone enough to make them comfortable to sleep with you

Stop trying so hard. Nobody likes desperation. Stop focusing on sex so much and just do shit you enjoy doing, eventually you'll meet people who do the same

Also, asexuals are a thing so don't ever assume someone wants to sleep with you because you want to with them

>sorry for being that guy
>gotta hear this though if you're actually sad enough to ask for advice on 4chan
How do you hit girls in random places. I mean how the hell you hit a girl in lunch places?
Man stop cursing at me, I don't even know what you are so angry about.

And I have never said I want to sleep with them.

I just said :
> If I wanted sex I would have it.

Woman are human beings with needs they are not "special" in any kind of way you seem to think.

And stop focusing on sex man wtf.

Last week it was a girl that was about to go to lunch, and I asked if I could join her since I didn't know the place.

I met a group of girls yesterday in a coffee and they were talking about their jobs while looking very young.

So I joined the conversation.
Turns out they were older than me. I asked if they wanted to come with me on a comedy on friday and they accepted so I took their numbers.

It's not that difficult actually.

I tend to always talk about :

> Plans
> Music tastes and festivaI we've been at
> What was our childhood like
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