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How to move on
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>Met cute girl online
>have everything in common
>She lives with bad family where her mom buys smokes more then food
>One day I go to her house and bring her home with me, so she doesn't live an awful life anymore
>Have 4 amazing years together
>Help gf get a job at where I work, at Walmart
>Everybody at my job likes her
>Get fired a week later over nothing
>Car breaks down as well
>Struggle to get a new job for 6 mouths
>Girl leaves me for someone at the job
>Say she been cheating on me with someone at work
>She leaves me in a hurry, take her clothes and the PS4
>Wants to come back and take most of the Amiibo collection we got together too, and the Wii U
>She brought most of the fun stuff, while my money goes on bills
>And she said, she'll call the cops on me, if I hurt the guy she with now.

She used to be the sweetness girl I knew, and my only friend, but she said he has out grown me, and thinks she too good for me now.
This happen all last mouth too.

But it doesn't end there
>A week after she left, I got hired for a good paying businesses job
>Found a place to sell my old car, and get one hell of a deal, and got a new Camry

Right when my life was going to shit, I finally got some luck.
>Just got a call from my ex a day ago
>She living with bad people and has a nasty cut on her arm because of them
>She sick, and doesn't eat because the guy she was cheating on me with told her she was only for fun, not a girlfriend to him
>Told her all the good things that's happening to me
>and told her I'm keeping all the amiibo and other shit, and if you come near my house, I'll call the cops.

This is what she looks like from two years ago, she looks worst now, with brown hair, and a bunch of ugly make up.

I still don't know how a few people change her from being this sweet girl to the trash from the street.
Do you have a question?
She needed you, she went for you. That's how women think. The other guy was smart, fucked her while you paid for it.

Either you are a man and tell her to fuck off out you're a pussy and take her back.

Or even better, fuck her like he did. Do some booty calls, just go right in and fuck her, then dump that bitch.
She embraced it.
You fell for the "save me" routine. She never really had it in for you, you were just an opportunity.
Once she had some freedom she made the choices she wanted to make and it fucked her over. (As expected).

But you have to remeber she had no real parents, so she was never taught or shown good decision making. People in those situations have to learn things for themselves and make their own values and morals, they cant get taught.

She ended up coming to the wrong conclusions. Thats all.
A shame, but not worth boo hooing over.
Good for you. Hopefully she doesn't pull a crazy stunt trying to get your attention back

But I bet that's next
I wish she didn't do what she did, but it still hurts, and it fills me with rage.
All I did for her was for nothing, and to think we were going to get marry last year.

I want her back, but she not the same girl anymore in the picture.
She has become something awful, and rotten.
It hurts to sleep at night because I see her in dreams.
When we were happy and in love.
Now I'm disgusted to look at her, knowing what she has done to me, and how she change for other people.

We been together for 4 years, and she changes over night.
And it didn't help that everyone she work with been pushing her to dump me, and how she can get a better looking guy with a nice car, and a dick that works.

Yes, I'm have a problem with my dick, I can't get it up anymore, and I don't know why.
I cried like a bitch when it happen to me, and the doctors couldn't help me.
And I'm super fit and do 100 push ups everyday, so I don't know how it could happen.

She would throw it in my face how I'm not a man anymore because of my dick, and I couldn't get a job.
Made my life hell, but I push hard to make money.
I sold my plasma, my things, I stole things for her to make her happy.
But in the end it wasn't enough, I didn't want to lose the only girl I ever loved, but she change.

I wish my nightmares would end so I can move on, but she haunts me dreams at night, and I wake up think she next to me, but she not.
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Wow. Your pretty much pic related.

Grow up.

Anon, this really hit close to home for me.

Had something very similar happen to me.

Did she have BPD, Schitz, anything like that?
>She needed you, she went for you. That's how women think.
People say they never saw her becoming this, but ever since she started hanging out with other girls, and those girls put things in her head.
It felt like the girl I knew died, and this monster replace her.
>Once she had some freedom she made the choices she wanted to make and it fucked her over.
This sounds about right, to what is happening to me.
How do you stay with someone this long, for 4 years, and back stab them like this.
I'm not perfect, but I wasn't a bad guy, I never hit her, and say anything mean to her.
But I guess people change.

I don't want her back in my life, and I'm fighting the part of me that still wants her.
After what she did, I can't even look at her face with out being sick.

This is what she looks like now, last mouth Dec 20, on our anniversary.
A week later she told me how she been being a slut, and proud of it.

As you can see, she not the same girl anymore, not the girl I fell in love with.
I took her to build a bear and other places on our anniversary date.
Post her meth tits.
>People with this disorder also have high rates of co-occurring disorders, such as depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and eating disorders, along with self-harm, suicidal behaviors, and completed suicides.

This sounds like her now, but she wasn't always like this.
The people she hangs out with like to cut themselves and now she does it too.

Like I said, ever since she met those people, she threw away her life for them because the are fun to her.
Hell, she doesn't even play videogames anymore, just want to hang out with trash.
Don't have anyone this computer anymore.
Deleted everything to get her off my mind, all those pics are from my phone.

She didn't have much tit, she had a body of a loli.
I don't know if she doing drugs, but she does look like she high on something now.
You fucked up, m8. Those pictures were the only thing of value she had to offer at this point.
I don't even want to look at her body, knowing she been letting other people touch her.

The only thing of value I have from her, is all the shit she buys, and she buys alot of gamer swag.
Got like 70 amiibo, and over price rare videogame figures, that I'm selling right now.
It's n my house, she left, so all this is mine now.
Trade her amiibos for lewds.

You're being callous, and you know it.

OP made the right decision, to delete her nudes and stuff.

It will help him get over her faster


also, its your fault to think that some good girl can be raised by a shitty family, she just played you to get the hell out of there, learn from this and never be the enchanted prince again.
You do know what this board is for, right?
The girl I'm with was raised in a family almost as shitty as mine, and she's pretty cool. I mean, she's a little bit of an emotional sponge, but hell, aren't we all to some degree? Haven't had any problems for 2 years, at least. Everyone handles things different, anon.

OP have been with her gf for 4 years, and guess what?
Yeah, but by that logic, I should be pretty shitty, too, right? I'm not saying environment doesn't affect how you turn out. It does, but to varying degrees in different people, mate. You can't just say "oh, they're from a broken home, so it's your fault for not expecting them to be shitty" any more than you can say "they're from a good home, so they'll obviously be good".
People change.
The moment she meets someone else or makes friends with someone who fills her head with stuff of cheating on you, it can happen.

I should have seen it coming, since her friends like to talk about how they sleep around, and how she never had sex with anyone but me, they put things in her head saying it's ok to have one night stands with other people.

Now she wants to have it all the time, and doesn't care from where.
If it happens, it happens. Fuck, I enjoyed the ride. Anyway, have fun staying alone, I guess.
People never change. She always was such but maybe try to struggle with it.
Wait, aren't you the bad English guy who was agreeing with him a second ago? Here.
Oh. Sorry for assuming.
Yeah, but it won't help anyone fap faster.
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