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Educated/Smart women
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This is probably the wrong place to ask but,

Do you guys think a woman who is a scientist/ doctor/lawyer/ etc would consider dating a guy with no college degree (and starting a family with them) IF

1. That guy made more money than they do

2. That guy was smarter or as smart as them?

I've been on dates with girls that are very smart and have high paying jobs, and the topic of 'so where did you go to school' always comes up.

They assume I have a college degree because of the way I speak, the way I dress, the car I drive, and they assume it's Harvard/yale/etc

When I tell them I never went to college, I always get this 'Oh really' or 'Oh' followed by this kind of raised eyebrows look.

And it's like a death sentence for the relationship. It's like they here I have no degree, and they move me from relationship material, to fuckbuddy.

I HATE it.

All I want is a girl that's smart to have kids with so we can have smart kids.

What also pisses me off is after I say I never went to school, their demeanor changes. They use smaller words. They talk down to me.

Like bitch, I make more money than you and I'm smarter than you why are you using monosyllabic words with me?
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You actually started a sentence with the word "but"? Check please. This date is over.

thanks for your valuable input trip friend
If he's as smarter or as smart as me and educated enough (even if not formally), yes, I'd date him. Money doesn't even really matter.

Fair enough.

>money doesn't matter

It's an excellent indicator of intelligence though. I have a hard time buying that you're smart or you would know that
I don't know many really smart people doing minimum wage jobs, but I definitely know many people in well paid jobs who aren't really intelligent, at least by my perception.
So, yes, money is a good indicator but has its limits.

I mean, it's possible for someone to make 100k/yr and not be too smart.

They're not stupid, but they might not be the smartest.

But the guy making 1 mil a year, 100% of us are intelligent, by anyone's perception- it isn't up for debate
You can't really be smart. This is basic sales psychology. Very basic. You're answering the question the wrong way.

You have to frame the answer in an appealing way. If you're just telling them that you didn't go to college, they'll likely see you as lazy. What smart, hard-working woman wants a lazy husband?

If you were smart, you would have already thought of that. I think you're probably trying to date out of your league.

Can't say I agree. It depends on how they got there. There's plenty of brainless pricks at the top who got here because their daddy pulled some strings. And the only way they leave is if someone takes a special interest to knock them out. If you clawed your way up, even a little bit, then you've probably got some smarts. Otherwise, it depends.

Income is a horrible way to measure someone's intelligence.

I mean dude, of course I don't say that I 'didnt go to college'

I tell them " My time is too valuable to spend 4 years not getting paid' or 'why would I go and be lectured by people half as smart as me'

This is usually met with skepticism.


Excluding people that got where they are through nepotism**

I thought that was obvious.

Anyways, I said income, not net worth. Most rich kids, daddy leaves them in control of a company that generates 6 million in free cash every year, within 5 years, that company is out of business

Happens all the time. I'm a liquidator- I've liquidated dozens of companies like that.

Dad dies, Jhonny takes over the company, bank takes control of company, I strip the assets.
The way you reply makes you sound like a huge dick
>my time is too valuable
>lecturers are dumb

inadverdently insulting anyone who has ever attended college probably doesnt make you look any better to these women.
The arrogant bitches are probably right to end it before it get startet.

I hoocked up with a girl a loooong time ago.

Me IT infrastructure engineer before my country had any education aimed for that position. Just worked my way into the position basically by reading and understanding the manual whenever cisco made something new.

Her, university stutent, economics.

Fastforward to the end of 12 years relationship.

My payrate is dropping still working the same job, but now some academian with a fancy degree is the boss who's job basically is to tell me to do what I'm already doing. So I'm bounced down to a workmans salery while academian gets my pay.
At this time she gets a job as a tax-adviser to the ministry.
Guess who dumped who, and why (retorical)

(if it shows, yeah, English isn't my first language... or second, or third for that matter)
Nice blog

Go back to banging your third world dick against Chinese routers you subhuman rat
>'My time is too valuable to spend 4 years not getting paid' or 'why would I go and be lectured by people half as smart as me'

Maybe they treat you like that because you sound like a douchebag.

But that's the truth.

I'm a big believer in being honest.

Why would I go and pay money, so some guy with a limp dick, an ugly wife, and who drives a camry can lecture ME- ME.

I'm ME- if someone wants to lecture me, you better have a 7 digit income- if you do, I'm all ears.

I'll listen and soak up everything you say like a sponge.

If you make $50,000 a year and you want me to sit in class and take notes?

That's a joke. THATS why I didn't go to college- because when I was 18 I was making as much money as the 60 year old professors, so why would I let them lecture me?

If anything I should be lecturing them.
I'm in law school and I'm probably going to practice law afterwards. I really don't know, to be honest. It'd depend on a lot of different things, your question is pretty vague. If your post is all I'm going by though, I'm going to say I wouldn't date a guy without a degree. I was raised to value education, and I want to do the same with my kids. Having a parent who hasn't got a university education is not going to help me in doing so,

So in your opinion, formal education is the only education that counts, yeah?

Work experience and income are no substitute? What about the education of building a successful company from $0, with $50 in capital?

Counts for nothing?

I'm not trying to berate you- even though I think that's being very narrow minded.

I'm just trying to understand why these girls just want to fuck me 5 times a day for a week and none of them wants to settle down and have kids- I highly suspect it's the lack of formal education

To be honest, I feel cheated most of the time- if I wanted to fuck, I could call 5 phone numbers and have 5 girls at my place in 1 hour flat- if I invested the time taking you on a date, it's because I want a relationship, fucks are cheap and easy
Like I said, I don't know the details of your situation so I couldn't answer adequately based on your OP alone. And I still don't really know your story either, so you're not exactly helping. Starting a successful business from literally nothing would be awesome - it shows dedication, hard work and business acumen and those are things that I do value - but I don't know if that's supposed to be an example or if it's actually your situation.

However, I will say one thing. From that post, you sound like you don't really respect all women. You may respect educated, successful women, but you really come across as not respecting women in general. Or people in general, for that matter, judging by >>16751448. The women you're after generally don't like men who think they're better than a significant majority of the population and have no shame in admitting it and acting in a way that it's apparent. Honestly, even if you did have a degree, I wouldn't want to date you, because you really come across as a complete and utter dick.
I too, can lie on the internet

And with that, I bid you all goodnight

It's my situation.

Started dumpster diving when I was 17, found broken down antique furniture, broken computers, fixed it all, sold it. Lots of antique toys too.

Spent all my day rooting around in rich people's dumpsters will rich girls gave me snobby looks.

Used the money I made to bid on liquidation contracts, made $55k when I was 18.

First real money I ever made was when I was 18, I used $9,000 I made dumpster diving to buy a contact to liquidate everything inside a small insurance office that went out of business- I made $25,000 on that one job, never looked back.

>You may respect educated, successful women, but you really come across as not respecting women in general.

Look- I am handsome, young, and rich, so I want pretty, young, and rich women.

That's fair yeah?

As far as respect, I respect anyone that makes a lot of money- black, white, penis, no penis, short, tall, ugly, handsome, fat, skinny- as long as you make a lot of $$$ you have my respect.

I DO NOT respect the person with a PHD that works at mcdonalds- I ask them to make sure my fries are cooked extra crispy- what am I going to do, respect the person that cooks my fries?
There was a story on The Moth where an astrophysicist married a backpacking musician/barista. Some people appreciate not bringing their work home with them. It's rare in the sciences, but it happens.

I mean, it happens all the time where guys that are smart and successful marry stupid bimbos because they want the arm candy-

I think this is a fatal error, because I want a woman that will birth me a son with the genetics to take control of my company when I die- I want a smart kid, not whatever moron some bimbo pushes out.

I see lots of guys in my business, they are 50, 60, have a 30 year old wife and a 12 year old son- odds are their son is just going to spend all their money on drugs and hookers when they die, and run their company into the ground.

My company is my legacy, it's my baby, I want to do well after I die.
Yeah, see I don't want to date someone who's only goal in life is to make as much money as possible. There's more to life than just wealth, and I think a lot of people, especially women, feel that way.

And you've just confirmed yourself to be a dick. You know how people say that the biggest red flag is someone who is rude to service staff? You're the guy they're thinking of when they say that. There really is no mystery as to why the women you're going after are turned off by you. It's not that you're not formally educated, it's that you're just not a pleasant person in general. I'm sure there's some woman out there who's perfectly okay with that and who you think is worth your time, but you're going to have a hell of a time finding her.
Adopt proficient 12 year olds. Genetics are no clear indicator of success in life.

>genetics are no clear indicator

I disagree. My father came to this country with $20 in small bills and the clothes on his back.

He built a life for himself, taught himself english, taught himself everything. Worked at Mcdonalds, now he makes 100k$ a year- he achieved all this because he is the second hardest working man in the whole world.

When my father had me, he was making a little bit more than minimum wage. Now he owns his own house.

His son? THE hardest working man in the world. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Anyways, adopt a 12 year old? NO! I want my own flesh and blood son.

I don't mind the idea of mentoring a 12 year old with a deadbeat father, but I don't want to call him a son.


>rude to service staff

I'm not rude to them. To be honest, if I see service staff age 25+, I tend to be pretty indifferent to them, esp if they seem like american born citizen.

These people command no respect from me.

That doesn't mean I'm rude to them- I am polite. I just have a low opinion of them- there is a difference.

I worked as a dishwasher for 2 years, so I know what it is like to make minimum wage.

If I see someone, 16-22, young person, working as a waitor or other shit job, I tip them very well.

If I see someone who is clearly an immigrant working as a bus boy or a waiter, broken English, I tip them very well.

I respect these people because some day they may become millionaires worthy of my respect.

If someone is a US born service staff age 30+, I tend to look down on them- you were born in this amazing country and you are 30- you have no excuse to be poor.

That doesn't mean I'm rude to them- I pity them.
>now he makes 100k$ a year
>less than a casual truck driver
Sounds like a moron, working so hard for so little.

>I want my own flesh and blood son
There's a reason that successful business fail in the second generation.
If you're posting on 4chan, you're definitely not the hardest worker.

sorry to break it to you.
Your head is up your ass. That is not attractive to women. The more you post, the clearer it is that it's not your lack of education that can't land you a girlfriend.

I never said he was the smartest man in the world.


Where is my head up my ass? Did I offend you when I said that a 30 year old that was born in the USA, speaks english, and makes $8 an hour is a LOSER?

Because it's the damn truth.
There are thousands of doctorate holders working shitty reaserch jobs for university's and then there are are thousands of standard education holders owning million pound business.

Also not to mention some of the most successful business people in would never went to university or dropped out.
dude, you really sound arrogant, full of yourself and you seem to make the value of a person by the income they make, i don't know if you hear yourself but that sound really bad.

You should be more humble, money is nothing more than just some digital numbers on a bank account bro, it's "nothing".

Good luck with dating

It's "nothing?"

It's the quality of the food you eat. The quality of the house you live in. The quality of the car you drive. The quality of the clothes you can wear. The quality of women you fuck. It is EVERYTHING.

Most of all- it is freedom.

I could quit my job tomorrow, buy a house on the beach- never work again. Live in comfort, forever.

Can YOU say the same? No.

Because YOU don't have the same FREEDOM as me- money is FREEDOM.

This country- is all about FREEDOM- and FREEDOM=MONEY=FREEDOM

In general rich people tend to be,

>Harder working
>More attractive
>More polite
>More moral
>Have more faith


is that your response when your date asks why you didn't go to uni?

You sound mad bro.

To be honest, they usually never ask me why I didn't go to school- they know why I didn't go to school.

They know all those things already, they know it's because I'm smarter and richer than the professors that teach the classes.

So I very rarely have to explain it to them- I like smart girls. Smart girls know what is obvious.
OP, you seem to get very offended when people call you out on your attitude. You're not going to get the girlfriend you desire unless you fix it, and getting mad when people point it out isn't helping either. If you're unwilling to change, then don't ask for advice.

I guess the reason I made this thread was to gauge how many women see having a degree as a status symbol, and won't consider a serious relationship with a man that doesn't have that status symbol- even if he has every other status symbol.

You get it?

It seems to be a fair % of women, that say, well, I don't want to tell my parents I am dating a guy that has no degree even if he is rich

IMO it's stupid
>son of successful father
>son turns out to be an arrogant prick with an attitude problem
>can't figure out why people don't like him

Guys I honestly think we're talking to Elliot Rodger's ghost
Wow dude you sound like a douche. I bet those girls are thinking ' oh that makes sense ' when you say you don't have a degree.
But you're using money as a status symbol.
well i'm not rich and still, i'm happy, sure i wouldnt say no to a little extra of money to make my life more comfortable, but materialistic things are just a bonus for me, not the purpose of my life.
I'd rather stay poor with the love of my life by my side, a loving family, a simple but fullfilling life than being ultra rich and alone with my expensives cars in my garage.

That's just another vision of life bro, the best would be to be in the middle of both i guess.


why so much hostility?

First of all, my father is successful, he has a middle class life, owns his own $200,000 hours, owns his own car, probably has maybe 4, 5 hundred thousand to his name.

I don't know. I've offered to buy him a mcmansion multiple times, tried to buy him a new car, he won't take a penny from me.

All I want is to to put my dad in a nice house, give him enough money so he can retire, make him have a nice life- he won't let me.

That's another issue for another thread though.

I'm not asking why people don't me- I find that I get along really well with "alpha male" type guys.

I have plenty of A type male friends, we get along great.

People that like me isn't the problem- I never said people don't like me.

I am sure the 30 year old mcdonalds employee doesn't like me- that's fine, because I don't like him

How is that relevant to the thread?
if i might add to my post :
At the very end, it wont be your money that hold your hand while you let go, or it wont be your bank account that will carry your coffin...

i don't wish you bad things, OP, as i said, you should be more humble, that's all, don't look down on others people because they make less money than you, that's just a pity
I have never stepped foot in a college classroom and 29 years old. I am also a Digital Advertising/Marketing director for a large energy company.

If someone loves/likes you, they do or they don't. It may have to do with socioeconomics, intelligence, or looks or it may not. Its whats important to that person.

If you aren't someone THEY are looking for, then its not meant to be anyways.
You sound dumb. Really dumb. These women are right to disregard you.
DESU a girl that jerks herself off over education rather than achievement is a right faggot and not dating material anyway. I hope you make them pay for dinner senpai.

Anyway my own mother was more educated than my father so it's not impossible to find, you just have shit luck.
Confirmed for retarded
>Read >>16751381
You sound fedoracore.
I highly doubt you're as intelligent as you sound.
I make more money than you ever will yet I don't claim that to be an indication of intelligent/smart someone is. In my job I've met a load of people who are close to my value, but they're not that smart at all.
It's not the job that counts; it's what happens in the bedroom.
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educated women are not very often smart...
Your basic problem is you don't respect/show/treat with respect women who succeeded via college, which is a proven way for women to get ahead in life, but you want to date those women. They want to date someone who has respect for how them and how they became successful. Because they see it as how they became successful, they see you as dumb for not respecting it. You can change your attitude or the type of woman you want, or continue to fail at getting what you want from them. You seem smart in the hard working/knowledge sense, but not the social sense.
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Some of the dumbest fucks I know graduated college. I don't put too much stock into it. Also, I'm pretty dumb myself, and I have a degree in Chemistry. Money, status, etc, doesn't really make much of a difference to me when it comes to who I'm interested in dating, as long as you don't start sucking my $$$ dry. I make good money and have a pretty good job.

However, I'd probably be turned off by you. Though you seem to think the issue is these women seeing you as inferior, I get entirely something else. I feel like you think you're better than... most everyone. You feel like these people look down you for not having a degree, but it seems like you look down on everyone else for having less money or who you perceive as less intelligent... maybe even someone that has a shitty car. Also, the whole wanting to procreate smart babies thing creeps me out, but I can't put my finger on why. It's like you're shopping for an appropriate incubator, maybe? I don't know, maybe I'm misunderstanding your post, but you sound like kind of a dick who's full of himself.

Don't get me wrong- there are PLENTY of women who are like 'don't have a masters? bye", and some even have the nerve to operate that way even though they have a GED and restock shelves. But maybe there's a reason you keep attracting these kinds of women.
OH jesus. So I wrote this without reading the thread AT ALL. Holy shit was I right.
read the thread.

OP is a psychopath.
>It's like you're shopping for an appropriate incubator, maybe?


To be perfectly honest I see little point in dating/love/romance other than reproduction.

In 1742, yeah, sex, was a big motivator for guys to get married and settle down, but this is 2016- sex is no longer a motivator. Sex is worth $0.

If I'm dating a girl I'm primarily interested in her WOMB- because that's the only thing she has that I don't have and NEED her for.

Get it?

Life is based on need- I need a womb, which is why I'm willing to pay for girl's dinners left and right

What I DONT need is more stupid fuckbuddies or FWBs or any of that other tripe- it's too damn easy to get.

To be honest, women that act like 'hey you should be super excited that I'm fucking you for free' REALLY grind my gears- bitch shut up, everyone else is fucking me for free too.

Men tend to date down whilst women tend to date up. So without further ado: Yeah, you're in a disadvantage when trying to date educated women as a relatively uneducated man. Still, if you're intelligent and have a decent job, you should have no problem compensating for that and landing one.

Honestly, I think your attitude towards money and intelligence is a bigger dating obstacle than you not having a college degree.

>If I'm dating a girl I'm primarily interested in her WOMB- because that's the only thing she has that I don't have and NEED her for.

I was way to kind in my first reply.

OP is not looking for any form of emotional fulfillment in a relationship. He's just trying to find a woman he can trick into dating and put up with long enough to spread his "marvellous" genes.

OP is a sociopath. Another case cracked Watson!
>OP is not looking for any form of emotional fulfillment in a relationship.

You don't get emotional fulfillment from relationships, you get it from being successful in life.

I have all the emotional fulfillment I would ever need- trust me.


>, and some even have the nerve to operate that way even though they have a GED and restock shelves.

Worse than that are the ones with the masters that re stock shelves.

Had a one night stand with some cashier I talked about, stupid bimbo, maybe a 9/10, 10/10... really nice body.

Body that you find on you know, 1/10,000 women. A real gem.

Reason it was a one night stand?


This bitch, didn't know I had no college degree, she had a masters, kept bragging about it,

I think she had an art history degree- kept talking about art.

I believe at one point she said something along the lines of 'If I had as much money as you I would invest all my money in art yaknow because like the art that they sell for $10,000 today will be worth like, a million dollars in ten years'

Like dude, it's not worth keeping these women around, 10/10 body or not.

Dude, it's kind of sad you haven't had/don't want someone you just enjoy spending time with. Do you... have a best friend? A woman that couldn't care less about your money and actually likes being around you? Any friends you DO have I imagine there's some weird competition frenemies type shit going on.

The problem with the women you're dating is they see you as:
A.) inferior due to your lack of education.
B.) kind of a sociopath.

The ones that don't see you has inferior are decent people who realize you're likely toxic. And the ones that see you as inferior- well honestly, you're just alike. You're mad at them for doing something that you do yourself. Thinking they're better than someone based on some arbitrary shit. Any woman that's willing to let you use her as an incubator is also likely going to be someone you see as too inferior to carry your seed. Your nasty attitude has gotten you in quite a catch 22.

You seem super hostile... for no real reason. I get that having money DOES show you the ugly side of shitty women (trying to use you, trying to manipulate you, etc), but jesus man, look at yourself. Calm. thefuck. down.
Sherlock, you're so wrong. Look at how fulfilled he is.

Oh, so filled. SO FILLED FOR YOU.

Have lots of male friends, male friends up the ass.

Guys like me, we know that we typically only get along with other guys that are very successful, and we are rare enough that when we find a like minded individual, we become great friends over night.

Plus, having friends that are in positions of power is pretty useful. I break no laws and commit no crimes, but if I ever got a speeding ticket, all I would have to do is make 1 phone call and the speeding ticket goes *POOF*.

To be honest, if I shoot someone the murder charge would go *POOF*

Those are the kinds of people that I count among my friends- people with POWER. People with MONEY.

Those guys will make my speeding tickets and murder raps go away because they know sooner or later they will be in Miami or the Bahamas and they will want to stay in one of my vacation houses- and I'll let them.
Really? You bitches are way too shallow for that. We all know its your nature to one-up your mate.

>Gets all the emotional fulfillment he needs from his own succes. Needs others only to acknowledge this.

>Only interesting in a relationship to spread his own genes

>Doesn't miss an opportunity to drop he makes a lot of money, is intelligent and reluctantly has many one-night stands with smoking hot women

I'm not a psychologist, but that seems like a textbook case of narcissism to me OP.

I wouldn't expect a narcissist to spot that in himself though.
I'm a poor as fuck guy about to go on a date with some posh totty.
I dropped out of college and now work behind a bar.
She's doing a fucking doctorate or some shit and she's 5 years older than me.
They're out there, anon
Of those fields? No. If they're disciplined enough to go through the trials in order to achieve that career, they most likely understand the importance of dating someone with similar pursuits.

That's not to say every woman in those fields thinks this way. I've seen plenty of guys who (while equally successful in their own right) date a woman who had a degree while he didn't.

The main thing is being aware of what you can offer her that the jerkoffs she works with can't. Are you cultured? Funny? Have an interesting life? Etc.
You come off as an arrogant dickhead.
Ok, mind responding to the entire 2nd half of that post? >>16753849
That's what I'm more interested in- if you understand what I'm saying, and if it makes sense to you.

Heck, maybe you're right.

Maybe they do think I'm inferior because I have no degree- I've actually had (women) say 'Why don't you get a degree now you can pay for it no problem?'

It's a possibility- in the OP I said that I strongly suspected that was the case.

My bank account, my body, and my mind, my face, my dick are all flawless works of art- so that's not where they are drawing issue from.

I'm even tall- what else could you possibly want ladies?

The only thing they could be drawing it from is my education.

Anyways- look-

If she is the kind of person that respects education for education's sake, then we won't get along. Because I have no education, and therefore, in her eyes, I'm not 'perfect'

Personally, I don't respect education- I respect what you DO.

If what you DO is work at Goldman Sachs and make $10 million a year BECAUSE of your Harvard degree, then I respect your Harvard degree.

If you go to Harvard, and your job is washing dishes- I'm supposed to respect you just because you went to college?






>interesting life

This is up for debate- in my opinion yes.
>what else could you possibly want ladies?
Someone who isn't an arrogant douchebag.
Counts more than your bank account, body, face, dick and height.
Then the girl isn't nearly as smart and open-minded as you thought and you should move on. It's not because she has a high degree that she's intelligent. That's more correlation than causation.
>It's not because she has a high degree that she's intelligent

I know- I'm more interested in women that either

1. I know will be successful in life (girl that makes $0 per year but is in harvard doing a math degree)

2. Girls that are in successful careers not the start of her career-

Life is like a race- if you're at 21, and make $0 a year, it's fine, IF I am convinced you will be making lots of money at 25.

Simple yeah?

Harvard actuary making $0 a year- going to do real well in life.

University of Arizona art degree making $0 an hour- stupid bimbo. Don't even want a ONS with her because I have lots of stupid bimbos I can call up that in all likelyhood, look a lot better than her.
at the start of her career**

Chance of birth defects goes up the older a woman gets so I'm afraid being under 25 is a requirement
Just so you see my opinion counts, I'm a woman, in university. A good university. I'm majoring in physics, and yes, I'd date/eventually marry a guy (or girl) who doesn't have a degree (or any other form of high education). That being said; I'd like for my partner to be economically self-sufficient, and, if possible, not to be a moron. You sound just fine to me. If all the woman you've met treat you like that as soon as they learn of your academic background, maybe you have shit taste on woman. Or just bad luck.
>It's the quality of the food you eat. The quality of the house you live in. The quality of the car you drive. The quality of the clothes you can wear. The quality of women you fuck. It is EVERYTHING.
>literally compares womans to objects
>wonders why educated woman won't go out with him

You're an asshole, OP.
>You sound just fine to me
Have you read his posts ITT?
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But anon, don't you get the catch 22?

YOU see people as inferior that don't have much money, success, good job, etc.

OTHERS see you as inferior because of your lack of education.

Ones that DON'T see you as inferior for lack of an education are going to be someone you either see as:
-inferior yourself
-OR they will think you're an asshole.

So you're kind of fucked.
The fact that OP is whining this much is more of a turnoff than his educational background. My boyfriend is in community college and may not have a STEM major but he's got a winners attitude. OP's sounds like his attitude is probably moronic if he can't shrug off a woman's attitude change and use the opportunity to prove them wrong. Basically a man who accepts challenges is always more attractive than a man who takes this shit personally.

Btw I'm also a woman in university so my opinion counts.
Talking about women like that is exactly why you keep attracting the arrogant kind like you.
No. Should I? I'm guessing you're asking this bc he has shown himself to be an asshole. Too lazy to read them tho
I'm pretty sure you wouldn't say he's fine if you'd read his posts. Skim through the thread and see what you think.
well you definitely should.
He watched American Psycho too many times and says college is stupid because he's smarter than everyone.. but I suspect it bothers him deep down. I wonder if his alpha male friends make snitty comments about it in passing.

"Jim, what was your alma mater again? The school of hard knocks right?" ::scoffs and sips delicious scotch::

First of all, since this is an advice board, I'll give you some.

1. Successful people don't watch movies. If they do, they watch 1 per month. They also don't watch tv or play video games.

2. "Alpha males" Don't make snide remarks about their friends- they respect their friends.

If you don't respect someone, you shouldn't be their friend in the first place.

Making passive aggressive remarks or showboating to friends is a pretty clear indicator that you're not cut from the same cloth as me or my friends
Sure. I'm a highly educated woman and as long as the man was well spoken, open minded, a good communicator, and worked passionately at his job, I would consider dating him.

There are plenty of brilliant people who do not attend college, and plenty of stupid people who do.
Since I have have high standards for my own intellegence, I also have high standards for my partner's intelligence. He could, hypothetically, still meet those standards without a college education.

That being said, I do not actively pursue men who I know have not gone to college on the off chance that one of them is very smart.
You see, I think his problem is that de didn't watched Ameerican Psycho.
It's basically a criticism to his life-style.
he* American*

What do successful people do for enterntainment?
That first point is totally incorrect, just so you know. To imply that all or most successful people do not watch movies or play video games is absurd.

Perhaps there is a correlation between good time management and success, but setting aside recreational time for leisurely activities (like watching movies and playing video games) helps people with otherwise busy lives to de-stress and maintain a stable emotional state.

In fact, someone who works so tirelessly that they don't have time to watch a movie is likely a very high-strung and fragile individual. Recreations like reading, watching TV, and listening to music are very conducive to success in controlled amounts.
He did, but he didn't pick up on the commentary.

He was like

Sure, you respect your friends, but people you think are "below" you, even ones you don't know personally, hey, they're fair game to disrespect as you please.

Are you deaf? Blind? Retarded? Did your dad drop you on your head as a child? Are you dense or something? Everyone in this thread is telling you straight: You're acting like a total cocksucking bastard. It's no surprise women you want to marry tell you to fuck off.

He's clearly batshit insane, and will not listen to rhyme or reason.
Ok. I've read most of his answers, and now I'm pissed. He sounds like a complete and utter asshole. His problem is not his lack of education. It's his personality. Looking down on women comparing them to assets? Judging a person's intelligence and how much respect you should show them by their income? Either OP is an idiot, or he's a retard. Some of the most intelligent people I know are professors at my university. They gave up their job at the CERN and the NASA to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. Because they wanted to teach. They earn a lousy income, but they are far FAR more intelligent than OP will ever dream to be
there's your problem
You should keep trying

why would you date someone so shallow? WHY WOULD YOU DATE WOMEN IF YOU ARE WEALTHY?

Successful man reads a book 1 hour a day to relax, not successful man watches TV for 3 hours a day and rots his already feeble mind.


Oh no the cashier at mcdonalds will disrespect me on 4chan or at his bernie sanders 2016 rally
At some level, OP is still the guy roving through other people's garbage while girls look down on him with disdain and disgust in their eyes.
Like when you don't realize something that is right in your face?
[spoiler]the business cards are really pretty, tho[/spoiler]
I wonder what kind of book you read.
The Prince, maybe?
Maquiavel was also an asshole
No intelligent woman will want to bear your children because she'll be able to see that you're a sociopath. Or is it psychopath? You've painted yourself into a corner.
Wouldn't you agree that reading words and looking at a visual are both ways of obtaining information and exercising the mind?

Yes, watching trash TV is not as good of a mental exercise as reading a challenging novel.
However, reading vs watching is not what makes the difference- the content that is being viewed is what's important.
Reading the script for "Keeping up with the Kardasians" is no more enriching than watching the TV show.

There are plenty of TV programs that are packed with knowledge, and have complicated themes or sophisticated characters. Not all TV programs are created equal, and to dismiss someone for "watching TV" without considering the educational prospects is foolish.

Additionally. Even intelligent people enjoy television that they find amusing or funny. To say that someone is unintelligent because they occasionally enjoy unwinding in front of something that makes them happy is quite an assumption.

Also please stop pulling number out of your ass. There is no way for you to know "how much intellegent people read per week" or "how often successful people watch a movie". You're pulling statistics out of your ass.
Does OP realize that his vile attitude is what turns women away, not a lack of college education? I didn't take the time to read all of the responses.
He does not.

Life has taught me this much- people that succeed, they spend a lot of time WORKING.

People that fail spend a lot of time RELAXING.

At the end of the day, there are tiers of activity that you spend with your time.

Tier 1 : WORKING- or looking for ways to do your work better, faster, smarter, or looking for better work.

Tier 2: Weightlifting. Learning a new language. Something that is an investment in yourself.

Tier 3 - Trash tier: Chasing girls. Reading books. Watching TV.

The more time you spend in Tier 1, and the less in Tier 3, the better.

Time management is important.
Don't bother trying, by the way.
And you, Mr, don't have the slightest idea of what language is and guide yourself by what some "scholars" decided arbitrarily because they wanted to sound high-class.

Why is reading books below weightlifting? I work out regularly to avoid becoming a fat nerd, but I learn quite a bit while reading. It's also difficult to learn a language without reading. Maybe if you exclusively read Dan Brown novels it is different, but there is a lot of substance and knowledge in books, friend.
learning a language is as valuable as weightlifting?
do you even business?

Learning a language = investment in your mind

Weightlifting= Investment in your body.

The mind and body are both important.

You need both to be ship shape. 1/2 doesn't cut it.


Reading books is a pleasure activity- pleasure activities all go in tier 3.

There is a tier 4- smoking weed, drinking, shooting up heroin, smoking cigarettes, un protected sex with strangers,

But I didn't feel the need to include that stuff because everyone knows it is a bad idea.

Plain wrong, OP. The goal of life is not succes, but happiness. Less work and more social interaction with close ones leads to more happiness, that's science 101. Those who invest only in themself and their career end up miserable.

I'm sure you'll disagree though. Being the narcissist that you are, I doubt you'll ever see what empty life you're living. A blessing in disguise, really.
Okay, I somewhat agree with you here.
Time management is key.
The element that you're missing is balance. Some people work much harder and more efficiently when their in tier 1 if they have some time in tier 3 as well. Perhaps they have enough self discipline to spend ALL their time in tiers 1 and 2, but eventually most people burn out and begin to produce less while they work. Having some time in tier 3 allows for a release that actually helps people focus when it's time to work. This is where the saying "work hard, play hard" comes from.
Humans naturally need this grace period to shirk responsibility and to enjoy animality. That is why the concept of "festival" is so deeply rooted into human culture. That is why every culture has "holidays". Humans naturally require time in tier 3. Successful people have simply identified their individual balance between tiers 1 + 3.

I'd also like to touch on tier 2. Because we're talking about success, which is a socially constructed idea, you are correct in saying that things that are impressive publicly (like excelling at a sport or learning a new ability) are a tier above things like reading or watching tv.
However, that's only because of the social construct. Obsessing over weightlifting is not fundamentally better than obsessing over anime, for example. Howevee, because one's physical appearance improves as a result of weightlifting therefore making the individual more desirable, it is a tier above socially.
>Perhaps they have enough self discipline to spend ALL their time in tiers 1 and 2, but eventually most people burn out and begin to produce less while they work.

Yeah, there is a word for those people 'weak'.

>Obsessing over weightlifting is not fundamentally better than obsessing over anime,

Obsessing over weightlifting leaves you an Adonis figure, obsessing over anime leaves you... bleh.

The company you are included in is very important- would you rather count yourself among 'anime experts' or ' guys with rock hard bodies' ?
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