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Alright /adv/ pull up a seat. I've made the biggest mistake of my life. I'm going to make this not sound like I'm venting the best that I can, but here we go.

>be 19, m, virgin, average looking (I suppose)
>I'am really anti-social except for my friends that I've already been friends with for many years.
>Primary friend group consists of 3 other dudes and 1 girl. (All about the same age. Same high school grad year.)
Going to just label them as Dudes 1,2, and 3.
>Dude 1 is honestly an ass and has been with girl for about 5 years and now is in like an on-off relationship kind of thing with girl because they just keep cheating on each other (or something).
>Dude 2 is coolguy that rumor to me had some intimacy with girl. Multiple times, idrk.
>And Dude 3 is niceguy and is pretty much the girls "best friend" because they both give each other great moral support.
>I know extremely little about girl other than she likes to drink... alot. She had a short term relationship in school with another friend (Dude 4. We'll go back to him later). Shes really quiet around me, and she has had some affairs and whatnot. probably form drinking.
>and there's me. Hi.
>we all drink together and all like vidya.

>Dude 2's Mommy is going away for a week and his house is to himself. He invites all of us for overnight hang outs/sleepovers.
>Go over one night and its just me, Dude 2, and girl. Nothing new, have drink, have drinking games. some vidya. go home after sobering up.
>I get home and pass out.
>have dream of girl just, crying and hugging me saying that she needs me.
>wake up, now im randomly super in love with her.
>i always kinda liked her, but this dream really made me want her, like, holy shit. I've had crushes and shit before, but this was so different.
>i've known her and kinda hung out with her in the group of friends for years, but so suddenly im in love.
>Go over Dude 2's the following night and im getting super butterflies being around her. same shit. drink. game. sleepover
(Cont.) OP

>Wake up in the mourning and drive home.
>really cant get this girl off my mind, I don think shes in a relationship right now. maybe i'll just flat out ask her.
>next night i go over Dude 2's house and its just me and him for now.
>he tells me that he think girl really likes me.
>o god... i have to tell her now.
>do drink n' play and when the night is done i offer girl to drive her home.
>she insists but im just like, naw its okay.
>as im driving i tell her i get really uneasy aroun her because im in love and stuff.
>she just tells me to text her as she gets out of the car.
>thought i fucked up, i didnt get her... and i dont even text her because im just too nervous.
>the next night we drink and play truth or dare with myself, girl, and Dudes 2 and 3.
>i get truthed to say how i feel about girl.
>i say i really like her.
>i truth girl same question and get no response.
>(yeah, she totally hates me and im making her feel uncomfortable.) shit.
>night goes on and im tired af so i lay down in dude 2's futon bed thing while dudes 2 and 3 are chillen in the kitchen and girl decides to lay down with me. says shes tired too or something.
>i sort of hug her slowly and awkwardly for a few minutes and she just rolls over, says "im sorry for this", then kisses me for a good 5 - 10 seconds.
>she says sorry again and rolls back over and i comfort her telling her its okay. and things pretty much kick off from there.
>ta-da! have gf now.

>About a month later, Dudes 1 and 4 know about me and girl and want to talk to me.
>Sure, im friends with both of them, why not?
>go over their houses individually and talk to them and they both explain to me how shitty of a person/gf this girl is.
>also find out that shes been on and off both of these guys at the same time for months. even as we speak while im officially her bf.
How did she react?
(Cont.) OP

>ok im dead inside now. have to decide if i want to really try and continue the relationship with her or to just end things now and just explain to her that this was really rushed into or something.
>i work overnights, i actually just started a day after we made relationship official.
>go over dude 2's house to chill with girl for a bit before i leave for work. (Dudes 2 and 3 are pretty much the tie between me and girl because we are still just starting out and dont really know each other to well or whatever).
>I tell her, crying, that i know what she is doing and that im not looking to mess around. my feelings are 100% real and i would like to have a real relationship.
>she says ya and hugs me, we make out, i go to work.
>also find out that she is apparently pushing dudes 1 and 4 away, so, maybe she really does care about me like i do her.

>About 2 months roll by and dude 1 starts talking to girl again.
>he tells me that they are just talking and they are just catching up. and would really like to all be friends yadayada.
>ok, that would be nice.
>we all go on this camping trip to some camp ground (all being me, girl, dudes 1,2, and 3)
>Dude 1 goes to girl and says he wants to talk to her alone, she says to ask me first.
>he never comes to me, so i eventually ask him what the deal was.
>says its nothing, just wants to talk to her and stuff.
>i got a pretty vague idea of whats going on here, so i tell him not unless in front of me.
>girl told me he like, rubbed her back or something while walking by her and i bring that up to him.
>he denies it and pretty much walks away.
>dude 3 tells me that he will go with dude 1 and girl while they talk and i can trust him.
>okay whatever, go for it.
>let them talk and everything is just fine afterwards.
>ask dude 3 what happend and he just said arguing shit.
>ya sounds about right
>ask girl even later on and she says similar only that he tried to kiss her and tell her that he misses her and all this other junk.
sorry im still going, i'll let everyone know when im done
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Your story is long and retarded and has a game of "truth or dare" in it like you guys are fucking middle schoolers in a shitty Disney movie.

I don't even care what the end of this childish Degrassi drama is. All of you dudes are tripping over your own dicks to get at this girl who pretty much just triangulates all of you for attention without any intention of treating you with any sort of mutual respect.

You guys keep drinking and taking turns hooking up with her and its stupid because as soon as your balls drop she'll wander off somewhere and end up getting pregnant in the parking lot of an Applebee's while the rest of you move on with your adult lives and eventually regard this diluted tale of young aspergers with the same regard and severity that you would recall a time you had diarrhea for a week.

That's it, move it along kid, none of you are marrying this girl. Doesn't matter.

Please stop, we don't need anymore. Your friends are garbage, this girl is garbage. Grow up. Find a hobby.

Stopped at the dream. If you are aware of the dick-fencing going on around this girl and still think being within ten meters is a good idea, you need to see more chicks. And find more friends.
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Tl;dr OP fell in love with a massive slut who keeps fucking her several beta orbiters

Dump her and dump your shit friends
(Cont. OP)

>but she says that she really loves me and wants to be with me, that shes never had a better bf in her life and so on.
>okay i believe her. and i know any girl will say that, a gf will pretty much not tell you that you are not the best. but i really think she means it. after all, its been like 6 months together with her and shes seemingly becoming a totally different person.
>(forgot to mention, about a month before camping, she started living with me in my moms basement apartment thing. so we are pretty much together all the time.)

>3 months after camping, dude 4 starts talking to girl again. great, here we go with this shit again. except i dont think hes trying to get back with her, just wants to know why she did what she did and whatever.
>and i actually cant confirm it, but i think it was girl that started to talk to Dude 4 again first.
>Dude 3 and girl decide to have party hangout night with everyone at my place. im cool with it.
>its now me, girl, Dudes 2,3,4, Dude 2's cousin and Dude 5. (dude 5 is awesome, but is irrelevant to the story.)
>we all drink and girl is pretty drunk, so is dude 3 and 5. me and dudes 2 4 and dude 2 cousin had like nothing.
>i just didnt drink because i felt too uncomfortable with girl giving dude 4 the looks and shit. meanwhile dude 4 is just looking at me like, what the hell is she doing...
>Dude 2 and dude 2 cousin leave and i gotta babysit drunk-tards with dude 4.
>dudes 3 and 5 are throwing up outside and im taking to girl about dude 4 and she just runs down the road away from me.
>im pretty mad and so i just chase her, and carry her back home and tell her to just relax, dude 4 asks if he can just talk to her... alone.
>whatever, really dont give a fuck right now, i still gotta take care of the two drunk guys that are trowing up everywhere.
>turns out, to my knowledge anyway, that they did indeed just "talk" and the night went on, dude 3 slept over and dude 4 left with dude 5.
Surprisingly accurate.
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could you please stop, dude. no one is reading your shitty story anymore. this girl sucks and your friends suck. the end.
I'm reading but >>16748182 is right. Your relationship was pretty toxic OP.
(Cont. OP)

>Next day, dude 4 tells me that she tried to get back with him and tried to hold his hand and shit. seems like dude 4, unlike dude 1, is still somewhat loyal to me as a friend and is looking out for me, doesn't want what happened to him happen to me.
>i bring this up to girl and all i get from her is "i dont remember last night".
>we argue and this is when i attempt my first breakup.
>of course she is emotional and im just super mad. but we get over it somehow and continue with our relationship. God dammit i have no self esteem...

>5 months later, we've been together for almost a year. we went through the holidays, everything is good, we love each other, she wants marriage,(im smart enough to say no, thank god...) she wants a baby, okay, i want a baby too. so we start trying.
>Dude 2 wants to hang out with me and girl and has Dudes 1 and 3 over his house already.
>we go over there.
>there"s an instance where i look at girl and see Dude 1 reaching over to like, stroke her leg with an empty bottle or something...
>i ignore it until we leave then i bring it up to her.
>she denies it and i literally tell her I've seen it happen with my own eyes.
>she still denies it and screams at me to bting her back there because im trying to end things with her again. i pull up and, i for got what exactly happend to trigger this, but she rips the keys out of my ignition and tosses them in dude 2's yard. theirs snow everywhere, so its probably deep in snow somewhere.
>im fucking pissed now, so we are both out the car looking for keys and we both start physically fighting,
>after fight we find keys and again, we somehow made up and went back to my place.
>i see that i left bruises on her chest and im in a super guilt trip right now. so the next 2 or 3 times she hangs out with friends, i dont go with her.
>its now somewhere around our 1st year anniversary and she takes a pregnancy test and it comes up positive.
>don't worry, He knows
Sounds like that one cuck story from awhile ago.

Holy fucking shit.
continue OP this story actually made me break out the popcorn (don't care if its pasta either)
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Hahahaha, you're fucked.

This is hilarious. I bet the story continues that any guy in your friend group could be the father.

If it isn't actually a troll, then good, you all deserve each other. This shit's funny as fuck.
(Cont. OP)

>im super happy right now and i gave her the most heart felt hug that ive given her in a long time.
>about a moth passes and it turns out Dude 1 moved out of state or something, its apparently why hes been hanging out in the group a little more frequently.. whatever, good riddance.
>we go do sonogram things and im still so excited that im gonna be a papi, she is really pumped as well.
>go through the whole pregnancy with little problems, same shit really. i think shes cheating on me, she tells me shes not.. yadayada i have no evidence, im literally just basing this off her past actions, mainly before i started off with her.
>the only major thing is that we got the baby stuff settled in my moms basement and something happens where she just kicks us out... literally 3 weeks before the baby is born.
>i die inside again and we get to stay in girls old room in her house with the baby.

>skip to baby birth and voila! we are proud parents of a beautiful baby boy.
>have pleasant time together and about a month later i start considering marriage. i keep telling her no, but she really has changed, no one is perfect anyway, but, i really think im ready.
>i plan to start secretly saving up for a good quality engagement ring.
>i stated seriously thinking about this at work one night and came home to her with an attitude or something , but it wasnt like a normal attitude. it really felt like she wanted nothing to do with me... with marrige on my mind, my heart literally shattered right there.
>okay... few days go by and she backs up her phone images on my pc in a folder.
>im nosey so i look at them
>i see one of her that was taken like a few weeks before the whole considering marriage thing, and she is exposing her chest and i assume shes sending nasties to people behind my back.
>dont, bring it up to her, instead im just fed up with her and dont really want to talk to her.
>she drives me to work, still not talking to her, shes asking whats wrong...
>driving her home after a night of drinking
Not even moral faggotry, it's natural selection if you kill yourself driving under influence but if you'd kill other people or your passenger well then, fuck you.

Inb4 I was not even that drunk
Keep going OP, BTW type faster. this shit is getting good. I'm waiting for Shyamalan to poke his head out of the bushes.
(Cont. OP)

>come home the next mourning, tell her im done... im leaving.
>gives up trying to stop me, she lets me go, says she cant take me trying to emotionally hurt her anymore...
>thats it. the concern now is our 2 month old son who now has separated parents.
>we at least agree to talk to each other and share the baby for the child's sake. im not leaving my boy.
>we've been together for 22 months with V-day and our 2nd anniversary right around the corner.
>This just happened about a week ago and im so incredibly sad right now. i know for a fact the feeling were 100% real between the two of us, but there is no way of us getting back together now.
>i dont like her family, and she doesnt like mine, shes probably off now screwing whoever she wants, drinking smoking, idgaf.
>it just sucks being alone again... i want her back, i want her back so badly even though i know i shouldnt.
>taking care of the child is even more difficult now that we are separated, i can only see things getting worse from here.
>also i dont think she ever acually cheated on me, it was always about me and she did change for the better, kind of like transforming bad girl to good girl i guess.
>bring up picture thing later on and she says its because it makes her feel better about her body. whatever, i cant believe her on that...
>god, being alone after feeling loved by somebody else is heart-wrenching.

I don't know what to do with myself now. Please guys, I need advice.
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ok im done
...that was much less exciting than I first imagined. Have you contacted her at all this week?

Holy crap OP.




"Makes feel better about her body". Oh, god, why.
How old are you guys
yesus, why are you guys so weird.. like this whole story is simply....................................................idk
She was cheating on you bro
Well you have four-five options the way I see it.

1. Try to get back together with her because you love her, not because of your son. A child can't fuse two people together like that.

2. Accept that it won't be you two, maintain a good relationship with her for the sake of your son. Contribute to their life in a good way.

3. Propose to her out of nowhere, take her by storm.

4. Start a better you project, forget about her in a romantic way and invest in you. Take everything that reminds you of her in a romantic way and put it in a box. Realize that this is for the best,.

5. Just go with the flow, keep talking to her and take things easy step by step. See how things go eventually.

So disapointed...

anyway, a tl;dr for those who doesn't read the whole shit.

>cuck have shit friend group of faggots and a slut
>slut fuck all these faggots
>cuck fall in love with slut
>slut is now cuck gf
>slut is a good lier so she keep fucking faggots and making cuck think she is loyal
>slut gets prego
>cuck didn't even get paternity test(lmao)
>cuck is now with a kid who he doesn't even know if belongs to him and want slut back.
OP, what a retard, honestly. No mater what advice we give you, you will continue to fuck up over and over and over. It's already fucked, there's nothing you can do. You're honestly really dumb and there's nothing you can do to improve your life. You already sentenced yourself to 18 years of child support that she will use on herself and her new boyfriend. What a fucking cuck.
>This whole thread
>Pic related
What a retarded advice. You're what's wrong with the male gender.
2 and 4 are pretty much what im doing now
There were obviously red flags everywhere, but i really wanted to try, i know im a cuck for that :/
Bahahahaha, OP is gonna be paying for his buddies kid for the next 18 years. Bahahahahahaha

You sound beany as fuck too, OP.
I feel like the part where he fell in love based on a dream of her crying should also be included.

I don't blame you, you spread your seed and have a son now. You will get to see him grow up, even if it's not the traditional family picture. It doesn't matter, he will be special to you. People make lots of fucked up decisions in life, ending up with a son isn't one o them. Seems like this board doesn't particular value children, only see the as something expensive and stressful. They don't know the first thing about being parents, maybe you don't right now either. But you will, in time.
No custody or child support involved (yet) we just pass the kid back and forth when ever we want him.
Thank you, this means alot
Paternity test.
This is correct. Unless he isn't even the dad...

my bad, this was top kek tho.
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3 MB, 430x289
>lol I'm smart to say no to marriage
>have baby tho

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