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how do i afford school?
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how do i afford school?

im broke as fuck and getting no assistance from parents. what are my options?

merit based = IM FUCKED
. i had great grades in high school but my first year at college was pretty mediocre. took it easy and enjoyed myself (BIG MISTAKE). should have been working full time and grinding out a 4.0 for deans list.

federal aid based = IM FUCKED
. my parents make enough money so the state gave me the middle finger even though they don't help pay lol

military wont work because i'm fucking disabled and can't enroll.

the only option i see as viable is to emancipate myself. i'm 19 so I'd have to go to court and prove independance (insurance bills, phone bills, rent, etc) I live with my parents though so I'm probably fucked there too. shcool told me if i was emancipated id basically be full ride tho?

anyone have any ideas or is familiar with the emancipation process?

any financial aid tricks/life hacks?

or should i just learn a trade and kill myself in a few years?
What's the major and why aren't your parents paying? And what's the disability?

psychology major
parents are weabs and spend all money on figures
crohns disease
Just don't let your parents claim you on their taxes. You're already an adult so emancipating yourself means jack shit.
how much school do you have already?

if you've already done one year then 3 years at a state school wouldn't be an OBSCENE amount of student debt so long as you remained at home and commuted to school if that's possible
>psychology major
Are you sure that's a good idea, bro? There aren't a lot of jobs available in that field just now. And there likely won't be when you graduate either.
ive completed one year at a private university. it was the cheapest option at the time, cheaper than state schools.

living at home is not possible

after 3 years I'd be looking at ~30K student debt. and graduating with a bachelors in psych ill be making like 30k a year so gg no re

emancipation was a long shot i douvbt it will work anyways.

so either fucked or owe 30 grand?
why is living at home not possible?

i know its not the most economically viable option, but its my passion. being someone whos disability overshadowed any other problems (psychological) in their life I get that its a problem for a lot of people and want to put myself in a position to help.

but maybe thats just a dream and i should become an engineer

parents divorced. dad re married so I'm living with my mom and her boyfriend that I don't get along with (abusive)
It's just not where I want to be for the next 3-5 years of my life.
Work at UPS, will directly reimburse for some school. Within 5 years you will be making $16 an hour with benefits fit for a king, and even if your school doesn't work out, you can get promoted and make 80 to 100k a year.
"Following your passion" is the worst advice ever when it comes to making a career decision like college. Unless your passion is paying back loans with a low wage job, which is likely (not certain, likely), consider compromising passion with pragmatism
You can wait until you're 23 and become automatically independent and then you'll get all the school money.

And let me guess, OP should do STEM just like everyone else who abandoned their dreams for the almighty dollar? He can do well for himself with a psychology degree with the proper internship experience (or research if he wants to go to grad school).
I would have said military...
This is basically my situation, minus the disability. I've pretty much decided to join the army (Australian Defense Force) and do a degree in mechanical engineering through the army. They pay for your degree and books, uniforms etc. you even get a salary while studying, which covers the cost of food, etc. so as long as you are academically capable (and fit), you can go in with nothing, come out with a degree and a job in the military. You graduate as luitenant with a salary >$60,000
what helpful advice to OP's situation you twat
If you're going psych get a PhD.
Now, that's the great thing about having Asian parents. They always supported their children, financially and emotionally. Western parents are just...emtionless. You're fucked mate. You're fucked.

op here

i was planning on getting at least my masters. but more school = more money so i'm not sure how it would work out.

ive been doing research on emancipation and yeah thats basically not an option fuck

any advice regarding scholarships? or how to get approved by myself for loans?
also killing myself is always an option
I won't vouch for the emotional part.
>Why you no apply scholarship?
>tfw we're fucking loaded
>tfw I have no disabilities to speak of
>tfw I have 5 APs and mandatory volunteering
>tfw we're too fucking rich to bitch about how oppressed my race is
>tfw I've never experienced bullying or done any multicultural wank or whatever
>They still get on my ass about getting scholarships
yeah go with that one, sounds reasonable
Can't say I'm surprised. Rich people don't stay rich by spending money. The wealthiest people I've met have been some of the cheapest, especially when it can fuck over the little guy.
Thread replies: 22
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